These comments were made about non-Davis Grocery Outlet's, prior to the opening of the Davis store.

2005-07-01 16:04:52   I remember being at one Grocery Outlet in Redwood City when I was 15 and found, among some thyme, pepper, and other spices, a gallon size container of MSG. It was $12. —SteveLambert

2005-09-06 17:16:03   There is also one of these stores in West Sac just North of the Harbor Blvd. Exit. I bought a giant bag of Craisins for about half the price of what most stores sell the regular bags. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2005-12-16 22:40:39   depressing place to shop. Great location to find meth heads —DudeNude

2006-05-02 20:08:34   If you are looking for ambiance, this is not it. But if you're interested in crazy deals on groceries, there is no place better. Plus you don't have to settle for crap food. —LizMoffitt

2006-05-26 20:40:21   Occassionally Grocery Outlet will have some interesting Wines, making it somewhere besides Trader Joe's, BevMo, CostCo and Sams to look for some interesting values. I actually believe that the Woodland location has a better selection and not just of wines. —JaimeRaba

2007-08-02 21:48:23   I found real Roquefort for $1.99 a pound. Seriously. It was labeled "Random Weight Meat". That's like 2 Euros per kilo. I'm sure the French ambassador intervened, because I never saw it again.

They're based in Berkeley, and actually had a classy wine tasting for UC Berkeley staff. My advice on the wines is: 1) buy a bunch of bottles 2) go home and taste them 3) spit out your tastes so you can safely drive back and buy more of the ones you like. —BrianNeal

2010-07-07 16:01:00   Coming soon to the Davis Manor Shopping Center on E 8th Street. —MupDup

2011-02-18 15:03:51   I was treated rudely while returning a vacuum that was missing an attachment and bags at the Midtown Sac store. As soon as the manager saw me, she asked with suspicion, "Didn't you just return a fan?". Yes, I said, because it was very wobbly (and the screw holding up the unit stripped the plastic hole- but I decided not to continue telling her reasons, since things were looking rather bleak already). She went on to say that she sells a lot of vacuums and fans and she's never had anybody return them, and she kept repeating this point, implying that I was being dishonest. When I asked for my money back, she said that she can only give store credit or a gift card, and continued implying that I wasn't to be trusted, which I found disappointing and insulting. She didn't seem to care when I told her I would never shop at that Grocery Outlet again, and that I expect good quality products, as Grocery Outlet advertises, and that I expect those products have all of their parts as advertised on the box. This experience was especially disappointing because I shopped there often, sometimes every day.