The central and larger building from 9th street

581 Ninth Street & 639 Ninth Street
(Central Davis, near the intersection of 9th & F Streets)
Office Hours
Tue-Fri 11am-4pm, Sat 10am-2pm
Other hours available by appointment
Cats allowed, with $200 pet deposit per cat, maximum two cats
On-site laundry room
Air conditioning
Instaconnect wireless Internet for free

Greenbriar Apartments offers one- and two-bedroom carpeted units ranging from $900/month to $1100/month [March 2016] with wireless access included. There are three buildings in the complex. Some apartments feature walk-in closets as well as balcony and patio units. Greenbriar is on Unitrans L bus line, E bus line as well as a YoloBus route.

To learn about more rental housing options in the Davis area, visit our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

The corner bulding The courtyard of the central building A black cat that hangs around Greenbriar


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2005-06-08 12:02:50   Very very old aparment, dirty...Management system is unorganized..I really don't recommend this apartment... —KimberWong

2005-08-30 13:14:04   Wireless internet is not working. Hard to find the signal. Manager never cares about the residents, and uncleaned the common places, etc. —KateMiller

2005-08-30 14:03:32   Kate, I work for Aria Communications, we run the wireless internet service there. You need to be registered to connect, and it does not look like you are. The manager there can register you. Give us a call at 1-800-957-5911 if you continue to have signal problems. —RyanCastellucci

2005-09-02 09:34:32   to previous posters: "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". I lived there for 2 years, here is a summary: the good: close to campus/downtown, relatively quiet, friendly management, fairly social atmosphere, low price, free wireless internet (only somewhat reliable), major problems addressed fast by management, loved the 2 sided balcony. the bad: dingy complex, old style 2-prong outlets, hot in summer cold in winter, i had some noisy neighbors (please! 3am is NOT the time to jam!), some other electrical problems. The apartments are being remodeled, so some of these concerns might be addressed. overall: a decent complex, you won't go terribly wrong staying here, but don't expect a full service resort either.

2009-02-17 17:07:21   I loved living her. I don't know what all these people are complaining about. Great!! —Davisandbeyond

2009-07-08 09:30:55   Davisandbeyond: Another sock puppet Greenbriar manager with a 1 post history? Are you listening Davis Wiki? Apartment managers are notorious for phony posts in Davis... —LouisM

"2009-08-01 16:30:02"   This place is the WORST apartment complex i have EVER lived at. I've lived in Davis for 5 years and the cheap rent is NOT worth having to deal with the lazy manager. Nothing ever gets fixed and I never received notices when the water was turned off or any work done to the apartment. I have been harassed by management for things that I didn't do. I started looking for apartments 7 months before my lease was over. I even tried to get it subleased but no one would take it. —RobinDell

2010-01-05 11:46:12   This complex is pretty ridiculous. It is very affordable and close to downtown.The manager doesn't hassle you too much but will talk your ear off all day if you let her. But thats all the good i have to say. They have turned off the water to my building for the whole night without any notice or explanation. The laundry room is now pad locked after ten pm by the manager herself (rather her husband because she's too lazy so she makes him do it) because someone tried to break into some dryers. She is the only one with a key to the pad lock,so no laundry after ten pm. In response to the burglary attempt the manager posted a note apologizing for the inconvenience, but then very callously told everyone they could "blame their fellow tenants for not locking the laundry door" I blame this shitty complex for not getting a door that automatically shuts and locks. Even at one point, without any notice that work was to be done, or maintenance might be entering units, the manager sent a worker from some ac and heating company into an occupied unit , and he walked in on my neighbor who was a single mother living alone, who happened to be getting out of the shower at the time. she said it was quite startling. Im sure there are laws and regulations here that are not being fallowed. The apartment manager really seems to be lacking hard in the way of her work. Like, Really really hard. After sixteen years and six apartment complexes before this one, I realize why i am paying so little for a two bedroom. —Maqz

2010-11-30 22:39:06   All I gotta say is the female manager is a b*tch. We stopped in the parking lot to drop something off for a friend who lives across the street and she came outside all rude and abrasive. We explained to her that we weren't staying and she said that we had a minute. 10 seconds into that minute she yells "You're lying I'm calling the police" so I had to move the car back to the street and block traffic. My friends tried to be nice to her and she just snapped at them. The place looks like a dump from the outside, the manager is nasty, and there are tons of bad reviews. Hence, I wouldn't recommend living here. —KathrynAzarvand

