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Worst experience out of my 5 years in Davis. Does a good job luring you in with their deals, but slowly rip you off for the money you thought you saved AND more. Furthermore, they also fine you unexpectedly, there is no warning, no prior complaining, just a note clipped to your door with an amt. Nice big apartments (for show) everything breaks within the first week, we are all tiny girls, but things like towel rails just falls off, closet doors break -_-. Fire alarms started beeping the first week of move in as a sign of low battery. Lights were burning out, sinks were clogging. Our pg&e for 4 people is an average of 300-400 dollars, due to their poor electric efficient electronics, whether it's the laundry or AC, which we barely use. Maintenance comes in 2 to 3 days after you call in for service, but they only temporarily 'fix' everything. I think we've called maintenance in for the same thing 4 times in one month, eventually gave up, and just lived in poor condition using desk lamps and candles as bathroom and hall lights, going to laundry mats to do laundry rather than our own machines, and waiting 20 minutes between each person to use their clogging sinks.

As a current resident I'd say that its a good complex, but if you live on the 2nd story hope you don't have annoying people beneath you that'll complain to the office because you are vacuuming too loudly or stomping around too much for their comfort. RE: As a current resident on the second floor, you probably have know idea how loud it actually sounds on the first floor!! Be considerate! Re: I second this reply. If you are considerate during quiet hours 10 pm - 10 am, then what do people have to complain about?

These are nice apartments, often pretty pricey. The rooms are a bit small depending on how much stuff you have, they have washer and dryers in all units, and parking is a pain.

2005-06-17 04:13:22   I've been living in Greystone Apartments for a year now, and plan to for the next two years. The complex is relatively quiet (I can only remember two parties near me this year) and I have no complaints about other residents. The management is great, parking was not so great in the beginning of the year, but after they repainted the complex, the newly 30 or so spots opened make parking much easier. For Residents (1) I have to apologize for my neighbors who have complained to us about my music (I'm watching my sound levels, apt #261). (2) Does anyone know what happened to the neighborhood cats? Dante, Louie and that other one used to come by our apartments and hang out and now I never see them. If anyone has any info I'd love to know, those cats were great. —AlvinTsao

2005-07-06 17:44:45   Hey Alvin, those are my cats, Dante and Frankie. I had to take them to my mom's house at X-mas break because our new manager is a b**** who absolutely would not let them go outdoors anymore (after FOUR years of living there, and never having any complaints from them). They are back with me now in Greystone, but I am still not allowed to let them outside unsupervised, so I take them out for walks at night. They have their own page under Wiki Animals if you do a search for "Dante and Frankie." —SamanthaWagner

2005-07-13 16:31:54   I stumbled across this page (I was the manager until November 04, so hi yall) & noticed someone mentioned Louie. Louie (who was abandoned by a tenant about a year ago) was adopted by a friend of mine and now lives out in the country in Dixon on a farm with other cats and about 6 people roommates. He gets to sleep on a bed and feed his face all day, as well as chase chickens & get tons of cuddling and play with other cats (although no cats are as cool as Frankie & Dante—glad they're doing well, Sam!). —JenniferBeck

2005-08-24 00:38:55   I lived at Greystone the first year that it opened (1993-94). Some rowdy friends and I had an upstairs 2-story unit. Our friend Scott used to jump off the banister at the top of the staircase onto a pile of pillows in the living room below. He also slid down the banister, and the friction of his sneaker soles peeled the paint clean off. I wasn't on the lease, so it was no skin off my back. DJ Shadow lived there for a while, too. —RickEle

2005-08-24 08:23:49   I lived there 93-94 as well, but it was the second year it was open, so maybe you were there 92-93? I liked it, it was pricey but nice. I lived in a 2 bedroom unit on the ground floor. No big deal except for the neighbor in the room above me liked to leave her alarm clock on over the weekend when she wasn't there, so I got a lovely wake-up every Saturday and Sunday morning. That and I heard everything that went on up there. —RogerClark

