Almost as good as Cows

Davis, although known for its cows, is also full of another domestic animal used for its milk: Goats!

These horned, hoofed animals are known for eating tin cans, being perpetually horny, and in folk music, for flagging down trains.

Where are they?

There is a goat research facility south of Campus on Old Davis Road. They are working on bio-engineering, like the kind that makes goats milk medicines instead of milk! Goats come in all different breeds with different purposes. Some are better at milk production, or milk for cheese, or even meat goats.

Directions to the goat research facility: Go south on Old Davis Road away from campus. You will cross under I-80. After you cross the RR tracks, and before you cross the bridge, you will see a sign on the right side of the road for the Raptor Center. This sign directs you to turn left. Follow the sign, and veer to the left when the road forks, but pass the entrance to the Raptor Center. Continue through a gate and cross the cattle guard. The barn ahead is the goat facility.

Goats have also been sighted in East Davis eating overgrown weeds at the (parks?).

Goat's milk is made up very differently from cow's milk. It has less saturated fat overall and it contains two to three times more caprioc, caprylic and capric fatty acids. These fatty acids are metabolized more like sugar than fat, and is converted to energy quickly, rather than carried through the bloodstream and added to the body's fat stores.

Lots of Restaurants in Davis serve items containing goat cheese, which is thought to be healthier (fewer calories and fat) than regular cheese.

Sometimes goats act silly and wear jackets too. Friendly goat!