This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


500 1st Street Suite 7 in the Davis Commons
10:30am-9:30pm Mon-Saturday
11:30am-8pm Sun
(530) 757-7485
Website (warning: has sound)
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Habit Burger (Now closed permanently) is a relatively small chain of burger joints, started in Goleta (near UC Santa Barbara). They straddle the line between basic fast-food and the more upscale restaurants typical of the Davis Commons. The burgers are closer to the size of In-n-Out than Ali Baba's but the general appearance of the place is much cleaner than either. The service is also above the standard fast-food joint with a large amount of employees on at any one time allowing for both faster food and folks coming out to clear your table when you are done.

Their menu offers a decent amount of options besides the standard burgers, such as salads and other sandwiches like tri-tip steak, tuna and chicken breast. Another notable addition is the inclusion of more than the standard condiments: A1 Steak Sauce, Malt Vinegar, hot sauce, fresh Ranch, and ready-to-take peppers (nice for those who think a bag for every two peppers at In-n-Out is a total waste). They also have yummy sides that are not always available in a fast food type place like onion rings and some pretty tasty salads.

The "charburgers" themselves are around $3-4 while the other sandwiches go up more into the $5-7 dollar range.

A relatively new addition to the Davis Commons: this restaurant replaces the now closed DeVon's Jewelers.

The local Habit Burger now allows online ordering through their website. It's pay-in-advance and pick-up only, but allows a full range of order customizations. Sides like fries are made only as your arrive to pick up your order, so allow a few extra minutes for that.


They are a burger joint and a clothier for nuns Established in Davis in 2007 Onion rings, vanilla shake and a double charburger with cheese.


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2007-02-16 01:12:35   Unfortunately, their burgers aren't very good. They're ok, but frankly no better than In-n-Out. —JimEvans

2007-07-16 21:53:35   Sorry, but In-n-Out burgers are terrible combared to a Habit burger. I've been eating there since I was like four or five years old. —CorritoBandito

2007-08-14 19:22:31   I think I might skip this place purely on the basis of the song on their website. But on a more serious question, what is it taking over or was there just extra space lying around? —CraigFergus

The space used to be used by DeVon's Jewelers. -wl

Don't hate on the Counting Crows, Craig. I know you fancy them. — EmilyTung

2007-08-14 23:57:48   I went here on opening day. The line was to the door but it moved very quickly and we had placed our order after about 5 minutes. We both got veggie burgers with cheese, and they were delicious. Lots of extra cool veggies layered with the warm patty, and a little slice of cantaloupe for dessert. I've been visiting the original Habit in Goleta for years, and am so glad they're here now :-) —Carley

2007-08-15 09:20:44   They've been handing out coupons for free burgers to celebrate the opening and encourage business, and you may be able to get one if you head down there in the near future. —JessicaLuedtke

2007-08-15 11:47:31   Haven't had the ones in Davis yet, but when I went to UCSB for two years, the ones at their Goleta chain were incredible. More of a charred taste to them than, say, In-n-Out, but very tasty and bulky for the price. They have other good stuff, like tri-tip sandwiches and ahi tuna sandwiches too. But the milkshakes are the real standouts. —JohnBriscoe

2007-08-15 14:52:22   yeah, being from socal, this place is sweet. —ChrisThielen

2007-08-15 21:34:04   I was extremely underwhelmed by the burgers here. I expected at least better than In N Out quality (which isn't much to ask for), but honestly, for the price you pay, it was no better. $6.70 for a double char with no cheese, add in cheese and tax and you can almost get a burger at Froggy's which is about eighty times better than anything else Davis has to offer burger-wise. I'd like to try the Cobb salad and the milkshakes or a malt sometime, but as far as the fare it bases its business on, skip out and just get a double double.

However, their service was pretty quick, and I like the fact that they give free peppers as well.

