1740 Hanover Drive
Central Davis, near the intersection of Anderson & Covell
(530) 758-7320
Central heat/air
Cats/Dogs allowed    (some restrictions apply)
Cable access

Hanover Place Apartments offers pet friendly 1 and 2 bedroom units in a quiet garden atmosphere, conveniently located across the street from Anderson Plaza which is located at the corner of Anderson Road & W Covell Blvd. Anderson Plaza offers you a Save-Mart Grocery Store for your shopping convenience, various Restaurants, a Hardware Store, a Dry Cleaners and a Laundromat.

Other amenities include a 24 hour on-site laundry facility, central heat & air, ceiling fans, dishwashers, private patios, swimming pool & hot tub, off street parking and close to public transportation.


Small 1 bedroom:              640 square feet

Large 1 bedroom:              700 square feet

2 bedroom/1.5 bath:        845 square feet








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2005-07-20 12:07:34   I'm went to a bunch of places but I liked Hanover Place the best and I'm renting a one bedroom there —BobGill

2006-01-07 10:42:38   Hanover Place Apartments are very nice. They're pet friendly, maintain the grounds very nicely and the management is very friendly and responsive to any issues that may come up. —CindiDrake

2007-09-08 20:26:12   Hanover Apartments are well managed and an excellent place to live, especially for graduates and families. Very quiet and clean. Trish, the manager, is easy to talk to and fixes problems promptly. We got our entire security deposit back within 8 days even though our apartment was still kind of messy. Highly recommend unless you like to party, in which case you should probably avoid this place. Our lease wasn't renewed because we were too noisy. —Glotar

2008-01-28 16:59:42   This place is great, I currently live in a Studio across the street. My only complaint is that you are not allowed to have pets in the studios. When I moved in everything was really clean, and the carpet was only a few months old. I had a light out on my balcony and it was fixed within a couple days. They give you a small discount if you re-sign your lease, but it's definitely really well priced for Davis regardless. It's also right next to the bus stops and the save mart, which is really nice. —jadeeyes1113

2008-08-26 14:45:33   I am moving into Hanover Place in a few days. I am very excited! Anyone else moving in/live there? How do you like it? So far the Landlady has been very very nice and answers all of my questions! —Natasha

2008-09-14 20:47:23   I just moved in too! I like my new apartment so far- the only thing that bothers me is that the cabinets in the kitchen are too high and that the water temp. is too hot. Trish (Apartment Manager) has been really nice and I'm pretty happy to live here. —Magster

2009-03-29 16:03:37   I lived in the studio's across the street for seven years, mostly quiet and clean. Trish, the manager is outstanding and deserves more recognition for her work!!! The elevator is great for moving and there's no apartments beneath. Shopping close by is great, however sometimes a spotty neighborhood. Living near the ally can be quite noisy with the trucks. For the value perhaps a one bedroom would be better living. Could be immensely more enjoyable if pets were allowed —mikelong

2009-05-25 02:22:24   what are the 09-10 monthly rent? —ashna.singh

2009-06-24 18:11:17   We lived here for a year. We can not say enough good things about this place and Trish. She is the best manager, responds very quickly to any issues you may have! It had a lovely fireplace(in some units) and a great walk in closet(in some units). We would have stayed longer but with 2 people and 2 dogs our 1 bed room got a little cramped :) I highly recommend this place but get put on the wait list early since it usually fills up by late February. —NtoWolves

2010-05-11 12:12:27   I've been living here for about 9-ish months and this place is awesome. Trish is beyond amazing, very nice, very helpful, super quick to respond to problems and genuinely seems to care about any problems/issues. The apartments are nice and super quiet (with a few VERY rare exceptions). The only thing that's kiiiinda loud is the savemart trucks that do stuff and the recycling place across the street dumping large buckets of bottles. But that's only an issue if you live like right next to the street I think. But the apartments are ridiculously close to shopping and the G and J lines and one other line (F I think?). Basically these apartments are amazing. I'm moving out next year and THE ONLY reason I'm doing that is because my puppy is outgrowing the apartment so I'm moving to a house. Live here. —alpmille