2005-08-24 09:32:32   I lived in Greystone (first floor) back in... 1999 or so, so my experience is from back then. The management was awesome — very responsive (generally speaking) and friendly. The apartments were decently quiet, although a tad small. There were 3 major complaints I had: 1) The built-in ethernet network was slow, especially during prime time. Get DSL instead — it's cheaper now anyway. 2) The water pressure sucks. We were on the first floor and we barely got any. I can't imagine how bad it was on the 2nd floor. 3) ANTS! We had a massive ant infestation. We kept our counters immaculately clean, yet the ants just kept coming. They tried to colonize my houseplants and everything. I had to complain to the management several times before they actually came to take a look, whereupon they said "This is the worst ant infestation I've ever seen!". We're talking trails of ants 3 or 4 ants wide. They got an exterminator out promptly. I don't know if it's a general problem there or specific to the unit I was in. Yick. —AlexPomeranz

2006-01-03 17:49:21   I would say that the management is nowhere near as good as what I was used to. Sure, the apartment is nice, but the complex has some pretty terrible policies. First off, their old advertisements were for "heated pool", "ability to pay rent with separate checks", and charging for parking only if you wanted a covered space, and continental breakfast on Saturday mornings. Once the leases were signed, all of these policies changed for the worse. The complex charges for parking in all spaces, even though they have extra parking revenue coming in, the breakfasts were canceled, there is no "heated pool", and we have to pay rent with one check. Personally, I feel like I've been put through a "Bait and switch" situation. To future residents, I wouldn't really trust the management's claims unless you can get it in writing from them. —RohiniJasavala

  • Ro, the website has stated for years that they have a "solar heated pool," so you may have fallen for that bit of doublespeak. Also, there's nothing in the lease or the website about a guaranteed Saturday brunch. However, there is nothing in our lease about paying in a single check. Plus, their website clearly states as of January, 2006: "You do not need to pay in one check, but all checks applied to your apartment must be clearly labeled with your apartment number, and your name." As much of an inconvenience it is for them to process multiple checks, its a much larger inconvenience to tenants, who have to wait for checks from each other to clear prior to giving checks to management. I've lived in Greystone for over 2 years, and I've been finding their approach increasingly condescending and unfriendly. A few days back, we each received a note titled "FIRST AND FINAL NOTICE: LEASE RENEWAL OR NOTICE TO VACATE," followed by some BS story that "the Davis apartment community has moved up their lease renewal dates," and a form titled "210 Day Notice to Vacate." This pressure is uncalled for and preys on residents fear that there aren't going to find residence elsewhere. Plus, the lease clearly states that we have 150 days to vacate. CraigBrozinsky
    • Our lease had the 150 day notice crossed out and had 210 written in. We had to initial that change. It wasn't too much of a change for me, since the other complex where I lived had to have an answer for us by mid february anyway. You're definitely right about their condescending tone towards the residents. I have no idea where that comes from :\. RohiniJasavala
  • If those advertisements were written anywhere, that *is* a promise in writing. It may or may not be worth pursuing, but I bet a small claims court judge would side with you if what you say is accurate and documented. —GrahamFreeman
    • They were in writing, a few newspaper spring ads and signs on their leasing office...the problem is is that as much as we searched for them, nobody had those papers, and greystone's recycling box didn't even have the flyer up. I can understand not wanting the hassle of separate checks, but decide to do so before the lease signing time. Anyway, since we couldn't find those things in writing, the best we can do is tell future residents to beware of certain not-so-honest practices followed by the new manager here. —RohiniJasavala

2006-03-13 20:09:14   This is by far, the worst place I've ever lived. in the beginning, it was really nice.. a little pricey, but nice. the staff was helpful and very amiable.. it's all changed since the new management came in. they seem to want to charge us for everything! they won't even replace our lightbulbs anymore! we now have to pay for our parking spots and there are hardly any guest spots.. about twenty for the entire place. ludicrous! we're movin out cuz we didn't want to pay the high increase in rent, despite possibly renewing. the renewal rate would increase doubly what we would have been paying under our original lease. in other words, instead of paying something like $40/person because we've lived here for a couple years, they want us to pay $80/person under the new management.

