5225 Cowell Boulevard
7 am ( I think) - 6:30 pm
(530) 756-5818
Godawari Deo
has been in Davis for 20+ years
Payment Method
Usually pay by check

Goda's Preschool & Daycare is a family preschool and daycare located in her home in South Davis on Cowell Blvd.

She runs a mixed ages, family daycare caring for babies from 6 weeks - kindergarten age. (Although I haven't seen too many kids over the age of 3.5). The garage has been converted into a playroom for the kids and a wing of her house has bedrooms for use in napping. She has a large backyard with benches / tables for outdoor art, ride-on toys, play structure (swings, slides etc).

She does a semi-formal routine with circle time, art, snack-time, nap time. Food is provided by parents. She has a couple of assistants who rotate during the week and have been with her for some time. Very patient, pragmatic childcare provider

Overall a great family atmosphere - all the kids really love her!


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2008-04-15 14:03:34   We have had our two children at Goda's for a month now and things are going really well, we also got good comments from all the references which she prepared and provided on our first meeting without us asking. We went with Goda becasue she was the best option of all the home daycare providers that we checked (around 5 others in Davis). Her situation is different from that of other providers becasue she has backup with her 3-4 assistents that rotate, normally there are at least 2 staff on site at all times. Also there are more children here than most other home daycares (at least 7 or 8). Finally her house is customized for daycare with a separate, dedicated play area indoors, along with sleeping areas and a good backyard playground.

Goda's is very flexible accomodating new children with their routines. I think that most children are under 3.5. (ours are 9 mo & and 2.5 yrs) We also found that our oldest, who has seen quite a few daycares thanks to travel, took to Goda's faster than any of the other places we had been. She is picking up alphabet and counting really quickly though Goda's is not the sort of place to drill that kind of learning into the children, they do seem to encourage it in a surprisingly effective way.

We have been very pleased with Goda's and would recommend her for any kids below 3.5 yrs (since that is the common age of the group) We chose Goda's because it was the closest of any home provider to a daycare facility and because Goda instilled confidence in us , after 20+ years in Davis doing daycare, she has it well figured out. —CarlShepherd

2008-04-16 01:18:06   Goda cared for our two children when they were infants and toddlers. She and her family are a treasure. Goda recognized the different temperaments of our girl and boy, providing just the right style for each to feel comfortable and safe. Her calm demeanor sets the tone for a very professional but homey environment. Our kids, now young adults, have very warm memories of Goda and her husband and boys. I recommend her very highly. —DonShor

2008-04-23 09:32:40   Hi I am interested in this day care but cant find a number- can anybody give me the number thanks!-Petri —Petrina

2008-04-23 11:08:01   Like it says above in the info section on this page, she is listed in the phone book. Also, try the City of Davis Child Care Services office at 600 A Street. Tell them you would like referrals. Goda's number will be on there if she has room. (I doubt that she does though.) My toddler goes here 15 hours a week. I asked if he could come a few more hours, and she doesn't have room right now. However, I do agree with the other posts that she and her assistants are very caring and comforting to our small ones. —NoelBruening

2008-11-07 20:13:47   We have had our child at Goda's for nearly two years and are delighted with the level of care and attention he receives. Our son is enrolled there nearly full time and we feel so very lucky to have found this daycare/preschool. I don't think I have ever met anyone more serene than Goda, and her daycare is a very happy place where the children laugh and learn and play. She genuinely loves our son, and he reciprocates in kind. —LeslieMadsenBrooks

2010-07-13 15:08:27   We have our daughter in Goda's daycare since she was one years old. My daughter loved there. She enjoyed nice large play area, the activities there and other baby friends she made. It is a very relaxed and educational environment at Goda's daycare. Children love Goda. Goda also hire very nice and easy going staffs who work for her on rotation basis.

Goda is also very flexible and accomodating. She allows us to pick up my daughter late a few times as we were stuck in traffic. She helped to take care of my daughter a few weekend days when we need.

My daughter will soon leave Goda's care due to our moving away and we will definitely miss Goda's daycare. —Xiaoming

2010-11-04 19:44:08   I am highly intereasted in Goda's daycare. By the way, how can I reach him? —hyun

  • Ms Deo is listed in the phone book at (530) 756-5818 —PeterBoulay

2011-07-20 20:59:00   Goda provides a wonderful environment for children. My family is so lucky to have her and her staff, Beena and Naj, as a part of our lives. Goda's Day Care is a place of love, respect, and kindness; a place my daughter adores. Children at Goda's receive the care that every child deserves, and for last two years we have had the privilege of sending our daughter there. It has truly been gift in our lives. Do not miss out if a spot becomes available!


