Oakshade location

Cowell Location
2101 Cowell Blvd. ,
In Oakshade Town Center
Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM
Sat 9AM-6PM
Sun 9AM-5PM
Covell Location (CLOSED)
640 W Covell Blvd.
In the Anderson Plaza

Great Clips is a salon where you can get a fairly inexpensive haircut, and sometimes they do a pretty good job. A basic haircut is $14, seniors (65 and over) and children (10 and under) are $12. Great Clips accepts all competitor's coupons for $2 off. Their prices appear to be lower than Supercuts on purpose. They currently offer a value card that can be preloaded, similar to a giftcard, and reduces the price of haircuts to $9.99.

There used to be a Great Clips in Anderson Plaza. That location closed and was taken over by Quickly.

How would you describe your Great Clips experience?

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2005-06-23 11:07:06   Don't like the wait for a cheapo haircut. —SS

2006-03-04 12:34:38   the mrs. likes them, they do what she asks, unlike to many "fancy salons" who have an artistic vision for your hair. —RocksandDirt

2006-04-03 15:47:25   Decent haircut, fair price. Stylists are nice but the wait can really suck. I suggest late evenings (8 pm to close) or Sat/Sunday evenings to avoid crowds. South Davis location seems to be busier than North Davis location. —UsetheForce

2006-07-31 15:42:21   I got my hair cut at the Cowell location during my lunch break once and almost didn't do back to work. It was not what I wanted at all. And on top of that the woman who cut my hair pretty much ignored me and chatted with her friend the entire time. Needless to say, I did not go back. —MattCzarnowski

2006-08-03 13:52:30   Do not get you hair cut here! —DipanPatel

  • Interesting, you said the exact same thing on the Supercuts page. Did you actually get your hair cut at either place, or do you work at a rival business? —zombiek

2006-11-01 13:49:03   going to great clips is like playing russian roulette: most of the time it's ok, but if your luck runs out, it REALLY runs out. to that extent the price is not worth it. —MarisolCortez

2006-12-03 14:34:14   I went in for my first time to Great Clips today (a Sunday) and had a decent experience. There was no wait, so I was in right away. I explained that I wanted just a simple trim, about 2-3 inches off my length and my layers cleaned up. The gal, I think her name was Elizabeth, did just that. She was friendly but not too chatty or personal. If you are looking for a quick/easy cut, I'd recommend this to anyone. —KaitlinSufit

2007-01-17 21:30:49   This place can't cut hair for shit! They ruined my sides and sideburns by cutting it too hight! What kind of place does that? I truly believe their barbers are...fuck I'm so mad I can't even think of anything to describe them. Stay away from this place, run away. —MacOroni

2007-01-18 22:07:48   I'm a self-proclaimed cheapskate, so I keep convincing myself that it will be okay to get my hair cut here. They have proven me wrong 4 times. I will never go back. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2007-01-28 11:20:49   I'm just visiting Davis. Donovan at the Oakshade Town Center cut my hair and did a fab job - as good as my $45 & my $85 cuts in LA. He listened carefully when I told him what I wanted. I wish he could always cut my hair. Bravo! —SueHausmann

2007-01-29 02:12:32   Both times have been good. Informative also... —StevenDaubert

2007-02-22 10:27:42   Horible. I went to get a hair cut last night and after telling the lady(Becky, Who was rode to begin with) what i wanted she asked me to wait for the other lady. that she wouldn't cut my hair. all i wanted was a 1/4" cut of to clean it up i little and she refused. she wasnt even nice about it. so i got up and left, and i will not be going back there. i have never been treated that way before, and i have delt with a lot of rode poeple, but not like this. she refused to cut my hair. —JonathanKolsters

2007-04-07 10:49:41   I just went in and got a haircut for the first time at Great Clips in Anderson Plaza. I came out with one of my most favorite haircuts. Mahnaz listened to what I told her I wanted and kept checking to make sure it was right. She did a great job, better than the $50 cuts I've gotten at salons. I don't know about the other hairstylists, but I would at least recommend Mahnaz if you can get her. —JenniferSpies

