Gnomes Anonymous is a support group for those who have made the difficult choice to stop editing a wiki after having been a heavy editor. They meet in order to provide support in the process of breaking the editing habit and finding constructive things to do with all their new free time that won't bring them back to former habits.

The first meeting is December 30th at 3:00pm at the Matthew S. Bertero memorial bench between the bicycle museum and the Farmer's Market pavillion in Central Park. A few people have already committed to going, so there should be a decent group.


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2011-12-29 10:33:42   Sounds like fun. I'll bring some scones and leftover xmas candy. —TeddyRuxpin

2011-12-30 10:07:32   Never really had the chance to meet other gnomes, actually. Hope this will be as much a social event, as it is a support gathering. Either way, hope people come and looking forward to meeting you guys. —TeddyRuxpin

  • I have gotten some questions of "is it real", and it very much is. If the people asking were intending to go, there may be a decent number of folk. -jw