These are old reviews from Ground Zero Boardshop Pre-2010.

As far as I know, this is the only place to get "real" skate gear (instead of the stuff they sell at Big 5). - KenNeville

Don't really expect too much help from the staff there, they more there to sell clothes and some snowboards or the occasional skateboard. The owner may know some more, but most of the staff is just eye candy. Unless you need bearings or a deck that day, just go online or wait until you go somewhere with a real skate shop (Southern California, Santa Cruz, Bay Area). You'll get much better selection, price, and service from non-poseurs. - DanielMedinaCleghorn

2006-03-09 01:44:48   Only skate shop in town to my knowledge. Prices: you could find better. Selection: decent. Service: I dont know...they dont look like they're skaters (but looks CAN be deceiving). If you're new to skating, dont start at this shop, and if you know your gear, then this is as good as any other shop. —GunIk

2006-04-05 14:43:51   To make a long story short- I was not helped at all when I went in to check selection of swimsuits and actually left because the 2 guys at the counter looked at me as if I had no right to be there and continued their conversation. I know that swimsuits are not their main thing, but still...did not leave a good impression for the future —MyaBrn

  • I co-own GZ. I would like to speak to you personally. Our main concern is to preach a high level of customer service without being pushy. If I could talk to you for a brief moment to get details on what day you were in, description of staff, and a little more detail I can make sure this wouldn't happen again. I'm in the Davis store almost every Monday and Wednesday including today. 530-753-7775

2006-04-11 17:29:38   I love this place. Iget all my clothes from here. I spend my whole paycheck every time, though. Stop getting in such cute clothes! —DebbieRoth

This comment came from the same IP address that DanSheckler used when he changed the other comments. -GrahamFreeman

Dan Sheckler is my boyfriend, that's why. —DebbieRoth

2006-04-11 18:42:39   This place is shit. The dudes there are fashion victims who know nothing about skateboarding. Go to Flatspot or FTC in Sacramento if you want service and non-poseurs helping you. —JoshFernandez

having a college degree > not having a high school degree, though. —JosephBleckman

See, you couldn't help but to comment on my fashion style! I remember when Ground Zero opened: a couple of dorky rollerbladers. The shop is for fashion-teens. That's okay. I'm just saying, if you want a real skateshop, go somewhere else.

Just to let you know, I'm an owner, never rollerbladed, skated since '87, my first board was a G&S, snowboarded since '94 GZ has never carried rollerblades or anything like them (scooters, Heelies, Soap shoes) so that tells you if we were rollerblaers or not. It would have been profitable to go that route, but didn't feel right. I know of you. We've never skated together, though. I know you are close to the guys at Flat Spot and FTC. That's cool. You want to support your bros. I like shops like that. We started out that way and grew. Shops like those are important by keeping the core of skateboarding alive while Sport Chalets and Copelands try to make a buck. We've tried to keep it a core boardshop over the years. I stress boardshop, not just skateshop. When I was trying to decide whether or not picking up a certain unnamed shoe brand was selling out Chet Thomas said it best to me, "core is poor." That didn't really push me either way. It's what the young skaters want. We just have to appeal to a broader crowd to survive. Ground Zero is the only area shops that have been putting on comps consistanty (12 in 8.5 years). Those cost a lot to put together but it supports skating. We've also forked out a good amount of cash to SSA events in order to get a good park in Sacto. I would show up and be the only shop. Of course, FTC and Flatspot weren't around at the time. There's been a lot of passion in skating and I see it dying off sometimes. I appreciate your passion. I also wish the best of luck to Flat Spot and FTC, and your shirt is okay with me. Take care, man.

I don't know anyone from FTC or Flatspot. I just go to those places because they actually know about skateboarding and their employees give more of a shit about their customers than their red,spikey hair.

2006-04-13 18:57:11   for the record, there are no employees at Ground Zero with red hair, or spikey hair, unless you count the one ginger guy who works there every once in a while, and he was born that way. Josh, have you ever actually been to Ground Zero before. Your comments make you sound like you have never stepped foot inside the store. Why don't you go in there before posting another comment and making yourself look dumb. thankyou. —SethSternin

While I don't know exactly what a "ginger guy" is, I do know that I have been in Ground Zero in the last few weeks and have experienced both horrible customer service and the overwhelming need to exit immediately. The way people make themselves "look dumb" is by lack of punctuation and overall disrespect for their native language, both of which you display in abundance. Good luck with your bright future.

As someone who has been to hundreds of skateshops throughout the world, this shop sucks. That's all I'm saying. I'm just suggesting that people go elsewhere to shop for skateboarding stuff. For things like bikinis, sunglasses and Hurley shirts I'm sure the store is just fine.

Weird how the only defense for this shop is by people who work there.