Three mediocre burger joints in one area (with one standing out due to its fast food status), great job Davis. —SeatonTsai

2007-08-16 18:45:57   For the price, this burger is probably the best buy in town. There's a substantial amount of meat for a fast food burger, and they heap on a lot of things that are not dead cow. It doesn't seem as fast-foody as In 'N Out. That may or not be to your liking. Crunchy and substantial, the onion rings are fantastic. Other than ketchup, they have six different types of bottled sauces (e.g., A1). They have an overabundance of staff, are fairly quick for a non-fast food burger place, and the staff is extremely friendly, but not in a saccharine way. There are better burgers in town, but I'd come back. —CraigBrozinsky

2007-08-17 12:33:28   The service here is great (but there is an insane amount of people working so the servers shouldn't be too stressed). That said, the food isn't made too fast - which I think is a good thing because no matter how fast we evolve as a people, food isn't meant to be cooked in seconds. Now, I am a vegetarian and I am excited that Habit provides options (it is irritating that In-N-Out keeps a "secret" menu, as if the Mormon CEO is ashamed of feeding vegetarians). But Tommy J's, at just a couple hundred feet away also has vegetarian options AND flavorful options. Habit Burger tastes like Jonny Lang covering John Lee Hooker. Suburbia, all the way from Stepford... its Habit Burger. —RobRoy

2007-08-17 12:54:05   Just went there for the first time expecting nothing, and I what I got was VERY unexpected. First of all, on a scale of 1-10 I would say the overall meal was about a 5.5. The burger was not even as good as In and Out, the fries were okay, but the problem is I was instantly ill about 3/4 thru the meal. When I mean ill, I mean get home a.s.a.p.. These comments are coming from someone who eats on the road a lot and in some pretty seedy places, I am not some food snob. I will NEVER go there again. My Fri. afternoon is ruined. —soda72

  • Im sorry you had this experience, but this sickness is probably not food poisoning related (well it could be, but it more likely from the meal you ate last nite). Most food poisonings occur 12-36 hours after you eat. Ive never heard of anyone getting food poisoning from something as they are eating it. More likely is that your stomach did not agree with greasy food. Burgers and fries are well known for giving people diarrhea and other stomach problems. Another possibility is that you had an allergic reaction. —MattHh

2007-08-17 16:46:20   i just went here and was pleasantly surprised. Their albacore burger is quite good, and there garden salad is good as well. The burger was tastier than in and out, and the prices were fairly reasonable. I dont understand why people think they are pricey, they are actually cheaper than Jack and the box, and similar to other fast food places in town. However, a burger joint serving cantalope next to their burgers might be a health risk. Cantalope is the most common food to contaminated, since few wash the outside rind, but im sure they do so this should really not be a problem. —MattHh

2007-08-17 22:10:52   I ate here tonight for dinner just to try it out. I got their #1 meal, which was your standard burger with fries and a drink. If anything, I'd liken it to a slightly overpriced In-N-Out burger (actually, the more I think about it, the better In-N-Out seems) with a Pluto's type environment. This seems to be in line with everyone else's comments. Mediocre burger joint minus the fast food atmosphere.

The staff is very nice, though. Perhaps they just wanted to make a good first impression? —BrianMac

2007-08-18 20:36:01   Their burgers are pretty good. I think they're better than In-n-Out, but I still love In-n-Out. My homie got a burger with red meat inside, the manager was really nice and gave him a new burger and a coupon for a free burger in the future, other than the raw meat it was all good. —Jackie

2007-08-18 23:24:53   It was comforting to know that the meat patty was made of high quality beef as opposed to mystery parts of a cow. I think that's why I really enjoyed my Habit burger. —EmilyTung

2007-08-24 12:53:53   To me, Habit Burger seems like a place you would go when you wanted a home cooked burger but were to lazy to fire up the BBQ. It was quite tasty and will go there again. At least this is the first burger join downtown that feels like it fits, rather than Jack which is just typical fast food. —MichaelAWoods

2007-08-26 12:56:36   Like those before me, I must say that this place was pretty underwhelming. Charging 50 cents for a slice of cheese is pretty tacky. The burger is relatively small, with a ton of lettuce and pickles. Flavorwise, it isn't anything special for the price. They gave me a TON of fries, but they weren't overly special, either. I won't be going back for their burgers. Go to In-N-Out, the food is more flavorful and more affordable. —CaseyBarc

2007-08-26 13:18:08   I tried this place last Wednesday and the burger was nothing unusual. It taste like all the other fast food burger joints. I wish they didn't charge us extra for cheese and bacon. I'll give the place another chance because I want to try their other menu items. —SimonFung