A lot of other things have been cut, such as the weekend brunches and the magazines in the main office lobby. if you haven't noticed, they're old magazines that the manager brings from her house.. speaking of whom I've heard gets kick backs from the tow company. that's why she's specific about who can tow here. she puts off resident requests and ignores complaints. she's cheap and impersonable. I was thinking about moving to eastlake since the manager, billie, is totally against greystone's manager's ideals despite working for the same company.. but they got rid of billie! she's the sweetest woman that fought for her tenants (she insisted on keeping old policies like not charging for general maintenance replacements or parking), and they got rid of her! stonesfair should really rethink hiring these power hungry people. it is seriously frustrating to live here.. rent, parking (illegal parking up the whazoo too), cutting corners, terrible management.. bring billie back you jerks! —AlexChump

2006-03-20 12:20:12   The Truth About Parking

Greystone management recently contacted us regarding several posting on this web site which were misrepresenting the facts. We were chosen as the designated tow company by Greystone management so that the residents will receive prompt service. We can normally respond within 20 minutes to remove a vehicle from their assigned parking space 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The management has also asked us to remove vehicles from the few remaining red zones and improperly marked vehicles from the handicapped parking spaces. Towing from the resident’s assigned spaces is in response to the resident’s request and not the management’s request. Residents are under no obligation to call our towing company or any towing company when a vehicle is in their assigned parking space. To the best of my knowledge, none our driver’s have ever said that Greystone is our best customer. We have many accounts that have much greater parking enforcement problems than those at Greystone and we are not the sole towing for Greystone’s residents. We have never given any incentives or “kick backs” to the management or anyone else for towing. We simply offer a better quicker service than any other towing company in the area.

Our company is the designated towing service for many commercial properties in Davis. There are many other towing companies that also do private property towing in Davis but most of them are based out of Woodland, Dixon and West Sacramento. Their out of town locations increase their response time, their towing cost and the inconvenience to the vehicle owners. Being based in Davis, we have a relativity quick response time. Most of the calls that we receive for residential private property towing comes from the tenants when a vehicle is in their reserved space.

Why is parking such a problem in Davis? The City of Davis Planning Department and City Counsel want to encourage the tenants to use mass transit and other forms of non-polluting transportation. They want to encourage students to leave their cars home at their permanent address and not bring them to Davis. They do this by requiring the new complexes to have large landscaped open spaces and by requiring that 50% of the parking lot be shaded. In order to shade the parking lot, numerous parking spaces are replaced with planter boxes and trees. These zoning requirements are what help Davis stay beautiful (at the expensive of additional parking). With most people wanting convenient access to their vehicles and with many students doubling up in the rooms to reduce their housing costs, there are more cars than available parking spaces. Residents are using the guest parking spaces and guests have no where to park. This situation seems to be getting worse every year all over town and not at just one complex.

The property managers are in a difficult position. If they enforce the parking restrictions, they have the people who get their vehicles towed upset with them. If they don’t enforce the parking restrictions, they will have the tenants upset. The tenants do not want people parking in their reserved spaces (because they have paid for it as part of their leases) but they do not want their own vehicles or their friends vehicles towed if they happen to park in someone else’s open parking space. It would be nice if there were ample guest parking spaces, but with land being so expensive in Davis, property owners can’t afford to allocate more space to parking.

Additionally, the managers need to keep the fire lanes open in case of an emergency and to provide accessible parking for the handicapped. Active parking enforcement is the only option for the responsible managers. Therefore the choices are left with the tenants and the visitors. You can do as the City of Davis prefers and find alternate forms of transportation. Walk, ride your bike, or take the bus. If you choose to drive, be courteous and don’t park in someone else’s assigned space or a red zone. Be prepared to walk a few blocks if needed. If you choose to ignore the parking signs, be prepared to have your vehicle towed. The choice is yours.

Randy Ross Manager All About TowingRandyRoss

2006-03-22 13:46:04   The apartment is a bit overpriced for what you get, though it is spacious, the parking sucks and so does the internet service through the complex, only three T-1 lines for the whole complex! and don't expect them to help you with any problems that arise with it. Also the parking sucks and you are very likely to get towed if you park in someone elses spot. For good reason too, people are charged 20 dollars a month for parking. The mangement is not that nice either, and don't keep their word, ( they changed our parking contract on us, and rip the old, signed copy up right in my roomates face!), (and what was up with the "free rent" raffles????) lets just say im moving complexes for next year.

