"Hail to California" is the UC Davis Alma Mater song, composed by Clinton Morse. The Aggie Band traditionally plays it at the end of football and basketball games, and since 2004 has been singing it in four-part harmony in their Picnic Day street show. It is also played at graduation ceremonies by the UCD Symphony and Concert Band.

''Hail to California, 
Alma Mater Dear.
Sing the joyful chorus,
Sound it far and near.

Rally 'round her banner,
We will never fail.
California Alma Mater,
Hail! Hail! Hail!

Hail to California,
queen in whom
we're blest --
Spreading light
and goodness
over all the West,

Fighting 'neath her standard
We shall sure prevail-
California Alma Mater,
Hail! Hail! Hail!''

A rendition can be found on the Aggie Band's website at http://camb.ucdavis.edu/camb/multimedia/sounds.html

History of "Hail to California" (source: Cal Band page) "Hail to California" was written by Clinton "Brick" Morse while improvising at the piano in 1907. He was asked by University President Benjamin Ide Wheeler and Professor Gayley to write songs for the rooting section, and "Hail to California" was one of many he composed (see "Sons of California"). Morse's sentiment was that "Sons of California" and "Hail to California" would be "nothing unless sung in harmony." The fraternities began to sing "Hail to California" (though not in harmony), and its popularity subsequently spread. In fact, "Hail to California" has often threatened to supplant "All Hail Blue and Gold" as the official Alma Mater of UC Berkeley. Indeed, "Hail to California" is used as the Alma Mater of UC Davis, UCLA, and of the UC system as a whole.


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The best part of the Aggie Band's Picnic Day show is the singing of "Hail to California" in four-part harmony.AllisonEriksen