2007-08-29 12:28:55   I tried the teryaki burger with swiss and was fairly disappointed. There was nothing exciting about even with the addition of the unqiue sauce and was mostly unsatisfying in terms of filling me up. As others have said service was solid and everyone was friendly though you have to wonder how long that will last. The one thing that really did impress me was the fries. Not all the way up to the fat fries Ali Baba used to do but for the thin type of fries they were well filled with potato and fairly tasty. I would think about stoping by to snack on some fries here but if I want a cheap burger I would go to In-n-Out and if I want a tasty, filling burger I would go to Ali Baba or Sam's —CraigFergus

2007-08-29 13:31:08   I like the Albacore Tuna sandwich. Yumms! For a $1 you can also get a cone with a lot of frozen vanilla yogurt. Service is fast. They gave me a free charburger coupon, apparently because my order was late.. even though I didn't think it was late to begin with. —ThuHo

2007-08-30 00:47:13   I've eaten here twice. The first time I ordered a bacon charburger and was disappointed. For all the hype I heard about HB, my burger was bland and definitely not worth the price. I decided to give HB another try and ordered a tri-tip sandwich. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great, either. —PaulHarms

2007-09-03 12:02:04   I love this place and I think it's better than In-N-Out, mainly due to more selection in the food. —RohiniJasavala

2007-09-06 19:32:22   i prefer in-n-out. —LindaSuh

2007-09-06 19:53:15   $1 is too much for avocado on a burger. —WilliamLewis

2007-09-06 20:17:27   As a Venturan, I was pretty glad to see this place move in. Compared to In-N-Out the burgers are better, and the fries are way better. However, I don't think it's quite as good as the feta cheeseburger at Ali Baba. I usually get the BBQ Bacon Burger here, though if I remember they make a pretty good hot pastrami too. —BrentLaabs

2007-09-15 10:45:49   Went here last night for the first time, had a teriyaki burger with added avocado. The burger was good quality — it reminded me a lot of in-n-out, except more expensive. They also charge $0.50 for cheese, which is kind of lame. I couldn't really taste the teriyaki on the burger, and the avocado wasn't ripe, so it didn't have any flavor. All told, it wasn't worth the $4.26 when in-n-out is practically right across the street. That said, it was much better than a typical fast food burger and I'd eat there again if I was in the shopping area. —AlexPomeranz

2007-09-28 12:35:04   the char flavor seems fake, like they add a chemically-derived char flavor, and the fries taste like they never change their fry oil; weird combination of fish and onion flavor.

the buns are also flimsy and not up to the challenge of a double burger. if you really want to eat here, ask for your burger on a french roll. —JewpiterJones

2007-09-29 09:23:19   the employees are super nice and come to check on you outside and bring you extra stuff like ranch and napkins. bomb service! bbq chicken salad is good too! —anhench

2007-10-06 08:57:34   I had the chicken club and I had a bite of the cheeseburger and they were both delicious. Oh and the fries are excellent! Not to bad on the price and it was fast even though the line was long. I'd go there again! —Rachelottlinger

2007-10-06 11:43:50   Very good burger and good service. Nice atmosphere too. —AlexJohnson

2007-10-15 15:56:37   Great customer service and food was great the best burgers in Davis by far and way better than in and out that is a fact, —Brians

2007-10-16 09:26:01   (of the actual, post-opening restaurant). —JabberWokky

2007-10-19 10:46:01   I prefer Sam's or Ali Baba (mostly because of the small business, local ownership feel), but the food is fair. Their onion rings are really good. —GregMediati

2007-10-24 22:44:07   Habit is okay at best. it's a nice change if you get sick of in-n-out. —DonaldJaye

2007-11-02 01:10:26   Burgers are good and satisfying. I would go here again when I'm in the general area and need something with a little substance to fill the tummy. A bit on the pricey side, though. —kthrnngo

2007-11-05 08:12:47   Habit burger provides a tasty and higher-class burger, than, say, Burger King, and it also pleases me that they cater to us vegetarians. But they are a tad overpriced. —WillJobe