2007-04-17 13:14:31   Great Clips by Cowell (Safeway shopping center) has done a great job for my husband (whose hair I am very picky about) and even with mine (that I'm ever more picky about) a bunch of times. Edean (I think she's the owner) is awesome - ask for her. If you just need a simple haircut without the super stylish salon attitude, atmosphere and price, then this is a great place to go. —MAD

2007-05-12 16:41:17   They do a pretty good haircut. The place is usually very clean and well kept. —Jedron

2007-10-21 18:57:10   If I were you, I would only go to Donovan. I feel he is the only one who listens to my needs. The others are could learn something from him. He's not pushy like Edean. Hes cute! He doesent ignore me, when I walk in the front door like Becky and Ufa. Plus, he pays attention to only me. The others be speaking spanish across the floor. (I dont know what they be saying, or if others are talking about me, but I fell its rude.) —HAL

2008-01-08 16:59:34   This is one of the worst hair cuts i have ever received in my life. I told the barber exactly how i wanted it and she proceeded to do the exact opposite. I explained very clearly that i didn't want the front cut and the first thing she does is to cut the front unbearably short. It was so quick, i could not even stop her. When she was done "butchering" my hair, I could hardly look at myself in the mirror without wanting to throw up. It was a horrible nightmare. I am so fucking pissed. I went to the Oakshade Great Clips and the barber was an older female and had short black hair, her name is Becky. —PaulKim

2008-01-13 13:09:24   I took my son there a few days ago and we had a great experience. Maria listened to what I wanted and kept him entertained with combs while she was cutting his hair:-) She was friendly and efficient. Though my 2 year old son isn't a pinnacle of style, I think his haircut looks pretty good! This was also the first haircut he hasn't cried through... he loved it. —KristenMartin

2008-02-23 16:39:37   They do a good job. It's just hair... —IanBenton

2008-02-25 17:25:17   Got my haircut today with Edean. She is super easy to talk to and did a fabulous job on my haircut. She knows how to match your haircut with your face. I enjoyed every second of it although it was my first time cutting my hair short. She assured me that it would turn out great, and IT DID!!! Totally recommend her, as well as Donovan who cut my fiance's hair. —Thu

2008-05-31 18:34:54   Agree with the other poster who goes to Donovan - he's great, does just what you want, very amiable. While waiting, I've heard lots of new customers who he's just helped ask his name and say they'll come back to him. I have had bad experienced with other stylists there so I won't let anyone but him cut my hair. —NotSure

2008-07-08 13:11:35   I would not go here even if the haircuts were free. I stopped by both locations several times because of the convenient locations, however they messed up my hair 4 out of 5 times. Each time I had a different person. The middle-aged black guy knew his stuff but all the others were unconfident. Cutting hair was like guesswork to them. 3 out of 5 times my hair was lopsided and the back was grossly neglected. When I told each of them to fix it (nicely), they haphazardly cut my hair over again in hopes that it would even out. Guy hair cuts should not be that difficult. I got better $8 haircuts back home. —hanknguyen

It appears as if the two following comments were left by the same person, or at least from the same computer within moments of each other.

2008-07-14 17:18:45   Just wanted to let everyone know that Donavan is moving back to his hometown of Monterey this week —TORIDUMAS

2008-07-14 17:56:22   Donavan's leavin this week!! He's moving back to Monterey.. I have been going to see him for a good 6 years. although i'm happy for him starting his new life, i'm sad to be losing a great stylist. That shop has gone through some major changes, some good, some bad (like the passing of Catrina on Memorial day). There are alot of new faces but Edeen has cut my hair when Donavan hasn't been there and i have always been pleased, so i am recommending that Donavans customers give her a try.. (she's also quite funny) If you read this big "D" Take Care of Yourself and tell Edeen i'll see her in about 3 weeks....Your talent was greatly appreciated!!!!!


