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PSYCHOTHERAPY for Individuals & Couples For women and men eager to learn from the past and move on healthily into the future. Psychotherapy can assist in healing old wounds do away with negative patterns of response, deal with family concerns and life's stresses in health minded ways. *Specialty dealing with relationships, intimacy & sexuality.

COACHING / MENTORING The focus in Coaching sessions is on upgrading, that is, improving the quality of one's life, and one's relationships. It may include refining communication skills, clarifying personal and career goals, enhancing personal well being, dealing more creatively with the challenges and opportunities we all face each day. Coaching can be conveniently done by phone *Specialty: Divorce Coaching

NEUROBEHAVIORAL PAIN MANAGEMENT This unique Neuro Behavioral Program is easy to learn yet remarquably effective in reducing chronic pain for hours, even days at a time. High success rate. NBP makes use of new science that reveals how the mind, when used in very particular ways, can bring about physiological changes. NBP puts chronic pain patients back in the driver's seat in their lives. Sessions can be in office or by phone. So, distance is not an issue.

“My belief is that we all have within ourselves the seeds of wisdom and the drive for health-minded growth of a physical, emotional and spiritual nature.

My role as a Coach, Therapist, and Educator is simply to guide and assist in this process.”

Gitane Ph.D "Dr.G"

Heart to Heart with "Dr. G"

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