About the parking situation, no one should have to walk "a few blocks" to get someones house to visit, for the amount of residents, the management should really be more accomidating. Why don't they " ride their bikes" etc, they know that the complex is mostly inhabited by students, but they continually jack up prices and F*** with people. —KirstenHaney

2006-05-24 12:54:08   Their rating on is pretty low, but the management continually tries to inflate the ratings. The place is over priced and you can find better deals elsewhere. I'm leaving after one year here and don't recommend it to anyone. Mice are a continuous problem too. —DaveCar

2006-09-21 16:34:50   The place is noisy from lots of parties. There is little parking and the guest parking is taken up by residents so there is no room for guests. The internet connection they provide is terrible; it is sometimes worse than dialup. They will steal your security deposit. They charged me for pet stains even though the stains were there when I moved in, and I had no pets. The walls lack sound proofing. The rooms are very small and the complex is generally overpriced. People always are parking in other peoples spaces because there is no parking. Sure you can tow them, but then you have to wait for the tow truck to come while you have no place to park unless you want to risk getting towed yourself. Plus, how do you know that the person whose car you towed won't vandalize your car. Basically, avoid this place unless at all costs. —AnonUser

2006-09-21 23:26:26   Me and my housemates just moved out of Greystone, and we just got our deposit back. More like half of our deposit back. They charged us superfluous charges like $200 "light touch-up painting" for a few black scuff marks on the wall. That is a ridiculous amount, not to mention that it is illegal for landlords to take any amount out of tenants' deposits for "normal wear and tear" which includes scuffs and small scratches on the wall. They also charged us $145 for "light cleaning" that wasn't even needed— we had started cleaning a week before our move-out date, and the place was in the same condition as when we moved in. I'm going to try and get my money back, but if they do not comply, I'm taking them to the Better Business Bureau. If anyone else has the same issue, please contact me so I can organize issuing a complaint. You can email me at gracedtang@gmail.comGraceTang

  • You should leave contact info if you want to organize something, and consult the Security Deposit Survey. And, yes, I know multiple people who've received similar treatment from Greystone. —CraigBrozinsky

2006-09-24 22:32:08   I've lived in greystone for the past 3 years. It was great when I moved in, but the management changed recently. I signed a lease for the 4th year, but now I regret it. The manager, "Babe" is a lying b****. She needs to be fired and reminded that shes 70 not 25. Parking is a serious problem. Even though you pay for parking, you aren't guaranteed to have a spot to park in. The internet access used to be fast, but now you're lucky if you don't get disconnected every 10mins. If you are smart, you wont even consider living here. It's not worth the cost or the headache. —GreystoneSucks

2006-10-09 18:10:26   I moved here in Sept 2006. The people that run it are exceptionally lacking in brain mass. This is ripe for abuse, like in incorrectly placing a free parking addendum at the end of all leases and then they chose not to honor it, although they make it legally binding to give it to you for free. They say power to tow is transferred on October 1st in direct violation of the lease. If you have problems getting your deposit back, I suggest that you draft a letter to the Davis Enterprise and then show them California State Law and then threaten to publish the letter unless they observe the state law. These are sheepish law abiding paper shufflers and I am sure they will adhere to well constructed threats... —ChristopherMckenzie

  • So I had a deposit dispute and the manager claims to have read this (although she did not specify the site) and requested that I go back in here and put some additional information (although she seemed to imply that I had talked about my deposit dispute - which I had not). However, seeing as I was my usual rash self above and really didn't expect anyone I was talking about to actually read this, I might as well shape up my act. Anyway, here's the scoop:

    When I was moving out, the lady doing the walk through coveted the checklist that I had a right to see. She was partially open about it, but left it up to me to be prudent about verification and contest — which is a common practice, to not inform people of their responsibility - so I won't fault them. When I got the deposit back, they deducted over half of it and I had to submit a formal complaint. They gave me a 7 day turn around, which they missed, and I called them a couple days after.

    First my call was dropped after being put on hold. The second time I was on hold for a few minutes. Then I called from my office, not my cell phone, and the manager picked up this time, not an assistant. Make of that what you will. At first she apologized for taking so long and then stated that she wouldn't know when she could get to it. Of course, I know there are legal time limits for this, and I didn't have them on hand, but before I could say anything she said that she would address it right there.

