1047 Olive Drive
Varies, watch sign on the corner of Olive & Richards or for an "Open" sign (unconfirmed)
Barbara E. Beck

Granny's Nooks and Crannys is a home-based business in Davis with a strong small-town feel to their presentation. It is located in what looks like a residential home across the street from the Olive Drive Market and the The Lexington Apartments. It's vaguely reminiscent of a yard sale which your grandmother might hold, but with a giant hand-painted sign on permanent display. Granny's sells interesting and hard-to-find antiques and collectibles and also sells through eBay. The prices are in-line with what hard-to-find and sought-after collectables tend to run.


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2005-10-21 13:56:52   i was just in there last week and there is actually some pretty cool stuff-just hard to find and over-priced. but the granny is nice... —MyaBrn

2005-12-03 16:35:27   I lived on Olive Drive for five years and never went in that place (but really, can you blame me?). Wish there was more info on it here. :P —AubreyJohnson

2007-01-19 05:39:56   Where do you get such comments, as "it's kind of like a yard sale"? It's a very intriguing shop with an overwhelming number of one-of-a-kind items, especially the kind of things people collect. In no way does it resemble any yard sale I've ever been to, which is to say that it's a rather obvious misnomer. Or why such a snide remark as, "whenever grandma is up"? The OPEN flag is out when the shop is open. People should expect some real attempt at accuracy when they consult Wiki about places in Davis, which will make it a very excellent resource. In short, malicious people should not be allowed to enter data into Wiki, or Wiki will eventually be discredited as a site where people just express their petty opinions instead of facts. Note that the not-so-bright person who decided to list the shop could not even get the name of the shop right. CTR. —ColemanRandall

  • Those comments stand because nobody else knows more. I can't correct it because for all I know, the proprietor actually says "whenever Grandma is up" when asked for her hours. If you know more about the store, please don't complain about the wrong information, simply correct it. It's clear that not many people know much (one of the two comments is "Wish there was more info"), so please add what you know. In the absence of any real information, poorly informed opinion will always fill the void... that has nothing to do with the wiki and is purely a function of human behavior. All you added in your comment was opinion, no expansion or additional information about the actual subject (other than the correction of the name, for which I thank you — I've renamed the entry).JabberWokky
  • Would you prefer the hours be changed to "whenever the open flag is out"? —TravisGrathwell
  • Jesus CTR, and JabberWokky is the malicious one? —ChrisWaterstraat

2007-01-19 13:48:22   The owner makes most of her business by selling on eBay, thats why she can be open whenever she wants. —MyaBrn

2007-02-15 09:24:58   The lady is sort of nice. She panics if you bring in small children. No wonder because the place is so full of stuff its hard to move around. For being so cluttered she seems to know where certain things are. —MyaBrn

2008-06-12 10:38:29   A lot of really racist items here, and the whole atmosphere is creepy. —elizalee

  • I'd be curious to know a single "racist item" you found in this place. Also, the atmosphere of cluttered, century-old treasures may just be an odd setting for you. Maybe you should stick to Ikea? —AmandaAbughosh

2010-04-14 15:16:47   It scared me when I was in there. It's so cramped and tight... I kept wondering if it was a fire-trap! :) —Plodder

2010-06-15 19:36:54   I live right next door to this shop and it is open almost everyday from maybe 10-5pm. Those are the hours I notice the "open" flag out on the fence. I LOVE this place. I have gotten so many cute items here. I am a huge fan of small make up compacts and lipstick holders, perfume bottles, cigarette cases...and many other antique items. As for the price, I don't think many people are familiar with what these items usually cost, because the prices at Granny's Nooks and Crannys are AMAZING! I also shop at The House Dresser, in woodland, which is similar to this shop, and the prices are nearly double on most items, though I love both stores. —AmandaAbughosh

2010-06-26 16:26:27   Really an amazing place. I don't get what everyone dislikes about it! Sure, it's a little cramped, but the things you would find are amazing! I spent over an hour there just looking!! Definitely go here!! —Arina

2010-11-08 15:13:05   @AmandaAbughosh To the girl who thinks there are no racist items in the store- I don't know how else you can describe all the creepy "Mammie" figurines of grossly obese and servile African-American women. It's like a constant allusion to Aunt Jemima. The cute Disney figurines don't really compensate. Creepy is the right word for the store. —KittenLover

2010-12-08 10:53:29   I love her old place. The store is two rooms filled to the brim with surprises. Some of my best treasures I’ve got there. I drop by every Christmas and buy some things and talk to the nice lady. She’s a very kind women. The treasures I’ve bought there include a wood puppet ornament from 1860 of Santa Claus. If your you looking for unique items - it’s a very good bet you’ll find them there. —sageaqua