2007-11-18 21:04:36   My girlfriend and I wanted to try this place out tonight, and we had a pretty crappy experience. We ordered our food, and sat down in the back. I didn't really like the layout, it felt cramped and there was a ridiculous number of flies (both the annoying teeny ones and the larger ones). We waited a bit, and our number was called - I walk up, and there's no food on the counter. I ask where it is, and the guy was confused: he first told me the girl busing tables picked it up to bring it, but she obviously wasn't carrying it, and he was stumped. Then he remembered: a couple of old people took it. I turn around, and right next to the counter there was a couple eating. He walks up and tells them they took the wrong order, the lady says "funny, we ordered the exact same thing!" Ok, that's not crazy, accidents are made, though I was annoyed that they didn't seem to care (nor apparently listen to a number..."70" is pretty distinctly different than "73"). I was a bit surprised, we had special ordered, whatever. On reflection, I'm pretty sure I saw her looking at their receipt while I was walking up (probably confused at why they were upgraded). The guy said they'd remake our food, I say fine, wasn't mad. Like I said, it happens. What we did get annoyed at was that they made us wait another 15 minutes. 7 orders were called before ours was ready. If you make a mistake (such as giving my food to the wrong people), you should bump our food up the line. You don't make us wait all over at the bottom of the line. What *really* made me mad was that while we were waiting, my girlfriend saw them give MORE food to the people that stole ours. What? That makes no sense, it was what they actually ordered. Why didn't they give that to us if it was the same thing? (Ours was 4 orders after that). We get our food, and it was the wrong stuff. I had ordered a double cheeseburger with no pickles, no tomatoes. My girlfriend had the terriyaki chicken sandwich. The food he gave us after that long wait was a normal (single) burger with everything except cheese. Wow, super lame. My girlfriends was a chicken sandwich with cheese (but no terriyaki sauce). We didn't notice hers was made wrong at first, but I was pissed off at this point and went to ask to speak to the manager (who was the same guy who flubbed up!) I told him I was upset at the whole thing and especially the fact that the people who stole our order were given free, extra food! (What the hell?) while we had to wait ridiculously long. His first response? Patted me on the shoulder and said I'm sorry. I reiterated how frustrated I was at what happened, and he offered to remake the burger. I didn't want to wait an additional 15 minutes again, so I said that I'd still eat it but that I think it was handled poorly, especially how they were rewarded with free food (their actual order + ours) while I was offered a remake. He offered to refund my burger. I accepted. It wasn't until I got back to the table that my girlfriend told me hers had been wrong too, but she still liked it, and thought the chicken sandwich was tasty. I didn't mind the burger, it was alright, but I don't think I'll be going back. My girlfriend thinks we should go back, especially when we're hungry, and just pick up someone elses order, since it seems to work out swell! —EdWins

2007-12-08 22:07:48   I ate there today and my burger was pretty darn tasty... it's about equal to In-n-Out in terms of quality, and the fries are a lot better. Also I really like the style of the interior... it doesn't feel very fast-foody. —JeremyOgul

2008-01-03 11:13:17   This is my first time here and I really like this place. The burgers are tasty and filling. I ordered the char,bacon cheeseburger with fries. The staff was very friendly and met all of my needs. I will be coming back here soon. My friend had the terikayi burger and salad and was also impressed. high ratings —ElizabethBarthel

2008-01-08 11:06:44   When Habit Burger opened last summer, I was skeptical. A burger place right across the street from In-N-Out? To my surprise, the burgers were excellent. I ate at Habit for about 3 months before returning to In-N-Out, only to be greatly dissapointed. Habit's burgers are slightly larger, the grilled onions are possibly the best burger topping on the planet, and the BBQ sauce is very tasty. As many previous comments state, the service is excellent - the only fast food place where they come by your table to take your tray. I recommend the BBQ Bacon Char w/o cheese - all the toppings on this burger are in perfect harmony. Also, the plain tri-tip sandwich on sourdough is very good, although it doesn't compare to the tri-tip over at Pluto's. Bottom line, Habit is an excellent addition to the fast food scene. —stokejob

2008-02-03 15:55:36   In and Out has better burgers, but this place has AWESOME chicken sandwiches. Highly recommended. —VinceBuffalo

2008-02-26 10:53:01   I was pleased with my double char - to which I added peppers - and the onion rings. I thought the regular burger seemed more substantial than an In N Out burger too and the price wasn't too high. This place is a cut above fast food. I WILL eat there again. —herzchen

2008-03-04 22:21:23   Ok, i've learned my lesson...the grilled tuna sandwich with avocado is the most delicious lunch in Davis. The avocado costs a little extra, though. —PaulHarms