    In the complaint, I had asked for $250 out of the $450 deducted ($800 total). Her agreed reimbursement, to be sent out on October 31st, was at $225 - making the total deduction $225 which is about as reasonable as one can expect. So apparently complaints can be effective. Still though, this ought not be necessary. —ChristopherMckenzie

2006-10-11 10:22:34   I just moved out of Greystone after living there for two years. The five of us paid a hefty safety deposit, and the condition of our place wasn't as good as when we arrived. So I expected very little money to be returned especially after all the rumors I've heard about Greystone taking money off for really unreasonable things. So legally we should get our money and statement within 21 days, but it's Oct 11 (and we moved out Aug 31) and still haven't received anything, not even a letter. I would question the management and their HONESTY!! —DeniseTong

  • "So legally we should get our money and statement within 21 days," I think they are ignorant of the law - you must tell them! —ChristopherMckenzie

2006-10-16 04:14:55   I heard they canned Babe. HAHA, I am glad she is gone. I moved out of that place, but I live at EastLake, and was talking to managment here and she told me. That women screwed everything up...good luck new management. —JamesKrause

2006-12-02 01:15:31   I just moved out of Greystone in Sept. 2006. I had a pre-inspection, lived there for three years, and the apartment had not been repainted/recarpeted since 1997. We were told that the apt. was in great condition for having been rented so long, and that we'd be charged $150 for a "medium cleaning." This seemed reasonable, and I figured I'd rather give them $150 than make the place spotless. They legally had 21 days to get my refund postmarked, and had it postmarked by the 19th. I was mortified when I opened up the envelope. First, they charged me $205 for a heavy cleaning, $55 more than what they said on the pre-inspection. Second, despite the fact that the apt. hadn't been painted in 9 years, they charged me for a full paint job! My total deposit was only for $300, so that meant they demanded that I pay *them* a few hundred for the paint job. I was furious. Tenant laws state that tenants should pay for paint only up to three years, and that it should be prorated for years one and two. Did they really think anyone would be stupid enough to pay that? Apparently so— I know six other people who moved out of Greystone the summer I did, and each one was charged for paint, regardless of whether it was needed or not. Each one was also charged more for cleaning than they were told at the pre-inspection. I complained to them and they insulted me by offering $95, i.e. they'd "kindly" only charge me for the cleaning. I retorted that they didn't get a cent to me within 21 days, and that means that I was legally entitled to a full refund. I threatened legal action, and they ultimately gave me my full deposit back. If you currently live in Greystone, be aware that they systematically rip their tenants off. Yes, they are great about upkeep, but that's because they care about the property, not the tenants. Once you leave, it's rip off time. I'm loathe to accuse anyone of such disreputable practices, but I challenge them, rather, I double dog dare them, to prove that the six people I know were exceptions rather than the Greystone standard. This is actually a pretty easy challenge— all they'd have to do is find out what proportion of their deposit most California tenants receive back, on average, and demonstrate that Greystone tenants don't fare differently. Until they do that, I'm going to continue to believe they act in bad faith to their tenants. —CraigBrozinsky

2007-02-26 09:48:00   They are the worst!!!!! While we are living there out toilet kept having issues (which I called them about numerous times... they kept saying I was crazy and it was fine). Well the toilet started leaking and ended up flooding our apartment, ruining ALL my bedroom furniture. Then they ripped up the carpet and locked off my room for a week. I slept in the living room. THEN they had the audacity to try and charge us for the flood damages (none of which they were willing to fix while we lived there). I had to threaten their corporate office with a lawsuit before we saw any of our security deposit back. If you are going to live there get EVERYTHING in writing and be aggressive! —PattyAllen

2007-03-17 23:21:17   Don't live here if you like your car. They recently removed about 5 guest parking spots, so now there are only around 10 total guest parking spots. Trust me, those spots are never opened. So if you have a friend over, theyll have to park like 5 blocks away. On top of that, I see the tow truck in here a lot, people are so freaking posessive about their parking spot. I guess my point is - parking is difficult here. If you don't believe me, try finding a parking spot just to visit the complex. —VinhBoy

2007-03-28 10:36:09   Do not live here. The people in the office are dimwitted bitches who would probably rather eat a few babies before helping the tenants. The internet is slow beyond slow. The apartments are in crappy condition. Don't even bother coming to look at this place. I hope it gets shut down because of its shittiness. —MollyeKt

2007-03-29 07:49:40   I haven't moved out, YET, so I don't know what's really in store for me when that happens, but I recently had to deal with the management over a parking issue and that got resolved extremely quickly and everybody was very amiable. From what I hear, the new manager is a lot more reasonable than Babe, the previous one. I don't know what the last commentor is talking about unless he got a particularly crappy apartment. —RohiniJasavala

