UCD Campus Perimeter Shuttle
Areas Served
Mondavi Center/Tercero/Health Sciences District
UC Davis Memorial Union
Phonetic Code

The H Bus Line is a Unitrans route serving the perimeter of the UC Davis central campus via Old Davis Drive and La Rue Drive. It provides half-hourly service between the UC Davis Memorial Union and the Health Sciences Stop in Parking Lot 56.

Note: The H Line does not run during summer or break service. Check out the schedule and route map at the Unitrans website for more information.

In the past Unitrans has had other lines with this name:

  • An example of a previous H-line was a 1987 route that serviced the Marina Cr. area of West Davis.
  • In 2009-2011 The H line serviced the Health Sciences District from the UC Davis Silo Terminal. It was replaced by the V line in 2011

Destinations on the H Line


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2009-08-07 22:44:00   According to the new 2009-2010 bus schedule, the H line is back. The D line used to take care of this part of campus, but now "A new H line will run as a shuttle between the Silo Terminal and the Health Sciences District (Lot 56). Service from the Silo to HSD and HSD to Silo will run twice per hour from 7:25am to 7:00 pm and hourly after 7:00 pm." —AmyChow