2008-03-16 13:21:13   Went to Habit on a Saturday afternoon. Looks great, smells great, and tastes pretty good... IF you get what you ordered. They completely screwed up my burger. The very next day: I decide I should give them the benefit of the doubt, and go back before work. They again give me a burger missing things I wanted and containing items I did not want. I didn't even check the burger ( I suppose that's my mistake) before I left. I definitely will not be going back to Habit; at least In n Out will get your order right. —Diggedy

2008-04-07   After reading the comments on this page, I decided to try Habit Burger myself. It's clear to me now why everyone keeps comparing it to In-N-Out. Their basic charburger definitely has the same flavors as In-N-Out (grilled onions, toasted bun, melted american cheese, crisp lettuce), but bigger in size. I actually liked the fries a lot because they were crispy, but then again, fries are always good to me. I'll go grab lunch here again, but I wouldn't say the burgers are particularly memorable. If you're taking it into consideration, a #1 (charburger w/ cheese, fries, and soda) comes out to about $7. —YupYup

2008-06-06 19:51:34   I guess "quality" begins and ends with their hamburgers. It's not like they make the veggie burger from scratch, or even, for that matter, the french fries. —JesseSingh

2008-06-13 13:32:15   The burgers are pretty good, but the fries are nothing compared to In-n-Out. —jrendler

2008-10-28 17:11:20   Mixed experience from this establishment. First time I went, my burger was (expletive) bleeding. Second time, burger was borderline overcooked. Prices are acceptable. Flavor-wise, if my patties were cooked better, the burgers would have been awesome. The fries are good. —BenLee

The burgers are well-constructed, so I go here often, but the burgers are almost never fully cooked. I always ask for 'well-done' and it still comes back half the time red in the middle. You'd think a 'charburger' would come out at least cooked. —allwheat

2008-11-08 18:47:58   Burgers remind me of a slightly better In N Out. I like that they have jalapenos I can load up myself (I always get the char cheeseburger). The bun is better than In n Out. Fries are really good here, too. —DiLane

2008-11-11 15:08:33   I eat here all the time and have not had a bad experience yet. My friends and I just wish they would stay open later. —Etherington

2009-01-12 17:20:14   Ate here twice and had the charburgers and onion rings both times. It was pretty good. Nice customer service and setting. Will come again. —Nomad

2009-01-13 08:43:08   While I do like In N Out, I have to say that Habit Burger is far more satisfying. I can't have wheat, so I always get the lettuce wrapped charbuger with cheese and avocado. For us bunless burger eaters, they do a far superior job lettuce wrapping compared to In N Out. Their fries are much better too. When it comes to the shakes, however, Habit Burger's seem to be missing something. They are runnier and lacking flavor, so stick to In N Out for shakes. —AmLin

2009-01-30 20:30:05   The veggie burger didn't taste bad while I was eating it, but afterwards I felt compelled to go for a run and then brush my teeth. And my boys didn't care for their grilled cheese sandwich. I am glad that I tried it (once), but I won't be back. —DrandyJones

2009-02-23 23:05:05   Chicken+bacon+teryaki on sourdough toast! Also, maybe the best onion rings ever. —GreezySweezy

2009-04-16 09:41:18   Better than In-n-Out simply because of how hot the burger comes to you. And there seems to be more toppings. Fries are awesome. I go here now instead of In-n-Out. Sorry but I like it hot!!! —doggies9 Ah, so the burgers taste "hot." And I suppose the fries "taste" crispy? —SolidSender

2009-07-16 21:35:33   I like In N Out, but I love the Habit's chicken sandwhiches. If you can only get one thing at the Habit, get the chicken sandwhich!!! So Yummy! —BryceH

2009-10-23 11:04:02   Great service. Great food. Clean. HOWEVER, EXTREMELY OVERPRICED VEGGIE PATTY OPTION!!! My friend ordered the #1 Charburger Meal which includes a drink, burger and fries and was charged $6.50. I ordered the same meal but with a veggie versus a meat patty and was charged $9.50 (charged for each item individually versus the meal price). Charging $3 additional for a less costly veggie patty is not only unjustified, it is BAD BUSINESS!!! In addition, this restaurant DOES NOT PROVIDE CUSTOMERS WITH ITEMIZED RECEIPTS. Their receipts simply show order totals and tax. As a result, accidental overcharges, which commonly occur at "fast" food restaurants, are difficult to identify. I hope Habit Burger will change these practices. Until then, however, I will not be back. —gracecarpenter