2008-07-27 10:34:05   My son Jukie and I will certainly miss Donovan. He did such a great job, and always remembered details from our previous conversations. Who else can provide such a great skater cut for a screaming seven-year old? —DrandyJones

2008-07-29 21:56:36   i am a hairstylist, so READ THIS:1,NEVER go toward closing time thats a big huge NO, thats irritating never do that, the stylist still have to clean the place so dnt hold them up longer. 2, be specific and detailed on wut u want. 3, dnt be rude. 4, if they turn the chair DONT turn ur head toward mirror thats IRRITATING! and NEVER leave a ONE dollar tip! thats like so messed, its an insult, think about this: would u tip a WAITRESS more than u'd tip ur HAIRDRESSER, who is obviously improving ur appearance??? —SamiSam

2008-08-07 22:29:06   i asked for a simple trim and they cut three inches off my hair and gave my 1 inch layers?!? it was hideous! [[never going there again]] —Baylee

2008-11-13 10:20:41   last night i went in for a simple cut, actually it wasn't even a full cut, i just wanted to clean up my sides and fade it. first off, they cant fade for shit! my sides are uneven, not to mention while attemping to fade, THEY SHAVED OFF PART OF MY EYEBROW!!!! i left without noticing because i just wanted to get the hell out of there, came home and noticed the spot where my eyebrow used to be, came back, and the stylist that cut my hair 5 mins ago pretended that she didnt even do it!!! another stylist ended up giving my money back, i only paid 5 cuz i had a coupon, and they gave me back 14 ahaha stupid bitches, i'm never going here again! —dtruong

2009-03-13 16:44:09   I get my hair cut exlusively by Edean. She is absolutely fantastic and gets the job done right the first time. Every other stylist there has either disappointed or completely ruined my hair. —xen0cide

2009-04-30 18:43:22   Just so everyone knows the ACTUAL prices of Great Clips, they are $ 14 for adults and $12 for children 10 and under and persons 65 and older. They also except all competator coupons and expired coupons for $2 off. —hairstylist

2010-02-21 14:54:34   I went to get my hair cut today, and they were AMAZING! Friendly people. I loved my haircut and the concentration Sharron had. I only waited about 1 minute. Will definitely go there again. —vmgbac

2010-04-22 12:20:21   It is an okay place to go. I can't complain for a $14 hair cut. —LuvMyPets

2010-12-21 14:50:20   I went again yesterday because my mother wouldn't take me anywhere else to get my haircut done. I showed them a picture of what I wanted, and she said I will give you some layers, and I have no layers, it seriously looks like a 3 year old cut my hair. It is also lopsided, and I just called, and the lady was just like "Ok, come in later, but you will still have to pay for it". I mean seriously, the least they could do is fix it for free! But I can assure everyone, if you go there you will come back looking like a 3 year old cut your hair. I also have really straight hair at the ends, so you can see the scissor marks. So don't waste your money coming here. —Churro615

2011-01-02 14:57:25   Forget the coupons. It is not worth it. I just got home and discovered that the employee just played with scissors behind my head. I asked to have my hair cut over my ears and over my collar, and all she did for twenty minutes was clip scissors in the air and spray my hair down and comb it. I do not have difficult hair and my instructions were clear. Supercuts does not have coupons, but they can at least do a basic simple haircut. —aharjala

2012-06-02 23:01:48   Don't go here at all. I asked for a simple cut, and I ended up with my hair being all lopsided. Seriously, it's like a little 4 year old cut my hair... The price for my lopsided haircut was $16, and I had to tip? I guess I shouldn't have since it was that horrible. —JaceWinter

2012-09-03 12:13:09   Wish they would have said they were closed today (Labor day) :( Oh well, I went somewhere else and got a great haircut. —jsbmeb

2012-11-03 22:01:04   Oh god, why did I ever choose to come here... I asked for a simple trim on the side and just shorten the top just a little. The front side of my hair ended up lopsided along with parts of the back of my head. There were parts of my hair that were way longer than the rest of my head. All I heard during my whole time getting a haircut was snip snip, no stopping or anything to check if it looked good. 1.5/5 would not recommend —JaceWinter