1800 East 8th Street , Suite B (in Davis Manor Center)
Daily 8:00AM-9:00PM
(530) 757-4430
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March 24, 2011 in Davis
Tarek and Shawndra Salma

Davis store grand opening Grand opening view from southwest corner

Grocery Outlet opened in the same building as the Dollar Tree in the Davis Manor Center. They opened in Davis on March 24, 2011, and held a grand opening celebration on Saturday April 2, 2011. The next nearest Grocery Outlets are in Woodland, West Sacramento, and Sacramento; the Davis store is smaller than any of these.

"There are groceries at the end of the rainbow!" The company logo used to feature a rainbow, however this was eliminated several years ago due the fact that the rainbow symbol can be confused for other meanings.

Berkeley-based Grocery Outlet (aka "Expired Food Store") will make you appreciate the transience of life in relation to groceries. You never know what items will be in stock because the store buys overstocked goods from warehouses and sells them at discounted prices. This allows for random products to show up like unique cheeses, Asian and Mexican juices, and other exotic things. However, if you find something really rad, it might never show up again.

Grocery Outlet carries fresh produce, refrigerated items, wine (2 rows full), frozen foods, canned goods, and even had bicycles once. They carry some of the most inexpensive drinks. It's the cheapest place to buy communal household items (e.g. cleaning supplies, foil, food storage containers, sandwich baggies). They also offer an array of organic and soy-based items - though not nearly so many as in the Berkeley store. For the full outlet experience, visit the Thrift Store Outlet (Woodland) before hitting up Grocery Outlet.

All Grocery Outlets are independently operated by local families - who earn commissions on how much they sell. The profit first goes to Grocery Outlet Inc. and then Grocery Outlet Inc. pays commissions to the local operators. It is different from a franchise in that Grocery Outlet handles store leases and buys equipment for the stores. The Woodland and Midtown stores are owned by entirely different families and the stores differ markedly. You will have different experiences in each store and they won't necessarily carry the same products.

Make sure to check the dates on anything you buy— they frequently stock foods that are about to, or already have, expired. Milk goes sour quickly after the expiration date, but yogurt is good for weeks past. Cereals go stale in 6 months, bread is good for a few days after baking. The "best by" dates on cans is 3 years after the manufacturing date, so a one-year "expired" can is no big deal.

Not all items are a bargain. Some items in the store can be found cheaper at supermarkets if the supermarket has a sale. Milk and other staple items are often the same price or higher at Grocery Outlet. These are "convenience" items which they always stock, unlike the surplus items which they can buy at great discount. You have to pay close attention to the prices, because they slip in random full-priced items along with their bargain goods. That is the trick: they lure you into thinking everything is cheaper, when in fact some items are not such a good bargain.

They started a feed the hungry program on July 4, 2011 called Food Independence. It's run in co-operation with food banks. More information is available at the store.

The bathrooms at the Davis Grocery Outlet sport Dyson Airblades, the fastest, most hygienic hand dryers in the world.

Also see the Grocery Store Price Comparison Page.

Other Locations

West Sacramento Store, formerly a Staples

1366 E. Main St. Woodland, CA 95776
845 Harbor Blvd. West Sacramento, CA 95691
Mon-Sat 8:30AM-8:30PMSun 9:00AM-7:00PM
Mon-Sat 8:00AM-9:00PMSun 9:00AM-7:00PM


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2011-03-24 23:03:59   I shopped here today at the Davis location. While the prices seemed a bit better than say, Safeway....It really wasn't as cheap as I was hoping. I think in a few months however, this store will start to carry clearance and closeout type of stuff and that will KICKASS!!! —JoshLawson

2011-03-25 17:32:14   They're now open, even though they haven't yet had their "Grand Opening" celebration. Went there today; great prices (including the cheapest milk I've seen in a while, a gallon is a dollar cheaper than at Target, which usually has the cheapest) and the employees seem to enjoy working there, so I'm led to believe that they're treated well. Reason enough for me to go back. —AdamV

2011-03-26 12:06:37   Was pleasantly surprised at the selection of most things. Hope they get more produce variety...its a small store though. I was particularly pleased with a knife set with free kitchen utensils and a block for only 7.99. The staff was very friendly! —jsbmeb

2011-03-26 12:24:51   Visited the Davis location last night. Although a few items were comparably priced to say Safeway stuff, the vast majority were between 50 to 80 percent off regular prices, making it an obvious choice for college students. They have some higher-end foods as well. Was pretty amazed to find packs of prosciutto selling for $1.99. —ScottMeehleib

2011-03-26 18:20:29   Careful of the wine. I bought some Clos Du Bois 2008 and it was bad. $3 down the tubes. They are likely to sell wine that's at the end of its life. —DavisLurker

2011-04-03 17:16:22   Owners- very boneheaded to have little plastic carts the kids can push around. They run into everyone in their path. Not appreciated. —DavisLurker

2011-04-07 14:49:15   The comment about the boneheaded owners is misdirected — you should instead be looking at the boneheaded parents who don't attend to their baby boneheads while shopping.

