1801 Hanover Drive , 2nd Floor
(intersection of Anderson Road & West Covell Boulevard
(916) 747-3174 or (530) 758-8000
Manager: Patti
Central heat/air
Laundry Room on-site
Cat friendly (no dogs)
Study room
Coded Security Door Access
Cable Ready

Hanover North Studios offers studio units for $950.00/month 2015-2016 Lease Rates,

 Each unit is 600 square feet and includes private parking for residents, a numeric entry code is required to get into the building (residents are given a numeric code and can let in visitors), a laundry room on the same floor as the studios. The Laundry Lounge is located directly below the Studios and provides another easy laundry option. Kitchens and baths were remodeled as recently as 2004. These units are very quiet apart from the sound of delivery trucks at SaveMart in the early morning.

Keep in mind that unlike most other Davis apartments, water is NOT included as part of the rent package. In other words, they only cover garbage/sewer.

There are also a few first come-first serve mini storage closets outside the unit. The laundry facilities are lacking as there are two washers and only one dryer. The study room is ancient and sparse. Overall the apartment building could use some updating but the units are fairly modern.

This complex is located on Unitrans F Bus Line, and the P/Q Bus Line.

For more housing options within Davis, please visit the Housing Guide and the Apartments page.

Comments:   We currently have no vacancies as of May 1, 2015, please contact us in January if you are interested in the 2016-2017 lease term.

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I didn't like the inside of the apartment, but that's because I'm picky. The manager was very nice (I looked at a studio) and seemed to be on top of maintenance issues. This is the same redheaded lady mentioned before. Private patios, good location, nice manager. Not the studio for me, but definitely worth looking at.

2008-11-10 13:46:24   I lived here for several years; it had some really unique advantages (and disadvantages). First of all, Trish - who also manages Hanover Place Apts. across the street, as of November 2008 - is super-nice and helpful. Also advantageous: the apartments are contained entirely within a building: basically, the 2nd story of the building which holds Suds Laudromat. This can make things like getting a pizza delivered complicated, but you figure it out eventually! Entrance is from the first floor, on the other side of the building from Suds. If you don't live there, you really don't know what it is. However, it has its own parking lot, and you need a numeric code to enter the building. If you're visiting, you dial (I believe) the number for the tenant's apartment. Then they come down and let you in. However, it's easier to contact them via your cell phone. I felt pretty safe while living here. HUGE ADVANTAGES: 1)There is an elevator!

2)Close-as-possible to Albertson's/Save-Mart supermarket

3)Fairly large for a studio, and since the apartments were built for seniors in wheelchairs, the kitchen, for

instance, is galley-like, in that you walk through it, and it's not cramped up against the wall like in most apts.

4)Because you need a code to get into the actual building, no random solicitors will knock on your door

5)It has its own pay-by-coin laundry room on the same floor as all of the apts: very convenient

6)Might be good if you're using a wheelchair, since it was built for such users - you would simply use the elevator to access the second floor

DISADVANTAGES: 1)Despite several exceptions, you prob. won't have a balcony to yourself - the main balcony extends all the way around the building; most people don't "hang out" on the balcony — and most leave the heavy curtains shut most of the time, since if they are open anyone can see inside your whole apartment (this would mostly apply to maintenance workers, since entrance to the building is restricted)

2)No pets allowed: this info is possibly outdated, but I moved across the street to Hanover Place apts. because I wanted a cat

3)Again, because the apts. were made for people in wheelchairs, the bathroom has an industrial feel and reminds you of one in a hospital; itis mostly one huge shower, complete with a fold-down seat built into the wall. No bathtub or linen closet.

4)Getting something delivered (like a package) can be a hassle, but usually the package just ends up getting sent to the Hanover Place Apt. front office if no one is home.

