This page contains one version of the Halema Buzayan incident. This is a summary of the version that was presented by AnisSury.

Here's some details I know...

According to a police report, two witnesses spot the Buzayan's SUV moving near a sedan — they "do not see contact between the two vehicles," but notice some damage to the car as the family's SUV pulls away. The witnesses leave a note for the sedan's owner, Adrienne Wonhof. Adrienne gets in the car and drives home. After she arrived at her home, Adrienne reports to the police that she found a note from 2 witnesses informing her about a hit-and-run involving her car. The note has the names of the witnesses and a phone number. Officer ly arrives at Adreinne's house takes the note examines the damage that's allegedly caused by the SUV and takes pictures of it.

Same night of the 7th of June, 2005

Officer Ly reaches the witnesses, documents their report, and allegedly retrieves cell phone pictures for the perpetrator's car. Officer Ly runs a check on the license plate and concludes that the Buzayan's family to be the owner of the SUV.

Later that night

Officer Ly goes to Buzyan's house to investigate the incident. The Buzayans confirmed the presence of their vehicle in Safeway parking lot around the time of the alleged hit-and-run with Mrs Buzyan, Najat (Halema's mom), being the driver of the SUV. Najat, however, insists that she was not involved in any collision of any kind. Officer Ly insists that the witnesses saw Najat hit the car, and that he has pictures of her committing the hit-and-run that was taken by one of the witnesses' using their cell phone camera. Mr. Buzayan, Jamal (Halema's Father), decides to go along with officer ly's story and ask him for his advise on how to get this issue resolved. Officer Ly hands Jamal Adrienne's name, insurance info, and address and recommends that the Buzyans call her and have the issue settled with her. Jamal asks officer ly if he needs to get back with him once issue settled. Officer ly insists that there is no need for that and that all the Buzayans need to do is to pay for the damage. officer Ly leaves the Buzayan's. Jamal uses the phone book to look up Adrienne's number. Najat immediately places the call to Adrienne informing her of their willingness to pay for the damage that's done to her car.

8th of June, 2005

Jamal contacts insurance agent, reports the incident, and asks for advise. Agent gives Jamal the option to pay for the damage out of his own pocket instead of having the insurance company paying for it. Jamal chooses to pay out of pocket but still asks his agent to make the arrangement for that.

(Same day) Agent contacts Adrienne and asks for estimate.

9th of June, 2005

Agent receives estimate from Adrienne.

10th of June, 2005

Jamal pays Adrienne full estimate amount with a cashier's check

13th of June, 2005

Officer Ly shows up again at the Buzayan's. To the Buzayans surprise officer Ly is there to arrest the alleged perpetrator even after Jamal explains to him that Adrienne was already compensated for the damages to her car. It was even more surprising and shocking to them that officer Ly is now positive that the perpetrator is Halema Buzayan and not Najat!!. - AnisSury

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