Gianni Rosas-Maxemin can be described as a "Doer". Someone that wakes up in the morning and makes positive changes in society, one step at a time. To the student he is known as the book worm, to the family he is known as the Soprano, to the business partner he is known as the "rake" and for everyone else he is known as Gianni. He is exceptionally hard working, motivated, energetic and engaged with a profound interest in society, judicial values, helping and contributing to the well-being of others.

Extracurricular activities include:

  • Active member of Theta Xi Fraternity,
  • External Affairs Commissioner (EAC) for UC Davis,
  • Service position for the Outreach Assembly Board,
  • Vice President of Senate,
  • Senator and Media & Communications Coordinator of ASFC,
  • Student Representative on Scheduling Committee for ASFC,
  • Student Representative on Curriculum Committee for ASFC,
  • Captain of the Palo Alto High Varsity Wrestling Team,
  • Statewide experience for Student Government at: SSCCC, COUGH, PUENTE and CCCSAA.

Volunteer Service Includes:

  • Speaker for the UC Davis PUENTE program during a Conference Transfer Panel,
  • Tour guide for college campus tours for underprivileged/troubled
  • Smoking Awareness representative for the students at Foothill College,
  • +/- grading and Block scheduling representative for the students at Foothill College,
  • Speaker on behalf of the students at Foothill College at the San Jose City Hall for the VTA Bus routes,
  • Community Charitable Service organizer,
  • Wine cultivation in Portola Valley,
  • Environmental awareness (ACTERRA)

If you are a UC Davis student please remember: This November 12-14th, vote for a pure candidate, vote FOR the students, and vote Gianni # 1 for ASUCD Senate.