Davis Farmers Market
Saturday: 8:00 am - 1 pm
(530) 400-9961
Thomas Gatewood
June 2004
Payment Methods
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Nina and Tom is now GreenStar Design+Production. They are still making their cute t-shirts under the brands of Butterbean and Made in Davis. You can purchase their shirts most Saturdays at the Davis Farmer's Market and also online through ButterBean and Made in Davis.


  • Organic cotton T-shirts for infants to adults — Designed and printed in Davis, Butterbean's shirts are printed on high-quality, super-soft cotton.
  • Custom printing — Silkscreening with water-based inks. Talk to them and they'll give you an information sheet and explain the process.

Kid Shirts Onesies Adult Obama Shirt


Their former storefront at 129 E Street, Suite B1

Nina & Tom started selling political shirts at the Davis Farmer's Market in the spring of 2004. They quickly expanded their business to include a whole line of clothing for kids with organic cotton shirts and onesies proclaiming "I eat my vegetables" and "I'm the big sister". All of their products were made in the USA. They sold local, hand-crafted, and/or low-production goods, supporting small and independent businesses throughout the United States. There were purses, dolls, books, wallets, jewelery, and many other unique items.

Their store's Grand Opening took place October 10th, 2008.

Consignment goods — Haute Again is a new venture for the Nina & Tom storefront as of September 2009. They now accept and sell consigned clothes and accessories. No Big Box items are accepted. The upscale consignment area, located in the upper area of the store, offers only current or vintage brand name, boutique and designer items, while also offering reasonable prices. Check out their blog.


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2008-11-11 21:16:23   These guys are really great. Great product, great message, genuine local coolness. Soft cotton. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.... —bhdjtd

2009-07-06 16:27:10   How would one go about getting a job here? It's such a cute store! —ShaynaLesovoy

2009-09-14 08:55:09   Excellent service and cute, quality t-shirts. I've bought several adult-sized shirts as well as two superhero capes for my son—which he loves—and they've all been high-quality. Highly recommended! —LeslieMadsenBrooks