1809 Picasso Avenue
In the Davis Athletic Club off Poleline, north of Nugget Market
Kids classes in the mornings and afternoons
Adult Night Leagues
(530) 756-3200
Steven Cotler
Payment Methods
checks, credit cards

Goalgetters is a state of the art indoor soccer field located inside the Davis Athletic Club, based on European small-sided soccer games. They offer several adult sports and youth sports:

  • Adult Night Leagues (coed, men's and women's)
  • Children's indoor soccer training programs designed to teach kids the world’s most popular sport (ages three to ten)
  • 2-year old soccer play-time classes
  • Field Rental
  • Birthday Parties

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2009-09-01 12:09:36   Coach Steve and all the other coaches are wonderful. My kids loved this program. —JenniferHolman

2009-10-30 10:35:38   oh man goalgetters is so much fun! The kids have a great time in the youth program, and playing in the adult league is super fun too! I highly recommend both to everyone! —tmbear

2010-11-23 13:42:52   So much fun! On my second call I spoke to Steve (I believe) who got me playing that night! Loved it. —KelseyCondell