2007-05-16 04:48:37   WAAAAY overpriced. If you are a starving student please look elsewhere!! All Ive got to say. —christinegallo

2007-05-29 01:49:32   I've lived here for 3 years now and I have re-signed to live here for a 4th. Since I've been here, I've seen the management change a few times. When I signed on, the management was nice/helpful.. they remembered my name & said hi whenever they saw me. Then I heard they moved the nice people to Eastlake Apts... thats when things went crazy.. Manager Babe and her henchwomen were Nazis & Greystone was the 4th Reich. We planned to move out & when it came time for a move-out inspection, Babe walked through and said she was gonna have to charge us cleaning fees because we didn't mop the front door area! We got less than half of our deposit money back due to so-called painting, cleaning, and miscellaneous fees. As ridiculous as it was, we ended up re-signing. After I returned from Summer break last year, I was glad to hear that the entire Greystone staff was fired & now Greystone has a pretty understanding management. They're all pretty nice & they bake tasty cookies.. try them in the office.

In terms of the units, they are in generally great condition. Maintenance work is usually performed promptly but there are times when it seems to lag... but not too badly. Internet is slow and expensive so we decided to get cable internet from Comcast. Parking sucks but your guests can park @ the Police Station or the Ink Monkey Lot after 6pm. DO NOT PARK IN FUTURE RESIDENT PARKING BEFORE 6PM!! Otherwise, you'll get towed by All About Towing... a money-grubbing jerk-of-a-company that makes me lose my faith in humanity. Greystone can be expensive for those who plan on living alone... 1, 2, and the small-3 bdrm units can cost too much. The large-3bdrm & 4bdrm units aren't bad if you live alone in the smaller rooms or share the master bdrms. Price should not be too much of a problem if you have 3+ roomies. I don't think Greystone is too far from campus. The website says 7 minutes but it's more like 12 minutes driving/biking... longer but still not bad. The Unitrans A-line is pretty reliable. Damn garderers and trash collectors may wake you up on Friday mornings... hopefully you can get back to sleep... at least the grounds are very well-kept Water is free, which is a plus... and you get laundry machines in each unit... another advantage. Heating is very good but beware: the A/C huuuge sucks if you live on the third floor!! I ended up sleeping in the living room throughout Summer because it was 91+ degrees in the master bdrm. But the other rooms get A/C coverage just fine. Out of 10, I give Greystone a 7.2. It's a pretty decent place... maybe I'm just an accommodating person, or too lazy to move to another complex, but I find living in Greystone to be pleasant & generally agreeable. —BenjaminCatabas

2007-06-22 15:32:21   I've lived here for almost a year now and renewed my lease. The new management is awesome. Corrina and Danya have always been extremely helpful with anything I've come to them about. They even threw a BBQ/Pool party for all the residents recently. I've never had any problems with the apartment and would recommend the place to anyone thinking about living here. Maintenance has always responded quickly and fixed any problem, which there has been few. The parking does kind of suck, but there are options for you if you have guests staying over. The management is even accomadating if you give them enough notice in advance for a guest trying to find parking. Overall I'd give it an 8/10. —ChrisShelvock

2007-07-12 16:31:38   I'm about to finish 2 years of living here and I would probably live a third year here if the one bedroom apartment was more affordable. Since my previous comment, I've had more experiences with the new manager here and she is friendly, helpful, and I really like that she knows my name. Some of the negatives about the complex- I had problems getting decent water pressure here fairly often (for reference, this was in the upstairs bathroom of a 4 bedroom unit). The computer room has definitely come in handy multiple times. I'm not the biggest fan of the parking situation here, though I can understand that they are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to parking. Basically they paint over guest spots to make spots that they charge for (yes, they charge for uncovered parking, too). It would be nice if there was street parking available or if the gate at the back could be opened so people can park on E. 8th and walk over. All these complaints are pretty minor in my book, though. —RohiniJasavala

2007-07-18 23:27:38   Echoing some recent comments I would say that the current management team are friendly and helpful (an improvement over the last management team). Having lived here two years, we are only leaving because we want to live somewhere slightly bigger with a garden. In our time here we have had no real problems with the apartment. We once discovered water was seeping through the roof from a leak in the unoccupied apartment above us, but this was fixed within hours.