Fine then. I bought my last skateboard from Ground Zero, and was with my exgirlfriend when she bought her long board. The people who work there have always been nice. The guy who helped me put together my board was cool as hell and extremely helpful. He even remembered my name when I came in a few weeks later. The prices are a little high (could have bought the same board for $25 cheaper online) but who cares? Those of you ragging on this store are a little self involved and need to get over yourselves. If you don't like the store don't shop there, but stop being dicks on the internet and making yourself look stupid. —ZacMorris

Again, I was a customer stating a couple experiences I had, which led to an opinion on the shop and why I don't go there. I'm not sure how this makes me "self involved" or "stupid". I maintain my opinion that people who enjoy skateboarding should shop at another place besides Ground Zero.

2006-04-11 22:12:29   I rather like Big 5 ... if it works, use it, it doesn't need to be "authentic" imo. —TusharRawat

2006-04-23 23:31:52   Which owner was it that went around to other bars and talked shit about them while he tried to hand out fliers for his own failed bar? Because I always thought that was pretty funny. Lame and poignant, but also funny. —JeffSpeckles

I guess I'm not too surprised that this page is full of vitriolic debate...after all, boarding is unfortunately a "cooler than you" kind of lifestyle. I've had mixed experiences with this boardshop as well, but mostly positive. I know for sure that they don't just hire anyone with a pretty face cuz one of my hardcore/emo/trendy friends who knows nothing about skating/snowboarding applied for a job and got shut down. Some of the folks working there are pretty nice, others seem a little too into themselves, but at least every time I've been in there someone has asked me if I needed help with anything which is more than I can say for even most San Diego skate shops (where I'm from). When they say they beat any price they mean it too...I got a ridiculously low offer on a Burton Bullet I demo'd at Dave's in Truckee and they beat it on my word. Buying skateboards from big 5 is guaranteed to give you plastic trucks that break in a week with bearings that roll about 2 inches before refusing to go further. Spend the extra twenty bucks and get yourself a basic setup. If you've had a bad experience with this place, just realize that unfortunately this is sometimes part of the lifestyle and give it another try or ask to speak to the owners because they really do care about your business.

2006-10-09 13:05:29   It's a pretty good place, I've bought a snowboard recently and a few other things before. Lots of stuff and sales are pretty good too. —JeffIson

2006-10-09 16:32:43   Love it!! Just wish the prices were a little lower or that there were more sales. —SteffanyLim

2006-12-04 14:21:39   I don't understand what all the fuss is about. GZ is a good store. No, I don't work there. They give f@!king 20% off to anyone in the SOS club (which anyone can join, it is quite cheap too), and I've never been burned by them. A friend of mine owns a competing board shop and I still shop here. —YesItsMe

2007-01-12 19:54:18   I went to GZ today (not my first time), walked in and was greeted immediately. Someone asked me what I was looking for and helped me find it. I walked out in under 20 minutes with exactly what I wanted. Personally, I like a place I can walk into and not have a salesperson breathing down my neck. If I need help, I ask and they've been more than happy to help. A pleasant customer gets the right kind of customer serivce, if you go in expecting bad service you're not going to notice the help. —ValMo

2007-01-14 17:27:25   I dunno where all this talk of GZ being a clothes oriented business came from. As long as I have remembered they have been board to the core. New decks, bearings, decent longboards, etc. I got a complete about 4 to 5 years ago. They have decent selection of skate videos. —StevenDaubert

2007-02-02 08:39:50   Ground Zero's customer is not really up there but they do greet you when you walk in the door. They also have a Nike SB acct which makes this skate shop a whole better to most others. —TimTran

2007-03-23 10:52:46   It cost me almost 100 bucks to get new trucks, longboard wheels, and bearings for my deck. I definately felt robbed after the leaving the store, but the girl who helped me was very nice...although she did a bad job at mounting grip tape on my skateboard. —EmilyTung

2007-05-01 21:31:36   I went to Ground Zero with my friend for the first time on Sunday, the associates were very helpful and I'm stoked about my new skateboard-and for those of you who said they don't pay attention to you if you don't look like a skateboarder-I'm def a beginner and don't look at all like I would ever skateboard and they were very helpful and got me exactly what I needed-I'll be going back there for sure —socalkristini

2007-09-04 22:42:37   I went with my boyf to Ground Zero back in the winter. We were just looking for information about skiing/snowboarding, not buying anything, and the guy behind the counter talked to us for maybe 10/15 minutes, telling us about rental fees, beginners spots and whatnot. He was really patient and knowledgeable, we appreciated it a lot! —Carley

2007-10-08 15:38:04   After reading all the negative comments about this store, i was a bit skeptical about going here to buy my long board. I ended up going cause i had no other choice. Its not as bad as i read. People were pretty kick back, I had a conversation with one of the guys and the store seemed pretty cool. Then again, i didnt really need a lot of help but it didnt seem that bad. Clothing selection was decent, this is only store i actually went to cause i knew the brands [nike sb, burton, dc, various other skate/snow brands] —jay-seneris

