Former website: Gidaro Election Watch [no longer operational]

This "watch-dog" website was created by and is maintained by Kevin Wolf. Wolf was a Covell Village (Measure X) campaign team member and Chair of Neighbors for Covell Village campaign in November 2005. The text from his web site refering to Steve Gidaro's independent campaign expenditures during the 2002 City Council campaign was used by the Yes on Measure X campaign in a smear campaign directed at the No on Measure X campaign, particularly Mike Harrington and Stan Forbes. Don Saylor, also an unknowing recipient of Gidaro's support, but a Covell Village advocate, was not mentioned. Due to strong negative backlash from the Davis community, the personal attacks on Harrington and Forbes by the Yes on Measure X campaign ceased, but Wolf continues on. Mike Harrington, Stan Forbes and Don Saylor did not have any prior knowlege or control over Gidaro's independent campaign expenditures and were outraged by Gidaro's unwelcomed intrusion into their campaigns, but, per the Davis City attorney, the independent expenditures broke no local or state campaign laws.