2011-05-25 18:18:10   The "free internet" sign is borderline false advertisement. The internet works only a third of the time and when it does, its as slow as 56k. If you ask the apartment manager about it, she will simply tell you to call the provider instead of taking care of her managerial duties and doing it herself. I'm about one more night of not being able to do my homework because the internet isnt working away from calling the Better Business Bureau. —Klogg

2011-05-26 01:15:34   regarding comment. A third of the time is a huge overrepresentation. I'd say, more realistically, the internet is slower than slow 10 percent of the time and not working at all 5 percent. —Klogg

2011-11-08 15:26:38   I do not know if anyone has noticed but since before the 4th of the month there is a gate to the manager's office blocking the rent drop off opening in the door. I have been trying to pay rent but have been unable to. I have taken pictures and given them to my lawyer. There was no letter or anything about this. I have tried to knock on her door for days but she is not there. I am also extremely disappointed at the way she yells at people about parking in the residents lot when she lets her daugher, friends, and son in law park there whenever. I can barely park at all. This place is really disappointing and if I am unable to pay rent my lawyers will have multiple things to say... —rosepetal140

2012-02-03 16:48:28   Just to clarify about the black gated door... It's there to prevent outsiders from taking any personal information or checks from residents. Better to have our rent checks safe than stolen. —lyraaa

2012-02-19 15:21:16   Just to clarify. There was no communication around the door. No written statement or anything for residents. Not to mention the "resident manager" thinks its appropriate to scream at guests and residents about stuff when she lets her daughter take parking spots, park in the middle of the lot, etc. If the manager needs to say anything it should be done privately not banging on my door whenever she feels like it. There is a line between harassment and manager. Not to mention nothing is done about mold, crappy bathroom, chipped linoleum, etc and when it has been reported there is a "nothing i can do" statement. And the "resident" manager thinks it is appropriate to walk into apartments without a 24 hour written notice stated by california renters rights and the lease. Also the lease states that 24 hour notice is only M-F 9-5, not weekends (California Civil Code). —rosepetal140

2012-08-01 02:04:49   rosepetal140 is clearly having issues with the management.

Greenbriar Apartments is a good housing in terms of basics: bathroom, rooms, a simple and manageable kitchen, a refrigerator. The quality of the apartments ranges, depending on the built date.

I've lived here for 2 years and I've had no problems with the management other than my requests to have things fixed in the apartment. The manager, Liz, is nice and chatty and she always has a story to share. She is more of a laid back manager.

- Atmosphere This complex is quiet most of the time. You can hear the train sometimes, but not as much as if you were to live on G and J street.

Some of the tenants are single family or students. It is usually quiet here but sometimes you get a tenant who moves in one year and they are noisy. The noise is resolved quickly by the management.

- Parking There is usually enough parking for most of the tenants. Some tenants choose to park on the street because there is shade on summer days. It only gets crowded when there are visitors that have not checked in with the management.

- Air and Heating It gets very, very hot during hot summer days. There is a fan in the wall but you're better off buying a portable air conditioner and a fan. I lived with a fan for the first year, but decided to invest in a portable AC for the summer of my second year. It was the wisest investment I've had for this complex.

It gets cold in the winter so a simple small heater will get you through the winter.

- Rent Rent is very affordable here, especially if you're looking for basics. The amenities I use the most is the washer and dryer room. I'd suggest you get your own internet. It's a wise investment because the internet at the complex can be slow.

Also, if you have any problems with internet, it's better to take it to the company and not the apartment management. Internet is out of her control so call the Instaconnect company for friendly inquiries on how the internet doesn't work. —lyraaa

2016-06-28 05:07:22   The manager Liz is a nasty woman. She screams at tenants and can't run this complex. There are safety violations everywhere and these poor students shouldn't have to put up with it! It takes this slow lazy woman weeks to get back to you on anything!.for the people that had issues in their apartment, document it and sue them! Withhold part of your rent and write a letter stating that mandatory things need to be fixed. Get everything I'm writing. Her daughter lives at the complex and I'm sure she jumps through hoops for her but lacks any decency towards the tenants. This woman is never in the office and nowhere to be found yet she lives there. The apartments are absolutely horrid, roaches, cracks in the wall and doors, as well as unstable stairwells, the property itself it's repulsive and dirty, it's not much cheaper then other complexes in that area. This place is not remodeled, its an old run down complex that you would find in any lowly crime ridden neighborhood,Go elsewhere! —Davisgrad15