  • I liked living here just for the uniqueness aspect, except that eventually I wanted a cat... and a bedroom! —KateJames

2009-02-05 11:56:14   I find it highly suspicious that there seem to be missing comments here.....were the bad comments deleted? —JW

  • You (and anybody else) can check by clicking on the "Info" icon at the top of the page. There was one comment removed: JasonAller removed this comment, remarking upon his edit as "spam". — jw

2012-06-01 16:43:51   I lived here for two years (2008-2010) before moving to a 1-bedroom run by the same folks across the street. See Hanover Place for my review there. I moved because I wanted to foster cats, and there were no pets allowed in the studios at the time. I think they've since changed that policy to allow cats.

I loved the layout of these studios. The place felt huge — larger than a 1-bedroom because of all the open space. My full-sized bed fit comfortable in the bedroom area, and the closet was large. The living room is humongous; I was able to fit a futon, huge coffee table, papasan, TV table, large desk, bookshelves, and my bike. There was also enough room in the dining area to fit a decent-sized dining table there. I think these units are handicap-accessible. That means there's an elevator, plus there's enough clearance for a wheelchair to get through easily: wide doors, wide kitchen, spacious bathroom and huge open shower. There was also plenty of natural light from the sliding glass doors to the balcony. The huge shared balcony (I was in a unit facing Hanover Dr.) was a little strange, but fine. There were enough trees outside to provide a decent view and some privacy from the street. Although a private balcony would have been nice, the units with private balconies face the little parking lot and the back of shopping center. That area didn't always smell the best because of the restaurants there and trash collection. That said, one of my favorite things about this place was how close it was to a supermarket and food.

There's one unassigned parking space per unit in the little lot inside. I never found it to be a problem finding parking, and there was plenty of street parking for friends. Note: I did leave my car on the street for a period of time, and it was vandalized (smashed side mirror) and broken into (I don't leave anything in my car, luckily). Definitely stick to the lot!

The laundry room was small but sufficient, and there's always the Laundry Lounge downstairs. We also had access to the pool facilities at Hanover Place across the street, but I never used them.

It was very quiet here. Occasionally, obnoxious cars would drive by or into the BloodSource parking lot, but I barely heard a peep out of the neighbors. I could sometimes hear my neighbor's TV from the hallway we shared, but never from inside my unit, so maybe the walls are thick?

Management (when I lived here it was Trish and then Kerrie) was awesome. Honest, professional, friendly, accommodating. I think I got all but $10 of my security deposit back — maybe to replace the range liners? Package delivery was a little annoying because sometimes they didn't know where to go, but otherwise it went to the office across the street. Trish was really nice about letting me pick up after business hours, when I got home.

This was probably my favorite place to live during my 7 yrs in Davis! I especially miss it now that I'm looking for housing in the Bay Area. —LauraShih

2013-02-22 18:15:54   I've been living here for the past three years. It's a very quiet neighborhood and neighbors tend to be independent and quiet as well. If you're looking for a place to party or be very social, this is not the place for you. Management is very responsive, nice, and on top of things, which was a refreshing change from my old apartments from my undergrad days. I had some high school chumps loitering and do some minor vandalism to my car, and the manager responded very quickly by increasing security around the perimeter. The lobby requires a code to get into so it's pretty safe, but this makes receiving packages kind of frustrating. UPS and FedEx won't be able to deliver your package to you so just have it sent to the manager's office and pick it up from her. Super close, walking distance to Savemart, laundromat, and various restaurants. The apartment complex also has an elevator and a small laundry room with two washers and a dryer. The studio has plenty of space for one person to live comfortably with large sliding doors leading to the balcony area, which also is nice for letting in natural sunlight. Again, it's a very quiet neighborhood so it's a great place to live for people who want a low key living situation. —TomM

2013-10-25 14:49:46   I recently looked at one of these apartments while apartment shopping. If I was a young college student or a person living alone, I would choose this apartment!! A couple could also live here. These are very unique and fun apartments, and for low rent, especially for Davis! I especially love the sliding glass door leading to a very large and fun shaded veranda, with a huge tree. I can imagine how fun it would be to have friends over for dinner and a movie, and enjoy this unique living experience. Also, tenants get access to the pool and hot tub across the street. Melanie is wonderful and just meeting her ( and her adorable cat and dog) and talking to her really made my day. Consider this apartment for a cheaper rent and interesting home :)