2012-01-27 16:55:43   Not only does Goda provide nurturing care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers alike, but she also includes within her program a strong emphasis on education. My three-year old daughter works alongside children close to her age to gain fundamental skills for reading and writing. She loves engaging with projects focused on the numbers and the alphabet, as well as participating in monthly lessons which center on issues ranging anywhere from hygiene to recycling. I am confident that my daughter receives an education that rivals any given at large “preschool centers,” and I ardently recommend Goda’s care for any parent looking to place his or her child in a rich learning environment. —ThomasNez

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2012-10-15 21:20:37   when we moved from Wisconsin, we were looking for a daycare where our daughter would fit in, have her needs met and enjoy going to daycare everyday. In Goda's daycare we found a nurturing and safe environment for our daughter. Goda and her staff have made our daughter feel welcome, loved and get the personal attention she needs. Apart from her usual daily activities, this daycare engages the kids with music, puzzles and age appropriate learning. Our daughter has made some good friends in the daycare and looks forward to going there every morning. It is a task to get her back home from the daycare since she enjoys it so much. We recommend Goda's daycare to any discerning parent who is looking to place their child in a supportive and caring environment and be assured that they will be well taken care of. —preethi

2012-10-15 21:31:31   We have been sending our daughter since she was one year old and when her 'separation anxiety' was at its peak. Thank you to Mrs. Goda and her wonderful assistants, the transition period was smooth and my daughter adapted easily to Mrs. Goda's lovely daycare. Mrs. Goda is willing to work alongside with you to help shape your children's character. When my daughter went through the 'terrible 2s' phase,Mrs. Goda was very helpful and attentive to our issues of handling our daughter's tantrums. Her daycare also engaged the kids with lots of activities such as arts, singing and story-telling. We could tell she has many years of experiences with kids just by the way she talked to them. Goda's Preschool and Daycare offers a very loving and wonderful environment for kids! —FaizalFarina

2012-10-15 21:42:06   My daughter has been going to Goda's Daycare since she was 4 months old and she is now over 2.5 years old. Each morning when we get to Goda's house she is excited to go in to play with her friends, ride push-bikes, do puzzles, make art projects, and play in the back yard on the play gym. Goda always has a schedule of activities to keep the kids engaged and entertained all day. One of the main things I have always loved about Goda's daycare is how calm it is. No matter what time of the day you walk in you hear the happy sounds of kids playing and talking. It is never a loud or chaotic place. I am not sure how Goda does it but I am guessing it has something to do with her and her helper's demeanor, which is always calm and warm. Goda's daycare has always been 100% reliable, never closing any day other than the pre-scheduled holidays, and has always been a place I can feel good taking my daughter to. —stephaniephillips

2012-10-15 21:50:29   Goda's daycare has been such a peaceful, caring environment for my daughter for the past year. Goda and the caregivers she employs-Bina, Naj, and Arti-are all so loving and nurturing. Among the four of them, there is always someone to watch the children - so parents don't have to worry about unexpected sick days or vacation periods - and children-caretaker ratios are kept wonderfully low. I also like that Goda's daycare has the feel of a home daycare combined with the activities of a preschool. There are a variety of safe play areas, both indoors and outdoors, for the children. My daughter, age two, often comes home with drawings she's made, a song she's learned, and stories of her friends. My mind is at ease while she's there. —KNejedlo

2014-08-10 14:23:07   We had a great experience with Goda's daycare, and her helpers Bina, Naj, and Aarati. Our daughter was there from 4 months to 18 months and we always felt good about bringing her there to play and learn. The staff is very friendly and welcoming to parents, so you get a good feeling for the daycare environment. The small group and mix of ages was a fun community for Maya. —DebbieGross

2014-08-18 11:58:10   We were fortunate to send our daughter to Goda's Preschool Daycare for over two years, when our daughter was age two until age four. We usually sent our daughter to Goda's for a half day, as supplementary childcare to the preschool program that our daughter attended at the Early Childhood Laboratory at UC Davis.

We found all of the caregivers to be warm, loving, sensitive, and attentive, and our daughter was always happy when we picked her up. We appreciated that our daughter had the chance to develop relationships with children of different ages and that there was both a familiar daily routine and unstructured playtime that is important for young children. We liked the flexibility that Goda was always willing to offer, as the childcare hours that we needed sometimes changed depending on our travel and work schedules. Finally, we appreciated the ethno-racial and cultural diversity that the community at Goda's offered.

Overall, we were very, very thankful for Goda's Preschool Daycare, which provided a nurturing environment for our daughter. —MayBorja

2014-08-19 21:44:23   Our son attended Goda's Daycare starting when he was only 6 months old. We felt very strongly that we wanted our baby in a home daycare atmosphere and found the perfect fit at Goda's. From the start we were comforted knowing he was so well taken care of while we were at work. Goda, Bina, Naj, and Aarati are all incredibly reliable, patient, loving and experienced caretakers who are devoted to the health, safety and happiness of the children they care for. Our son really enjoyed his time at Goda's (he often didn't want to leave at pick-up, a good sign indeed!) and we are so thankful/grateful to have found such a wonderful provider. We definitely recommend Goda's Daycare! —KHughes