The entryway to the lounge.

Griffin Lounge is an armed forces memorial and study spot inside of the MU (located right after the grill area of the CoHo). The lounge, as well as the entire Memorial Union, serves as a memorial to all UC Davis alumni who have died protecting freedom in the line of duty. Inside the lounge there is a monument inscribed with names of 134 (135 after re dedication in September of 2008, adding US Army Maj. Mark Taylor) Aggies that have given their lives defending the United States. The monument was erected to assure the fallen that their sacrifice will never be forgotten. The Scabbard and Blade Society of UC Davis is currently accepting donations to renovate the lounge and make the inscriptions of the honored more visible to passers by. The primary fund raising event held annually is the Griffin Lounge Memorial Run; it is a fun and rewarding experience that offers both 5k and 10k races to those of all athletic ability.

Griffin Lounge is a really comfortable and quiet place to study. It's almost always completely silent and there's usually room to sit someplace to study. The lights are somewhat dim and there's a bunch of comfy chairs and couch type things. This is primarily the reason why Griffin Lounge is, without a doubt, the place where everybody decides to take a nap. If you go in there in the middle of the week during the afternoon, you see hordes of students passed out. There's a fireplace on one end of the lounge that is sometimes lit. Visor Lady can often be seen here. It's like Jonestown, but with wireless internet.

Campus Unions is switching the purpose of Griffin Lounge with that of the King Lounge, a bright and loud lounge on the second floor of the MU. Instead of being the quiet study spot it has been, it is now going to be a place where events are held and board games are played. Officials say the King Lounge will serve as a study spot from now on, but many disagree saying that the perfect study environment provided by the Griffin Lounge cannot be reproduced without serious change. As part of these changes, Griffin Lounge has recently (Late 2006) undergone some furniture changes. The circular bench is gone, they have added a small stage and some lights, and there are now tables on the east side of the room.A group protesting this change can be found here.


Griffin Lounge in the late afternoon.