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Reva Vishwas and Bonnie Huff
Tiffany Pan
Fundraising Chair
Elizabeth Quino
Co-Medications Chair
Nick Fung and Michael O'Sulllivan
Public Relations Chair
Amrit Randhawa
Education Chair
Sierra Rose
Meeting Times
Wednesdays 8PM
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Global Medical Brigades a constituent of Global Brigades develops sustainable health initiatives and provides relief where there is limited access to healthcare. Our current focus is in Honduras and Ghana where more than 4,000 annual student volunteers and health professionals travel to establish mobile medical clinics in under resourced communities. Each community that we partner with receives a brigade every 3 to 4 months where hundreds of patients are treated and volunteers deliver public health workshops. Between brigades our in-country team maintains relationships with the communities to provide follow-up and conducts community health worker training to empower local leaders to perpetuate a consistent level of health care.


Global Medical Brigades works closely with local pharmacies, physicians, and other non-profit organizations to collect donations. The group also fundraises and accepts monetary donations throughout the entire year to raise money for the purchase of medications.


Medical Brigade volunteers have the opportunity to shadow licensed doctors in medical consultations and assist in a pharmacy under the direction of licensed pharmacists. Between brigades our in-country team maintains relationships with the communities to provide follow-up and to conduct Community Health Worker (CHW) trainings to empower local leaders to sustain a consistent level of healthcare. Electronic patient records are collected for future visitations and to monitor overall community health trends.

Volunteers’ duties on brigades vary based on the medical background and skill of the volunteer. Volunteers with little to no medical experience have the opportunity to assist during the triage and intake of patients, shadow doctors during consultations, and help pack medications in the pharmacy under the direction of our on the ground pharmacist. Volunteers with greater medical experience have the opportunity to take a larger leadership role during triage and assisting with health education workshops, both under the supervision of licensed doctors. All patient consultations and medicine prescriptions are only done by licensed doctors. Regardless of medical skill level, there is a role for any type of volunteer and the chance to learn about providing sustainable healthcare to rural communities who would otherwise have limited access.


For the 2014-2015 brigade season Global Brigades will be having an information session during the second week of October overviewing all sections of Global Brigades. Applications will be due on October 17th, 2013 at 11:59pm and is available on our website under Forms. Email for an application! Recruitment occurs only in Fall Quarter and requires an application and interview process. If interested in joining the group but unable to attend the brigade or to inquire about membership, contact We look forward to hearing from you. :)

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