Greg Dizon

Greg Dizon is an undergraduate student at UC Davis and the current Chair of the External Affairs Commission. Serving ASUCD as an External Affairs Commissioner since he began studying at Davis, he was also an intern under ASUCD President Darnell Holloway and the Director of Public Affairs in the Executive Office of ASUCD President Kareem Salem. On January 8, 2009, Dizon informed the ASUCD Senate of his decision to resign at the month's end.

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His Personal Life This Political Science student was given the legal name Gregory Jesmar Sulay Dizon. Given the names "Jesmar" and "Sulay" to honor his mother's ancestry, Dizon uncommonly uses his middle initials in his signature and in many formal documents. Though born in the predominantly-Filipino community of Daly City, Greg Dizon actually grew up and lived his whole life at the city of Roseville—a suburb of Sacramento. Throughout elementary, middle and high school, Dizon held many leadership positions; ending his Roseville-residence as the ASB Treasurer his junior year and finally ASB President his senior of high school. In June 2006 he received his high school diploma with academic distinction from the National Honors Society, the California Scholarship Federation and the U.S. President's Academic Excellence Program; a recipient of the distinguished Roseville High School Golden R; and various other co-curricular awards and scholarships.

Dizon currently resides in Davis near the University campus and continues his academic excellence, having been part of the university's Davis Honors Challenge program. He extensively volunteers with organizations in the local community and actively lobbies the state legislature on LGBTQ issues related to high schools and post-secondary education. In his spare time he likes to catch up on his homework, watch television, and cook for family and friends. Greg has a cute dog named Cody Alexander Vanderwoof and he often brings him to meetings at the Memorial Union; his dog usually dresses up for such occasions.

Work Through the Office of the ASUCD President Dizon began his work with the Executive Office as an intern for the former president, Darnell Holloway. Under the current administration of President Kareem Salem, Greg has helped establish a relationship with the Mondavi Center, worked on various special events put on by the Executive Office, and strengthened ASUCD's relations with public bodies. During his tenure as the Director of Public Affairs, Dizon contributed to the authorship of and participated in the signing of the Principles of One Community.

Work Through the External Affairs Commission Greg had been a member of the External Affairs Commission since Fall 2006. Currently he serves as the chairman of EAC. As a member of EAC, Greg had advocated to the City Council on behalf of the UC Davis students and has participated in numerous civic events such as the Davis Stampede and Davis Neighbors Night Out. Under his chairmanship, EAC will begin various projects like creating a listing for businesses with student discounts, outreach to local high schools and UCD alumni forums. For information about these projects, periodically check the External Affairs Commission website at

During his time as chair, Dizon standardized the use of gender-neutral language—stemming from his Safe Zone training. Additionally, Dizon codified the policies for commission communications with government officials, as to conform with the UC Davis Policies and Procedures manual. Around the Senate Table, specifically the "Chair Alley" many people regard Dizon for his professional reports, which he neatly types on the commission's letterhead. When the ASUCD Senate considers legislation, he notoriously holds up signs produced from recycled paper that reads "Please Call to Question" and/or "I Object! ...But Can't," in reference to the ex-officio status of chairs in the Senate.

On January 8, 2009, Dizon informed the ASUCD Senate of his decision to resign at the end of the month. A copy of his notice of resignation: MEMO0108ASUCD.pdf

Dizon established a gag-award, the"Greg Dizon Senate Table Hottie-Hot-Hot Award," announcing the details of the inaugural class during his farwell remarks.

Cody Alexander Vanderwoof

The "Favorites" List Favorite Music: Josh Groban, Goo Goo Dolls, Counting Crows, Lifehouse, Il Divo

Favorite TV Shows: American Idol, Family Guy, Iron Chef, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy

Favorite Food: Sushi, Pizza, CoHo Beagles (Asiago Cheese & Herb Cream Cheese)

Favorite Books: Whatever textbook he has to read for class lol

Favorite Quotes: "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important" -Ambrose Redmoon