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2795 2nd Street
(corner of 2nd and Pena in Mace Ranch)
Mon-Thu 5:00am-11:00pm
Fri 5:00am-9:30pm
Sat-Sun 7:00am-9:00pm
(530)759-SPIN (759-7746)
Get Fit Davis
Nick Walejeski bio

Voted BEST Health Club in Yolo County

Their gym offers many services to help you reach your fitness goals, which include:

  • Friendly Staff
  • Personal Trainers
  • FREE Towel Service
  • FREE child care for children at least 3 months old and older.
  • Over 50 FREE exercise classes per week to suit every level of fitness:

- Yoga, Pilates, Kick/Bag Boxing, Muscle Works, Boot Camp, Spinning, Zumba, NRG, Synergy, and a few others. A schedule, and description of the classes can be found on their website.

Visit the website for a free guest pass or stop by the gym.

  • See our Gyms page to find out about other gyms in the Davis area.


An article about Get Fit Davis appeared in the 2013-02-03 Davis Enterprise highlighting a couple's journey towards fitness. On 2013-08-02 a follow up story was done on how the couple was doing six months later, after their weight loss. Articles concerning getting your kid fit and a kid's triathlon also appeared in the Davis Enterprise on 2013-05-03 and 2013-07-28, respectively.

Owner, Nick Walejeski, was featured in a three part Health & Fitness series, on iSeeDavis, where he focused on the upper body, lower body and developing a strong core/back. On 2013-06-29 iSeeDavis covered a kids triathlon put on by Get Fit Davis and hosted by El Macero Country Club.

As of Spring, 2015, Mr. Walejeski owns the former Davis Athletic Club, now called "Get Fit Davis Sport."


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2012-11-28 15:51:56   What a turnaround the new owner has made! The effort they have put into all of the changes they are making here is incredible, the entire atmosphere of the gym has changed. You can see a difference not only around the gym but also in the faces of the employees and members as well. It is turning back into a positive environment that people will enjoy coming to again. Thank you so much. -Bob Clark —BClark

2012-11-30 17:07:20   I was trained by the new owner for triathlons and he is very enthusiastic and motivating. He knows a lot about nutrition and fitness, I enjoyed working with him. I don't usually like personal trainers but I liked Nick. —DagonJones

2012-12-01 18:46:19   A little over a year ago, at the age of 54, I decided I needed to start a regular fitness program but I was scared. Nick changed my fear into “I can do it.” I began with personal training sessions with Nick and within one month I felt like a different person. I had more energy and more confidence in myself. I started to believe that anything is possible. All because of Nick’s “can do” attitude and believing in me. He asked me to join his tri-TRAINed program and that’s all I needed. After three triathlons and placing 4th place in my age group, I realized that anyone can accomplish their goals no matter your age. Because of Nick’s positive attitude, commitment, sense of humor and simply caring about you as a person, I was able to go beyond what I thought I could ever do! Nick has changed my life and I will always be grateful. I will never stop exercising because Nick makes exercise fun! I count my blessings that I met Nick and I look forward to continuing my journey with him. Thank you, —debwillis

2012-12-04 15:10:25   The new owners Nick and Kate at Get Fit Davis are awesome to work with. We just did the painting for them at Brooks Painting hear in Davis. Their passionate about the new gym and members needs.There's no doubt they both will be successful. They enjoy Davis and supporting local companies and community events. Both Nick and Kate are setting the bar high for members needs and staff to create a great day to workout!! Best to your both-Kevin Cornell Brooks Painting —KevinCornell

2012-12-10 22:04:43   This place is awesome!!! The red doors are amazing! This gym has change tremendously. The employees are happier and the members look more alive! The new owners are really made a lot of new improvements and it shows they care about their members!!! Come check it out! I wish them nothing but success! Carson —acarson

2013-03-18 16:15:46   Love, love, love the child care here. I've been bringing my kids to the gym with me for almost 5 years now, and the child care at Get Fit Davis is the #1 reason I'm a devoted member. My kids love going there and are well cared for. What's more, they engage in lots of interactive play while they're at the child care - no sitting in front of a movie. They color, build, have books read to them - I can't say enough about how awesome the child care staff are. Having excellent child care available while I work out is such a blessing in my life. —AdelieBarry

