The ATMs at 508 2nd Street A little refurbishing at the Golden 1, January 2012

508 2nd Street Suite 101
Regency Square
Mon-Thu 9:00AM - 5:30PM
Fri 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Sat 10:00AM - 2:00PM
1-877-GOLDEN 1 (1-877-465-3361)

Golden 1 Credit Union is a Sacramento-based Credit Union. Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives that provide the same services as a bank: checking and savings accounts. They have two ATMs on campus (one at the MU and one at the Silo) and an office downtown in the Regency Square with two ATMs at Second St and D St.; another in the Nugget Market on Covell and another in the Nugget Market on Mace Blvd.

Anyone is eligible to join as long as they are a resident of Yolo County or one of many other counties in California. It used to be that only government employees, students and family could get accounts at Golden 1 Credit Union, but they have opened up membership to residents of most counties in California.

Credit unions are insured by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration). This insurance is just like the FDIC insurance for banks and your money is insured up to $250,000. Your money is just as safe and secure at a credit union as at a bank.

The first box of checks for new student checking accounts is free.

The Free Checking Account comes with no minimum opening balance, no monthly service fee, and a free ATM or debit card.

Golden 1 is a member of the Co-op Network, so members can use Co-op Network ATMs without paying a fee. You can also make deposits. This network includes ATM's of YFCU, USE, Patelco, First US Community Credit Union, and others. The Co-op ATM network has 28,000 ATMs across all 50 states so you can bank nationwide. Bank of America for example only has 18,000 ATMs, and their ATMs are limited to only some states.

Golden 1 is also a member of the CU Service Center network. That means that you can get cash or deposit money in person at any participating credit union branch in this network. You can bank in person in all 50 states at over 4,000 credit union branches. This service ("shared branches") is not available on Saturdays.

They won't handle checks drawn on Canadian banks, even if it's a USD account, nor can they exchange foreign currency.

You must have a credit history in order to get a debit card/bank card. If you don't have a credit history, you may get an ATM card which can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM, but cannot be used to make purchases at stores or restaurants.

Golden 1 offers free online banking and free online billpay. They also have mobile banking and apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can deposit checks for free by using your mobile phone's camera.

You can scan and deposit checks to your account through the internet from any computer with a scanner. This is available to members who have had a checking account for 1 year.

They have a coin machine where you can deposit coins and the money goes into your account for free.


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2005-09-19 01:55:53   A good option if you prefer to have your money with a non-profit cooperative over paying fees at a traditional bank. —SteveLambert

2005-12-28 01:48:50   I've used Golden 1 for my personal banking since Wells Fargo screwed me over in 1995. They're not perfect, but I've always been much happier with Golden 1 than any other bank or credit union I've used. —GrahamFreeman

2006-02-27 15:40:28   I heard something a while ago about Golden 1 pulling out of the Co-op network (which didn't go over well with other credit unions, from what I gather). —JulieEickhof

2007-03-21 17:29:33   Well, they're still in it, so all is good. I think Golden 1 is the best "bank" I've ever used, and their fees are lower and their employees are extremely good. —JaimeRaba

2007-10-10 23:12:03   I just had a horrible experience at Golden 1 Credit Union today. When I signed up for an account they told me that any checks I deposited would be frozen for two weeks, which I think is is a needlessly inconvenient policy. I am in the process of transferring accounts to Golden1 from Bank of America and I decided to hold off for a month until this stupid "30 day hold on new accounts" process panned itself out. I went into to cash a deposit refund check from the University Village which had three names on it: my room mate, my co-signer and myself and they told me that I would need to have photo identification of each of the parties involved, no small accomplishment seeing as my co-signer had moved out to Pennsylvania. I managed to get all the signatures and IDs for the check and when I went into to cash the check, the teller told me he needed to go talk to his manager to see if there was anything else he needed to do to put it in my (needlessly frozen) account. I told him to do what he needed to do and five minutes later, there is a line out the door and he is talking with 4 co-workers about how to cash a check. The line was getting restless and so was I... Five minutes to do a simple check deposit?! Also, the clerk said my account would be on hold for two weeks since signing up, and since I signed up 3 weeks ago I thought that I finally hit a bit of good luck. With another teller behind him, I repeated what he said and he angrily told me that he didn't say anything about two weeks, but rather 30 days. After asking why he had just lied to me (I was rather irate at this point) he blatantly told me that he didn't say anything about two weeks, either though his co-worker agreed with me.

