1411 West Covell Boulevard in The Marketplace Shopping Center
Mon 9-2, Wed, Th., 9-5. Closed Sun, Tue., Fri., Sat.
(530) 756-3993

This place helps you out with taxes and provides additional financial services.


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2009-01-16 09:44:28   I have used them for about five years with no problems but they keep raising their prices every year. I am going to look for a cheaper place. —jakedavis

2010-11-03 11:55:54   Sorry to hear that you were unhappy. H&R Block actually kept the 2008 prices in 2009 and reduced the price for a 1040EZ. For the coming year (2011), H&R Block will prepare a Federal 1040EZ for free. Also, for any tax return, your tax preparer will be happy to give you a fee estimate, before starting your tax return! —DChristineKrieger

2011-02-03 23:26:06   My self and my boyfriend dropped our tax records off a couple days ago.. Went to HR because we figured they were the quickest and best value for our budgets... Were very pleased with the reception preparation and the service.. One problem.. I asked several times what to expect for fees.. Answer was avoided except to say Federal 1040 EZ was free and State was about 30 or 40.. can't remember which one.. Now I knew mine wasn't going to be an EZ.. but she kept saying it depends.. OOKK.. but my BF only has 1 W-2 and 1 dependent.. and no other deductions this year.. Sooo easy really I was going to do it myself.. but he insisted we should just drop his with mine.. WELLLL let me tell you DON'T.. the return was $211.00 when he picked it up... Thats crazy.. there's no possible way that return took more than 30 mins.. MAX .. and she came up with exactly the same numbers as I did on Turbo Tax for $50 in less than 15 mins !!!!... I honestly feel like that was very very overcharged.. Or at least you should have some sort of quote ahead based on the documents provided and questions answered up front.. I definitely feel ripped off... NOW I still have to go get mine in the next couple days... I can't even imagine what I'm in for since I had mortage interest and education interest... BEWARE... Once you drop it off.. you have no choice to pay whatever they come up with... Very unhappy.. —KelliePalmer

"2012-02-11 21:06:47" Horrible horrible experience! The employees were condescending and failed to answer questions clearly, only exacerbating the stressful experience of tax confusion. I didn't feel that my concerns about tax liability were taken seriously. The first individual who helped us hardly spoke English, and the next woman who helped us didn't offer their 1040 EZ free service, but rather wanted to charge us $140. She was just plain nasty. KateHollis

2012-02-21 15:41:46   We just got our taxes done with H&R Block and while I was pleased with the service, I also have to complain about the unclear pricing. To get our taxes done it was $386.00 beccause we had to do Form 8636 with our standard 1040. Crazy! We were also given vague and unclear answers when we asked about pricing as well. By the way, if you want your tax fees deducted from your refund amount, they will do it, but it costs an extra $40.00(so we didn't choose that option). This makes no sense. —jsbmeb