2013-04-11 15:49:13   I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have just completed my first month of membership at Davis Get Fit and that I have been very pleased by my experience during the past month. I am a 66 year old fitness enthusiast and appreciate the breadth of training opportunities that are available at Davis Get Fit. Since joining I have been a regular participant in Tuesday and Thursday Spin Classes as well as utilizing the various other exercise opportunities on my own. The staff are very friendly and helpful and I appreciate the attention paid to keeping the facilities clean and inviting. Perhaps the greatest experience during this first month was my personal introduction to TRX Training provided to me by Cecily Bailey. The introductory session was very informative and challenging since it was learning by doing. I really appreciated how Cecily listened to my training history and took special note of some prior injuries that had been issues for me. Cecily, besides being an inspiration as evidenced by her own personal fitness and enthusiasm for TRX was extremely thorough in explaining each exercise, the importance of engaging the core, and adhering to good form practices. As it turns out TRX is just the training I have been looking for but did not know anything about it. Cecily enthusiasm for TRX was contagious and upon completing the introductory session I signed up for 10 of her sessions and am well on my way with TRX training. High Fives All Around! During my introductory session I shared with Cecily that my training goal has been to make 70 the NEW 45. She responded by saying “Bill you’re already there so with TRX I think you should modify your goal to 70 the NEW 35!” I am not yet a Navy Seal but I am very pleased by the progress I have made in just three weeks. The TRX is a great addition the the extensive walking/hiking, spinning, and yoga that are part of my regular fitness program. TRX is a great strength builder while maintaining flexibility and being joint friendly! I look forward to great times now and in the future at Davis Get Fit and with TRX. Bill Leachman


2013-08-12 19:53:07   Went in today for the first time. I had received a coupon for three free days from a very friendly rep, and decided that I would use it. Being I just graduated and no longer have access to the arc, I am looking for a gym. Though the gym is small, it is clean and nice. The reason I doubt I will be buying a membership is the staff. Though they were polite, they were not very helpful. After I gave the man at the front desk the card, he just said it was good for three days and waved me off. I wasn't shown around or told where anything was. I even had to come back to get a locker key. I would think a business that had been doing all the advertising it has would have had great customer service when it comes to new potential members. —SarahReno

  • We want to sincerely apologize for this. Great customer service to potential members, as well as our current members, is of the utmost importance to us. We have talked with our front desk staff and reiterated that importance to them. Thank you for taking our phone call and discussing the situation with us so we can move on in a positive direction. —GetFitDavis

2013-08-26 11:37:25   Dear Nick and Katie, We want you to know how much we value and appreciate Sammie, Katherine, and the other child care providers. they are a significant reason we are members at your gym. The environment is always safe and fun for the children. We have 2 girls, currently 4 and 5. We have been members for a couple of years now, and they love coming to the gym. What stands out the most is that the child care providers are genuinely interested in the kids. They play and interact with them. They make sure the kids are having a good time. They also provide a safe and clean environment for our children at Get Fit Davis. We especially like that there is not a TV in the room. this is very important to us. The positive experience you provide for our children makes it possible for us to come to the gym. We are so impressed, that we now hire several of the providers to baby-sit and house-sit for us. they are as professional in our home as they are at Get Fit Davis. We tell all our friends about the quality child care we get as part of our Get Fit Davis membership, and encourage them to visit your gym. thank you for your attention to this detail.

Sincerely, Pippin and Janice B. —JanicePoppinB

2014-01-22 10:10:11   The purpose of this letter is to thank you for including the TRX/ RIPP program at your club. I come from a background of competitive athletics. I was selected for three years as All American in the sport of triathlon. I was national champion for 50 year olds in the Olympic distance triathlon, and completed two Ironman Triathlon Championships in Kona, Hawaii. For the past 30 years my interest has been swimming, riding and running faster than my competition. My training consisted of training 40 hours a week in the three disciplines. Each week I would have to introduce myself to my wife and kids so that they would allow me to enter our home, because they never saw me. Several months ago my wife Shelley started the TRX program with Cecily and would enthusiastically describe her exercise routine to me. She told me about this little woman who conducted the sessions. I would respond, ”Yes dear, that’s nice.” Shelley had been spinning and working with weights, but even though she loves spinning for it’s lower body and cardio benefits, I never saw any real change in her physique . Then, after working with Cecily, her triceps began to tighten up, she developed biceps and core strength that she had never had before………my God what was happening? She said “ You should do this Forrest.” I told her I wasn’t going to take anything taught by a “Little woman.” Well, I did go . I met Cecily and I tried the introduction to TRX for an hour and a half. I am now a disciple and will follow Cecily to the fires of hell. I think she can turn water to wine. TRX and Ripp isolate and work all the muscles that have been sleeping. The program develops your core and allows you to maximize your body’s potential. It combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises to make you stronger and more flexible while increasing your oxygen carrying capacity. My interest is not body building from an aesthetic perspective. I just want be in great shape and beat everyone I go up against. I find that my running stride has increased that my back does not ache after several hours in the saddle. I know that my stroke in the water will have more power. TRX and RIPP complement every other sport and enhance the specific muscles used in each athletic event. Spinning and working with weights are great and can be made greater by utilizing the TRX and RIPP program. TRX and RIPP are revolutionary and I believe there will be clubs devoted just to this program. It is safer than lifting weights. Results are realized sooner. It is a perfect balance of everything you want if your are interested in developing your body to perform as it was designed. I believe that coaches around the world will incorporate the TRX and RIPP concept into their programs, no matter what sport.