You do have to be careful about the wine. I bought two bottles that were corked. Am now buying bottles with twist caps, and they seem to be much better. Beer prices are comparable to Nugget/Co-op, and they have a rotating selection of microbrews. Check the dates on refrigerated items. A lot of them are approaching their sell-by date. Absolutely nothing wrong with that — you just need to use or freeze the products soon and plan accordingly.

Bags of Cuties clementines were $1.99 this weekend. That's $6 less than other stores. They were perfect — fresh and delicious. —MupDup

2011-04-07 18:09:17   You know youre growing up when you get excited about a grocery store coming to town. I was there for the opening and got some great stuff. I did notice the crazy kids though. They were riding their scooters through the store. I was shocked the parent let them. —Dozer

2011-04-11 21:46:24   Went here last wednesday and got a ton of food for very little money. what would have cost me over $100 at safeway is only $74 here. —KathrynAzarvand

2011-04-17 15:01:00   I was pleasantly surprised when saw they had fresh produce, dairy, and meat. Haven't really compared the prices, though. While some of their things are at great prices, I would suggest shopping around if you could. My roommate got a killer deal on Nutella at Nugget a while ago at a price even lower than here, plus milk is a few dimes cheaper at Safeway (half-gallon at least). That said, they have Dryers all the time at Safeway's sale price AND in the pumpkin flavor that I like. YES!

I'd certainly trust the food products here way more than I would the Dollar Tree next door and it certainly helps that I live right around the corner. :D —HarrisonM

2011-04-29 19:55:44   I LOVE the new Grocery Outlet in Davis. We had a GO in the city where I grew up, so I knew what to expect, but it wasn't nearly as nice as this one in terms of interior or selection. If you're looking for ambience and higher-end options (like a lot of organics), well, it's no Nugget. But the prices are excellent, and I kinda like finding things I wouldn't have elsewhere. Approximately 9 out of 10 new food launches supposedly fail within a year, and so you find a lot of interesting discontinued products like that here (they carry a ton of name brands; you'll find items like 8th Continent soymilk with a discontinued packaging design, or Smart Balance with Calcium, for example). Also, they often have prize giveaways and free Saturday-morning coffee/cake samples—goodies appeal to my inner seven-year-old. :) —zombiek

2011-05-24 17:53:23   This place is pretty awesome and have a fairly large selection of groceries. However, they also have a tendency to sell expired items, usually in the form of Buck-O-Ramas, so watch out for those... :) —Wiiman

  • Can you explain what a Buck-O-Rama is, for those who haven't been to the store? (It would be great if you added the explanation to the main entry above!) —CovertProfessor

2011-05-24 23:14:14   The employees at the Davis location are very friendly. I used to shop at the location in West Sacramento a lot, I'm thrilled there's one in Davis now. —KianaFreitas

The Grocery Outlet has great produce for amazing prices! The produce is very fresh, and rivals produce from the larger grocery stores, at a fraction of the cost. Avocados for 50 cents instead of $2.79 at Ikedas (they are smaller and you must let them ripen). A seedless watermelon for $2.99, whereas Nugget is much more expensive. Broccoli at $1 per bunch. A bag of sweet onions for $1.50. Cantaloupe for $1. Mushrooms in a package, very nice, fresh and clean, for $1.50 for 8 oz. A bag of sweet ripe nectarines for $1.50 (they were gone last time I went). My husband is there now buying limes at 5 for $1 for margaritas. Thank you Grocery Outlet for carrying such great produce at good prices. Our income has really dropped in the last year and it has really helped. Wish you would carry dried rice and beans, and canned frozen OJ. Good deal on real maple syrup, 8 oz for $5. And natural peanut butter. I have used coupons, too, from the Davis Enterprise.

2011-08-16 07:19:00   Checked this place out yesterday. I was expecting a scrappy Dollar Tree clone, but this place far exceeded my expectations. It's basically like a mini-Safeway with more random brands and cheaper prices. Very comfortable and clean atmosphere inside. They were doing quite a bit of business while I was there — no wonder Westlake IGA will probably go out of business soon... —jsogul

2012-01-04 17:29:22   The Grocery Outlet in woodland is bigger and has a better selection, but the Davis one is closer and less crowded. I buy a lot of things like bacon, avocado, and cheese here that are about to expire and are dirt cheap (In Dec. they had bacon at $2 a slab, fresh mozarella at $2.50 for two of those big balls, and avocados at $.50 each). They have a wide ranging selection of beers and wines too. I've bought some of the most horrific alcoholic beverages of my life here. For example, try a 12 pack of "game-day ice" at $2.99, you'll see what I'm talking about. That said, I just bought a pretty good Riesling for $8.99 that I've seen other reputable wine retailers charging over $20 for. I think you can return the wine too if you don't like it. —MikeyCrews

2014-01-09 14:38:29   The real fun times shopping here seem to be over. The product range is getting smaller and smaller (and more boring) (almost no day and eye cream for the ladies anymore for example) and prices seem to go up. I used to do a lot of shopping here, but this is over and Trader Joe's my new favorite! —ConstantiaOomen