The past few months have been a nightmare for many students. Students are paying more and getting less. We are running because we’re tired of seeing government officials and administrators balance budgets on the backs of students. We’re independent and we have the experience to make change and create a more enjoyable college experience for Aggies.

Greg Webb is a senior studying Economics and Political Science. He is from Santa Maria, and is a first-generation college student. He has extensive experience in ASUCD, having served on the Environmental Policy and Planning Commission as well as the Business and Finance Commission. He currently serves on the Internal Affairs Commission.

Jessica Martín is a sophomore studying Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior. She plays soccer and club lacrosse. She currently serves on the Outreach Assembly, representing Departments and Campus Centers.

We hope to earn your vote, our platform is below and you can read more at:

MORE FREE PRINTING PAGES The current allocation is not sufficient for students.

EXPAND WIFI AND CELL PHONE RECEPTION We’re going to expand service to underserved areas on campus.

SUSTAINABILITY We would like to phase out the usage of plastic bags on campus and host workshops for campus organizations so that they can put on sustainable events. In addition, we will create grants for student groups that show leadership in sustainability.

CAMPUS SAFETY The lighting on campus is inadequate and we will ensure a safer, well-lit campus. We will ask the administration to fix the bike paths that currently are beyond repair. Also, we will promote the mental health services on campus to help students during these difficult economic times.

ENTERTAINMENT/MEDIA We will work with the Entertainment Council to develop a rental program for its equipment. This will allow student groups to put on more events and will also generate money for ASUCD. We will revive AS Papers so that alternative press has the resources it needs to reach students.

STUDENT ADVOCACY UNIT We will create one unified advocacy unit so that students can get involved in campus, local and state decisions.

MORE STUDY OPTIONS We will generate student jobs by expanding the tutoring services provided to students. We would also like to see more 24 hour study locations, specifically during finals weeks.

REFORM STUDENT GOVERNMENT First, the ASUCD website will be revamped so that it is more informative and interactive. Second, we will place every bill online for students to read before they are passed into law. Third, we intend to reform the Outreach Assembly so that it better serves the student body. Finally, we create the first transparent executive office by having our meetings public.

FUND ETHNIC AND LAVENDER GRADUATIONS We believe that graduation should be a beautiful day celebrated with loved ones. We strongly believe that ASUCD should support all graduation ceremonies.

CAL AGGIE CAMP TRUST FUND To protect Cal Aggie Camp from budget cuts we want to create a trust fund so that it can be protected from cuts.