As a non-car owner who occasionally rents/borrows a car, it can be frustrating that the guest spots are nearly always taken, but this is really only a minor inconvenience when you can park on or near 8th St, which is only a few minutes walk away. Likewise, it is true that the internet access can sometimes be slow. But if you are mostly checking your email or viewing web pages, then this is never really a big issue, but will of course affect people who are downloading huge files. We've found our ground-floor 2 bedroom apartment relatively spacious and the included washer & dryer is a plus.

Based on my two years here (and particularly since the arrival of the new management team), I would recommend Greystone to others.


2007-09-24 10:39:04   So I moved out of Greystone. When they do the walk through, the lady seemed to be very posessive of the checklist. Don't let them do that! It's your right to see what they mark down there becuase if they overcharge you on your deposit, this is the only legal recourse you have to object! Contest all markings you don't agree with or else you will be ripped off. You will be ripped off - it's not a possibility - if you don't look out for yourself, you will be abused. Alright ... enough of the warning. —ChristopherMckenzie

So we moved out this year and we did a big clean up. A really big clean up. I cleaned more than I ever have in my life. I never thought I would find myself standing on a chair to clean the top of the blades of the ceiling fans. After several nights we thought that we couldn't really make anything any cleaner. On the walk-through we felt the comments were positive about how clean it was and nothing was said to suggest that there were any major problems. Last week we received our deposit back...minus $400. This was a little annoying, but I should add that GreyStone do show you copies of invoices for any work done. So I'm not claiming that GreyStone kept any money for no reason. The $400 covered carpet cleaning, general cleaning of the apartment and some painting. They did not specify what the general cleaning and painting covered. I would almost assume that these things will be deducted no matter how clean you make your apartment (though it would be good to hear of anyone who received more of their deposit back). We did think about cleaning the carpets ourselves but I still think they would have done it anyway (unless maybe you could prove that you had just cleaned them maybe?). Given everything that I had heard about getting deposits back on apartments in Davis, I was not altogether surprised, but I thought I'd mention this to give an indication of what money you can expect to get back from your deposit.


I’ve had a similar experience getting my deposit back. We cleaned for days preceding the walkthrough, and we did a pretty good job, I looked over the end walkthrough sheet, and the only things on there were minor little cleaning things. So I was expecting most of our deposit back. Instead we received less than half our deposit back, most of which was overspent on things we had no control over (painting/cleaning the carpets). So if you want your deposit back I would recommend not living here.


2007-12-01 14:06:26   Living in Greystone was good - dealing with security deposit issues is not. There is no protection for you getting your notice within 21 days AT ALL. Stamps are not canceled and all letters are backdated to make it seem like it was mailed - who knows?

The complex was good, Location wasn't bad either. The convenience of having the washer dryer in the unit was probably the best. I will say that the water pressure was terrible, but my bathroom was 3 stories up - i'm not sure if it's better on lower stories.

Overall, I think i would still recommend living here, even more if you don't have a car. —RohiniJasavala

2008-01-15 15:01:45   As of September 2006, Greystone Apartments has been under new management. Please disregard the comments made about Babe, as she no longer is affiliated with our complex!!! Thanks so much!!

-Greystone Management —GreystoneApartments

2008-02-21 20:13:44   To have both the manager of Greystone's towing company and Greystone management comment on a non-credible platform is simply pathetic. I, for one, can't wait to leave this place. —Mr.UCDavis

2008-04-01 11:03:15   i would not recommend this place to anyone. The security deposit return is a joke and i was lied to on a number of occasions by the management. My place had mice when i first moved in and when i asked for it to be handled i single sticky trap was place in the closet. The only good thing about this place was the actual apt, which i did like. The apt would have to be free however for me to ever live here again. —foxnsockssir

2008-04-11 17:19:01   Despite all the negative comments above, this has been my favorite apartment complex I have rented at. Rent is on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. The apartment is so nice and new inside, and it is a huge plus to have a washer and dryer in the apartment. Maintenance always responds within a few hours and the main management people know who I am and are always friendly. I am really sad to leave here, I recommend this place to anyone if you can afford it. —WendyWoo