Forrest Bond 1/21/14


2014-06-02 12:59:27   I wanted to send a big cheer out to Get Fit Davis gym. The owners Nick and Katie have done a beautiful


I like gyms, but I have not been to a gym in quite a while. I don’t know why-lack of motivation, lack of

energy, lack of hope to make any real long term progress, busyness, being a mom, life, etc., etc., etc.

There really are so many excuses.

I decided to give Get Fit Davis a try. I went for a few training sessions with Nick, the owner since he had

helped a friend of mine turn her “mommy arms” into “Michelle Obama meets Linda Hamilton arms”.

Yes, her arms are that awesome. A few sessions with Nick, and I was hooked. Nick with his great sense

of humor, as well as his upbeat energy moves us through the treadmill and weights and back to the

treadmill with ease. By the end of the hour, I am thoroughly sweaty and strangely rejuvenated. Who

knew? Exercise really does help to clear your mind and body and boost your energy.

The gym is beautiful and clean. There are multiple trainers like Thomas walking around, helping all

of us who are not quite doing the correct moves. One slight angle adjustment, and you really feel the

difference. Then you are on the way to getting the results you want. All of the employees are cheerful

and helpful.

I hear story after story of how Nick helped someone lose a significant amount of weight and achieve all

of their fitness goals. I am inspired.

Nick and Katie are part of what makes Davis great. They eagerly help out at the elementary school

auctions by donating gym memberships. With just a passing mention of helping a charity, Nick was quick

to organize a fun run to raise money for JDRF. Nick and Katie make good things happen.

The best part of Get Fit Davis is (flashback to Cheers sitcom) that when I walk in to the gym, I feel like

part of the family where everyone knows my name…...

I am truly impressed, amazed and so happy that I have a new gym.

I feel more hopeful that this time I can achieve my fitness goals for the long term, and I can have fun

while I’m getting there. Get Fit Davis is some innovative gym!

From a new fan-Laura —MLaura

2014-08-16 16:34:29   It would be great if they allow a day rate like $5 or $7.50, if you want to visit whenever you want without the obligation to get a 2 weeks, month, half year or subscription. I wonder why they are no offering that too. Maybe they need the insurance of knowing people will return? But for 'free birds' like myself, I would like to have the 'day' option too. —ConstantiaOomen

2014-08-18 10:38:16   A few times I've been in it was....smelly. To a degree that made me question whether I wanted to maintain a membership there. Granted, I'm usually coming at the end of the day, so maybe it's fresher in the AM. Still, I might not claim "good ventilation".

On the positive side, they can also offer discounts to members of Davis Bike Club! —HeatherCampbell


2015-03-02 21:35:09   Took Andrea's Kickboxing/Bag class for the first time this weekend, after having taken her shadowboxing class at school. She is amazing! She always makes sure to let you know how much you're progressing and to correct your form when you need it, and she's always motivating and encouraging. Exercising has seriously never been this fun before. It kicked my butt, sure, but in a fun way! ;) —tamora

2015-06-14 14:46:31   This is not a criticism of the instructors. This is a criticism of the management/owner of Get Fit. This is the most poorly organized business I have ever dealt with. They credited my first payment to an entirely different spelling of my name. Hence, I was told by my instructor that I needed to pay again. The clerk assured me that it was taken care of. The next time I checked with the front desk......You guessed it: They had not corrected the problem. I now have two different spellings of my name with payments scattered between the two. So far I have spoken with the front desk people five times. They STILL haven't corrected my account . I've paid $635 so far. Can the instructor check off my pre-paid sessions? No. —punkingee

2019-03-31 23:39:00   Generally a nice gym with good equipment, friendly staff and patrons. Complaining though that all this weekend (March29-March31) the washing machine was broken so there were no towels. That's not so bad if they would take responsibility for the inconvenience and alert all members via email to bring their own towels. They did not. I'm not even sure if the management/owners were aware of when it first broke. —lift_and_think

2019-07-10 18:41:04   The best exercise place in town, in my humble opinion. Very friendly staff and an extremely sweet cleaning guy. —ConstantiaOomen