When all was said and done my checks (one of them for a mere $7.00) are frozen for two weeks simply because I am a new member. To top off the whole ordeal, they did not tell me thank you or any other customary closing courtesy. I told them that if they are in the business of trying to attract members (shareholders) that they were not doing a very good job. —BrandonMinow

2007-10-11 10:29:25   Brandon, as a former bank employee, I must say that these are precautions that every financial institution must take and are pretty standard. Not saying that you are committing fraud but there are a lot of people who do, and holding an item for 2 weeks is the best thing to do for the bank to be able to catch it, as they deal with losses on a daily basis. I know it's an inconvenience to you, but the longer your account is open and the more deposits you make, the more "cred" you will build with the bank and this 2-week hold time will go away. Check your fee schedule for more information. —CalamityJanie

2008-08-11 12:38:00   When I signed up for an account here a few weeks ago, my address was somehow entered wrong into the database (misspelled or something similar), so they just didn't send me any mail, and I was never notified or asked to update my address (they did have my phone number and could've called me). If I hadn't gone in person to ask when my debit card was going to come in, it wouldn't have gotten fixed. Then, they sent me an ATM card instead. I went in to ask for a debit card and they said I don't qualify for one since I don't have much of a credit history (no bad credit, just not enough good credit). When I signed up they didn't say that I'd need to qualify for a debit card, and made it sound like I'd just get one. After these two serious examples of bad communication, I'm closing my account and looking for another credit union.

Edit (10-03-2008): So, over a month ago I went to the Davis branch in person to close my account, and they gave me the balance in cash and told me it was all done. Today I learned that the account was never closed. I'm glad I'm not putting them in charge of my money any more if they can't even do that.


2008-08-12 15:34:15   This is a pretty standard bank as far as I'm concerned. I've been with Golden Credit since 1995 (although that was with the Clovis, CA branch). I started using the one in Davis when I moved here in 2001 and have rarely had problems. Most of the time things go fine and thats as much as I could ask for a bank that I have a student account through (I originally opened the account in grade school and never changed it). —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-02-10 12:26:34   I've never had a bad experience with Golden 1, and beyond that I'd say I've had worse experiences with Wells Fargo than the ones listed here. Even if I have a bad experience with Golden 1, I will stay because Wells Fargo has some inane policy regarding their "Free" checking accounts wherin they transfer money from one account to another once a month... Every month. I use my bank primarily as savings, and also for making large purchases, so I would often have little or no cash in the account they were transfering out of. Golden 1 has no such policy. —MasonMurray

2010-07-09 08:16:00   I have now had a bad experience with them. Sadly, not just one but the same problem continuously for almost a year. I took out a loan to put the deposit on my new apartment until I got the deposit back from my old apartment. I lost my job in the interim, and really ended up needing the money to live off of. I never received bills or payment notices for my loan on time, on at least one occasion not receiving it at all. They called me once or twice, but most of the time it seemed they would call, let the phone ring once then hang up and I would not even have time to answer. My cosigner received over due notices on months when I didn't even receive a due notice. I never got a single over due notice. This was made more frustrating because I went in to the bank to speak with a teller (on three occasions) and was met with "I don't know what the problem is, can I help you with anything else?" I doubt that this is the norm, but overall the experience has been better than banking with Wells Fargo, who wanted to charge me $10 to cash a check from their bank. —MasonMurray

2010-07-09 10:12:52   I have been banking with Golden 1 since 2003 and have had good service every time. The tellers are friendly and their online services are easy to use. —DagonJones

2010-11-02 17:08:32   I've often had to wait close to ten minutes in line to deposit a check. —LWolk

2010-11-02 20:50:15   JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS: when you go to a bank and they tell you that there is going to be a charge (not that they are charging you) its only because your employer CHOSE to charge you every time you cashed a check at their bank but didn't have an account there. Seriously, I work in a bank, and I couldn't reverse the fee even if I got the manager of the entire effing district involved. ITS YOUR BOSS WHO IS CHARGING YOU, not the bank!!!! So stop whining about it like a little child, grow up, and learn. —SheilaMirzai

2011-03-23 21:38:14   Opening an account with Golden 1 was so easy compared to working with Wells Fargo. I highly recommend banking here. The reason that you will sometimes have to wait in line to cash a check is because they have a lot of happy customers. —LucyB

2012-03-15 11:52:20   The people who work here are always friendly and efficient. Never had a problem. —JQuest

2012-04-28 19:06:04   Miss Britney and(I think her name is) Nancy are two of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. They are very friendly and I get the feeling that they truly want to help people. I did however have an experience with a girl, I think her name was Amy or something. I had a problem with my account and when I asked for some clarification from the manager, she replied. "well I am a manager, but I guess you can talk to the other one." I found this an extremley rude comment. You should not talk to cutomers this way, especially if you want to stay in business! And come to find out, She's not even a manager! I've heard how she speaks to her fellow co-workers too. NOT okay! —newtowiki

2012-09-12 21:41:06   Signed up for checking and savings accounts today and so far so good. The process took about 30 mintues, the person helping me was fully competent, and it only cost $1. The accounts appear to be totally free unless I overdraft. They have a lot of ebanking features that my old bank didn't offer like photo check depositing, free online bill pay, and a mobile app for banking on my phone. I was able to log into my account instantly and apparently my free debit card and free first check book will be arriving by the weeks end. So far, so good. —MikeyCrews

2016-01-13 22:03:02   I think I was audited. —Dexter987

2022-05-14 10:11:33   I work at this bank now, I always see a lot of students using the ATMs. Didn't realize how many people in this town, use Golden 1. —davisitemembereyes