2008-09-26 17:21:06   Hands down, the worst, the worst, the worst apartment complex I have ever lived in. The apartments look okay from the outside/when you first move in, but the set-up inside is very claustrophobic and un-welcoming. Other residents complain about any sort of noise (I had someone come running up banging on my door because I fell on the floor. Sorry it took me so long to get to the door. My leg hurt like hell. And you yelling at me did not help.) The management is the by far the worst I have ever seen. They bullshit about everything, from deposits, to events, to the "heated pool." All, all bullshit. They worst of it? They can't even spell. Granted, I'm sure my grammar, etc. right now is not very good, but I am very tired and very mad. And I am not writing up notices to put up on every door of the apartment complex. I'm ranting on the internet. I would never live there again. Ever. Honestly? I'd rather live in my car. —septemberain

2009-01-13 09:15:40   I moved out of Greystone (the 2nd apartment I lived in there) in September of 2007, and am so glad I did. This was the worst complex I've ever lived in. I learned my lesson after moving out of apartment #1 and into #2. The only good thing was their maintenence services. Things were fixed relatively quickly and when an appliance broke, they would just get a new one without attempting to fool around fixing old appliances. Besides that, everything else was terrible, the management in particular. They were rude and condescending. I think every student in Davis needs to be prepared to protect themselves when it comes to renting. They will try to screw you over, so be prepared to fight for yourself. I was prepared. Took pictures upon move in, and noted everything that was not perfectly clean or working at that time. They made me feel like I was being picky, but you have to protect yourself. Then at move out, I cleaned until the place was spotless, and requested a walkthrough. They schdeuled this and failed to show up 3 times, with a lame excuse everytime. I finally got them in there to have them point out the only thing they could find, the seal around the microwave door was greasy. Because I knew what was coming (what I anticipated to be less than 1/3 of my deposit coming back to me), I told them upon move out that I knew the laws regarding normal wear and tear which applied mostly to the paint and carpet and that I took pictures of the move out condition. As a result, I expected my full deposit back. What do you know, I got it. My advice to students is to stand up to these people and fight for your money back. They probably won't want the fight, and will just give in. —AmLin

2009-02-04 23:06:44   I agree with AmLin in many ways. I have yet to move out but overall the stay here was mediocre. Apartment is clean, decent layout. Appliances are aging. The office staff is not so good and can be rude. The maintenance staff on the other hand is good, quick repairs. Rent is increased from 1050 to 1200 in one year so Im moving out. Especially since rent is dropping across the United States. GUEST PARKING IS VIRTUALLY NON-EXISTENT. There are very few spots for guests and always fill up. Don't live here if you are planning to have friends over. —JonK

2009-05-22 21:55:35   I really like living here. The managers have been very nice and accommodating, and friendly. The maintenance is quick, too. When I had an issue with a neighbor about noise, they were very professional and helped resolve the issue. The grounds are pretty, and the hot tub and pool are great. The apartments are so roomy and practical, with the double vanities for each bathroom. I love having a full size, new washer and dryer in the apartment, and it is also handy to have filtered water out of the faucet, especially in Davis. The rent is kind of high, but seems worth it. Parking can be a hassle, the third floor does not receive good air conditioning. Otherwise, a good place to live for us so far. —anonymous

2009-09-03 14:03:33   This is by far the worst complex to live in! The management does NOT want to help you at any expense or work with you...Cars are always being broken into by smashing windows be very careful if you park your car there...My car was broken into and so where two of my neighbors and many more...too many for comfort! I seriously have never been treated so poorly by an apartment complex...they are very rude in the office expect for the younger girl in the office, she at least tries to help and is nice when dealing with her...I really recommend NOT living here if you want to be treated with respect....they take advantage of college students...especially when it comes to moving out! Take lots of pictures when you move in of every hole in the wall (even nail holes) marks etc because they will not believe you other wise! Horrible complex and very unprofessional! —luvahorse

2010-01-18 00:16:13   Do not live in greystone. The main apartment manager is the most evil and mean spirited person. She does not care what is going on with her tenants and only cares about getting the rent check. I am not saying that wanting the rent check is bad important for an apartment complex but how she goes about it is just nasty. And you have to be very careful if you plan on talking to her. Hopefully you can catch her in a good mood because when she is in a bad mood, your day will only get worse. Greystone was good the first year I lived here, but now it is a joke,. Stay away and look other places. You will find better and less expensive places in Davis. —collegeliving

2010-01-18 23:22:39   I didn't like living here. Obviously Greystone staff is all over this page. The post on 5-22-2009 by "anonymous" is by Greystone staff. —Jeffeydavis