2010-01-04 00:35:03   I was not impressed by the burgers here. Yeah, the basic cheeseburger is better than what you'd get at McDonald's, but when we start comparing it to In n Out and some of Carls Jr's specials, they're a bit bland and even dry. —BrandonWong

2010-01-04 09:42:27   Though I do love In N Out, they could learn a few things about how to properly lettuce wrap a burger from Habit Burger. Habit does it so well, I can keep from making a complete mess. Even though it's a little overkill, I do like the addition of mayo on the charbuger. —AmLin

2010-01-23 15:07:11   mmmmmm

charburgers are good. —StevenDaubert

2010-03-31 10:01:37   We love Habit - our son wants to go every weekend. The burgers are the best! We love the grilled onions, that makes the flavor delicious. —dlquick

2010-06-13 20:42:46   I love this place, but what makes it even more incredible is that it has the best customer service I have ever experienced at virtually any restaurant: the girl's name starts with a 'D', and she is the most cheerful, energetic, and helpful worker ever. She checked on our group during our meal to make sure we were good, took my trash from me and threw it away, and then ran and opened the door for us. She totally made my day! —JoyChu

2010-06-23 11:36:13   Best fast food ever! Love the great customer service. —ashleyinthemist

2010-10-11 18:32:33   I don't know what makes their burgers SO good. I think they're the best in town. I like the no nonsense menu. Service is great, the place is CLEAN. You can also order your burgers without a bun—between lettuce leaves. Great lo carb option! —toriac

2011-05-14 17:01:43   Their food is very good and very filling! The prices pretty good too. —rachealgalante

2011-05-20 09:19:00   I love their fries and their service, but the regular charburger is, to me, nothing special—frankly, I'd rather have a burger from In-N-Out or Burgers & Brew (the latter is barely more expensive). I haven't tried any of the other sandwiches, though; they might be better. —zombiek

2011-07-11 14:58:17   I love the burgers here. They are very, very tasty. A nice price too, and sweet potato fries!! I often feel the people here are trying too hard to be nice, they are so friendly it almost feels ridiculous. I guess that is a good thing. —DagonJones

2012-03-17 22:19:05   Just got back from Habit today. Pricing was reasonable, service was prompt, staff was friendly, and the food was very good. Roughly comparable to In-N-Out. Not sure if you guys have Ruby's in NorCal, but it reminded me of that place. —Jrat

2012-04-22 21:44:05   I've enjoyed their Teriyaki and Bacon Barbeque charburgers and chicken sandwich. The sandwiches come out a bit greasy (the bread is slicked up before being grilled), but everything I've ever had is filling without being overmuch. The burgers seem a better and more savoury value than the sandwiches and are excellent hangover treatments on par with Black Bear Diner. One of my favourite aspects is easily the readily-available jalapeno peppers.

Came here the afternoon after Picnic Day when the last three restaurants we tried had waiting lines out the doors. Habit was out of indoor seats and almost out of overflow outdoor seating, but the food took five minutes to arrive and was as quality as it ever is. Tip of the hat to good post-PD staffing. —JaniceW

2012-07-06 09:10:23   I always feel a little guilty when I go here because the women(and they're always female, have you noticed?)working the registers are smiling so wide and being so extra friendly. It's sort of painful to watch- but that's probably my own issue I have with cheerfulness.

I always am sure to drop a tip in the cup, because they are obviously working very hard and I appreciate that. —drpottsiv

2012-07-28 16:41:49   We have a bike shop in Davis and order meals each week for our staff meetings. Not only is the food great but they offer a menu that fits all the employees needs. For our small shop the prices are incredibly reasonable! The employees and management have been very helpful when needed. Thanks Habit staff! —mikestarchild

2013-08-13 13:10:18   Delicious milkshakes! Brought my daughter here for a milkshake and she spilled hers on the patio. They kindly offered to make her another on free of charge. Super friendly staff. —TJLanoue

2014-03-27 21:54:10   Ahi sandwich is great! I get it more often than the burgers. —CarlosOverstreet