2008-02-15 09:12:21   I rented a snowboard from them for one day. The gear was decent, though the service was exceptionally slow. The board (with boots and bindings) cost $30 for the first day and would have cost $15 every day after that. I chose to go to Ground Zero because I read such sketchy reviews of Ken's Bike and Ski—at no point in my rental experience at GZ did I feel like they were trying to rip me off. Overall an acceptable experience. —warriorvoyager

2008-03-21 16:46:25   I used to work at a different skate shop in Sacto a little while ago and the manager and another salesperson were laughing how one of them got on this site and put a negative comment about Ground Zero. I forgot about it until I ran across this site today. I don't want to name the shop I worked at (starts with the letter "S"), but I can tell you myself and some of the staff used to go over to Ground Zero to buy skate stuff and shoes because their prices were usually lower than our employee discount on that stuff. The staff has always been nice to me even when they knew I worked at a shop. There is a lot of talk about longboards on this page. We used to lose so many customers to Ground Zero because of their prices on longboards. Someone wrote on here that they felt robbed by paying almost $100 for longboard wheels, trucks, and bearings. This person didn't name the exact items, but even on Sector 9's own website you would pay about $100 for that stuff and that's with the basic bearings. Quality stuff costs a couple of bucks. If you actually compare prices item to item you'll see Ground Zero is comparable if not cheaper. I've been skating for years and know where to go for the cheap stuff. They have $25 decks and stacks of sale shoes all the time. No shop in the Sacto area has as big of a skate selection as them. I've entered in their skate comps a few times which have always been fun. No one puts on more skate events than this shop. They are down for skaters. There are a lot of haters out there who want skating to be less mainstream and probably see this shop as more trendy and despise that. The Davis store always seems to get a lot of foot traffic so maybe they don't get to give personalized attention that you might get in some of their other locations, but they don't breathe down your neck and pressure you into buying something. Of course, this is mostly my own opinion. I just think it's a very good shop. —BrianLarsen

2008-05-18 00:27:46   Pretty people who really don't know much about the snowboards they're selling. Ken's Bike & Ski was much better. Ground Zero was lacking in a selection of women's winter sports clothing too. —eda

2008-05-21 19:23:01   I am a frequent customer of Ground Zero and have always found satisfaction in my shopping experience there. This winter I bought a snowboard setup there and was pleased with the purchase. I know quite a bit about snowboarding and I shopped around. Ground Zero employees were helpful, knew exactly what they were talking about, gave me an awesome price and stated in a previous comment were attractive! The next week I went back in and purchased some very cute outerwear (the selection was great)and I couldn't help but buying a few outfits from the women's clothing section. In my experience shopping around I found that other shops were overpriced and came across plenty of sales people that were trying to sell me on product that I knew would not allow me to enjoy my snowboarding experience to its fullest potential. Unfortunately there are other shops that are trying to make a quick dollar and not attract a repeat customer. Ground Zero has proven itself over and over to myself and plenty of my friends. Thanks Ground Zero for professional service and expert advice. —jenniferblackman

2008-10-19 21:55:45   I was looking to rent a snowboard for a weekend trip to the snow. After reading sketchy reviews about Ken's Bike and Ski, I called up Ground Zero. They took a long time fitting me up with my boots (my poor friends had to wait for about half-an-hour or forty-five minutes), but they did it right. When I returned the gear, Ground Zero were very efficient. —warriorvoyager

2008-11-20 16:30:40   does anybody know if there are people who ride the parking garages? sounds like fun, but I wouldn't want to go alone. —Jeserah

2008-11-21 17:44:11   They have always been really friendly and nice when I shop here. —renee415

2009-03-28 21:16:08   I've gone there a couple times now, and the staff are generally helpful. I purchased clothes, vans and just today, a sector nine longboard. I'm really happy that they carry sector nine boards because the price is actually a lot less here than most online stores. What I appreciated the most was that the staff were very considerate, quick and they answered all of my questions in a polite manner. Best of all, whether or not its a board or clothing store, it's way bigger inside than it looks. Maybe pricey, but more bang for your buck since the brands guarantee good quality. This is the local store I support most in Davis. Keep up the good work, GZ. —mikam

2009-07-23 12:44:30   Anybody who is not completely ignorant when it comes to action sports knows that GZ is an awesome example of what a boardshop should be. Go to any other boardshop in the valley and you WILL NOT receive the amount of fantastic service that you get here. You will find very good core products as well as the doucher gear that most of the Davis student population demands. It's a win win. As far as snowboarding goods, you will not find a better selection from here to shops in tahoe... And yes good snow goods cost money unless your willing to wait until the end of the season (or purchase a price point weeny deck like a Burton clash) . Support local businesses. —Blkeagle1