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Sorry, I can't — I'm hungover.

Hangovers are the result of overindulging during the consumption of alcohol.

How to Get Rid of a Hangover

Popular Remedies/Hypotheses

Some people believe that they can be avoided by drinking prodigious amounts of water in conjunction with the alcohol. Others recommend vitamin B (which one?).

Still others suggest that careful selection of drinks will eliminate (or at least reduce) the hangover.

Some say it's caused by fusil oil, an unwanted manufacturing by-product.

I heard that by consuming a large quantity of sugar before(?) drinking, one will not experience a hangover -the theory having to do with cellular energy metabolism.

A controlled experiment of drinking highly pure ethanol appropriately diluted would prove whether it's the alcohol itself or impurities which are the cause. Or an uncontrolled expirment wherein you watch someone drink until they throw up and sleep, then observe whether they're hung over in the morning.

Web research would likely provide illumination here.

Higher-quality brands of highly distilled alcohol such as vodka may leave less of a hangover than other highly distilled alcohols. This is, however, not true for most alcohols.

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Where to Find a Hangover

Any alcohol will do, but if you're looking for a hangover (and everyone should have the experience at least once) the most reliable way to get one is probably to drink tequila. Be careful, and enjoy loathing yourself the next day.