This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Type of food
Chinese food
1601 Research Park Drive
M-S 11:30AM-9:00PM
Price range
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit, and Debit

Gold Town Chinese Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant with an emphasis on Taiwanese style cuisine owned by the same people behind Shanghai Town. They opened sometime in late February 2010, taking the place of the popular Hometown Chinese Food next to the South Davis Chevron gas station.

As of May 2011, the restaurant has a new cook and the menu has changed (more emphasis on Taiwanese style cuisine). Prior to that, the menu was strikingly similar to that of the old Hometown takeout menu. Many of the items found in the old Hometown menu could be found in the Gold Town menu. The food was also somewhat similar, but is more influenced by Hong Kong styles. The result is food that tasted a lot like what you would find in a traditional Canto-American Chinese restaurant. They have a special menu of about 10 items that is not in the usual menu. They can be found taped onto the interior walls, so be sure to check those out.

As of September 2013, Gold Town closed and was replaced by Four Seasons Gourmet.

Menu as of 08/24/2010

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2010-07-02 17:02:52   mmm mmm mmm

Don't be thrown off by the location.

This is good for takeut. However, I must qualify that response by saying that I only eat the chicken fried rice. But it is some of the best I have ever had!!


2010-08-25 00:25:44   The food here is delicious! —CaoCao

2011-02-24 22:08:09   I decided to check this place out recently after getting tired of all the other Chinese places around here. The prices here are very good and the quality of the food is excellent. The service is good as well, the old man who served me was very friendly. Overall a good experience, I would definitely come back again. —JimL

2011-05-18 15:39:34   The restaurant has a new cook and the menu has changed (more emphasis on Taiwanese style cuisine). I will probably visit next week when the full menu is released. —AndyWilliams

2011-07-02 21:35:17   Just went in this evening for the first time to purchase a take-out dish. We got the Kung-Pao shrimp that ended up being somewhere around $9.70. The flavoring of the dish was good, however there were no shrimps in the actual dish. What they substituted as shrimps seemed to be some sort of dried bread crumbs. I think there might be dried shrimp, but it was so minimal compared to the amount of breading that covered it. Not fresh shrimp either. It tasted soggy and bland. Was totally not worth the price, considering the quality and the quantity. I will just say that I'm never going to go back again! —Lillards

2011-07-05 00:47:43   Since the change in management the portion has gotten smaller, service ruder, and quality of cooking more poor. I got a tiny fish fillet dish for $10 dollars. The fish is actually partially cold and tasted disgusting. They tried to value add by giving you two scoops of rice and nasty salad with mayo. I would not eat this disgusting food if you threatened me with severe bodily harm. A child could cook better than this place. I would consider it a unique for of torture to force you to eat here and I would avoid it at all cost. Awful. AWFUL. AWFUL. AWFUL. —carbonmotion

2012-03-19 11:56:19   I disagree strongly with the review by carbonmotion. I have eaten frequently at every Chinese restaurant at this location since the original Hometown (I work nearby). There was little change in the menu or style of cooking from Hometown to Goldtown. However, they both have changed with the new management and now offer food which they describe as more authentically Taiwanese. Having been to Taiwan several times in recent years I would tend to agree, but would defer to a native-born Taiwanese here. I have found every dish I've ordered to be quite good, including the fish which was prepared well & not under cooked at all. It is true that the dishes are somewhat smaller, but I found the portions at the previous restaurants excessively large at times (I weigh ~190 lb.) I also find the owners friendly and not at all rude. —KevinOconnor

2012-09-23 11:30:36   Has reopened after renovation. Was in there last week. Looks like they now have new staff & new menu (with "Shanghai Town" on it). They have also reinstated the steam-table with several interesting looking dishes (e.g., pork meatballs with baby bok choi). I ordered tan-tan noodles — it was good, much like Hometown's. —KevinOconnor

2012-09-23 18:35:00   Aside from the sign outside, it looks like the same goldtown still, one of the same menus was also there. REALLY like their pork chop over rice combo, and have also tried their other combos (with rice/chow mein) and those are good as well (string bean chicken, kung pao chicken). —Babhari