2010-10-11 05:52:18   Lived there last year, but left because of management changes. New owners came in and drove Trish out, jacked up the rents, then started charging for water. The apartments aren't individually metered, so you get to pay for your neighbor's water who takes hour long showers. With all the changes, these apartments really aren't worth the price. You know an apartment complex has jumped the shark when they drive out a manager as wonderful as Trish. —paradox

2010-10-11 09:52:09   Kerrie the new onsite manager at Hanover Place Apartments and Hanover North Studios is doing a wonderful job of taking care of old maintenance problems that were needed. New tenants moving in and current tenants are finding that if they have a maintenance need that it is taken care of in a timely manner. In the past rents were normally raised every year as were other apartment complexes in the Davis area, however, this year due to the owners decision to bill for water and sewer, rents were restructured and the rent raise was minimal to absorb the extra utility costs that would be incurred. For tenants that had been there for many years rents were raised to current market rate. In lieu of these raises long term tenants were offered new carpet and/or paint. If you drive by this property you can tell that it shows the owners "Pride of Ownership" and that quietness and cleanliness is something they strive for. They are a pet friendly community, and now have decided to allow cats at the studios. If you are a current tenant at Hanover Place or Hanover North please comment, would like to know what YOU think! —pattimcre

2010-10-18 13:33:37

I am renting a home that is part of the Hanover Apartment complex, and I use the pool at Hanover Apartments. As a tenant, I have known some Hanover Apartment tenants and on site managers as well as the Property Manager of all the properties for the past three years. The owners planted so many large trees that the entire block is like a park. The trees provide coolness in the summer. The rents include landscaping of beautiful grounds. My experience has been that the Property Manager and owner are fair with their rent increases, given the high cost of utilities and maintenance in Davis. They respond quickly to repair needs and keep all of their properties in immaculate condition. They are safety oriented, ethical, and maintain very high standards, implementing all the best practices of the California Apartment Association. It is a busy neighborhood with the shopping center, bus stops, and intersection nearby. However, the quality of the construction and the way the buildings, pool and grounds are well maintained, you feel lucky to live in such a beautiful, clean setting. I highly recommend Hanover Apartments to students or professionals who need a peaceful home near the university, with a feeling of nature around them. E.Emerson —Eremerson

2010-10-20 23:27:13   I lived at Hanover Place for a total of 3 years, in 2 different units. Trish, the previous onsite manager, was awesome. Kerrie took over now and she's also really nice and helpful with problems. The apartments are fairly quiet for the most part, this isn't where you would usually find late night loud parties. Didn't have too unmanageable maintenance problems - mostly water leaks, the building I stayed in seemed to have pipe problems. I loved the maintenance guy (I think his name was Mike?). He was pretty quick at responding, easy to talk to, and didn't mind explaining whatever he was doing. My only complaints have to do with the newest changes - they do now charge for water and sewage (don't know how much it is since I didn't stay here) and they no longer use the Davis Model Lease. I wasn't a big fan of the new lease. Late charges for rent used to be $10 for the first week, $20 for the 2nd, $30 for the 3rd (or something like that). With the new lease, if you're late for even a day, the late charge goes straight to $30. You also can no longer ask the manager in advance if you knew your rent will be late and schedule an alternate date agreed by the manager (which the Model Lease allowed). Continuous tenants no longer got a discounted rent either, so my rent would've jumped if I stayed. But overall, the location is super convenient and it's really pet friendly. So if money isn't an issue and/or you're never late for rent, I recommend this place. —ZN

2011-02-13 11:51:14   The bad:

1. "pattimcre", whose comment is the third above this one, has a username very similar to the actual name of the owner of the property, Patti. If it was the owner, her comments should be taken with a grain of salt, since she is obviously financially invested in reviews. 2. I had some trouble getting my security deposit back when I moved out, but it was eventually sorted out. It was a "Paperwork error", apparently.

The good:

1. I lived in HP for several years, and I moved out just after Trish (the last manager) left. She was well above average, as far as property managers go. 2. The new maintenance guy, Mike, was great at keeping me in the loop, and was always polite and professional. 3. It was very convenient to live next to SaveMart. 4. I would very seriously consider living at HP again. —PleaseDoNotUseANickname

2011-07-12 12:31:38   WOW! I really like this apartment complex. The new Manager, Melanie, is very friendly and seems to take care of things quickly. I would recommend this complex to anyone looking for a nice, small, quiet and convenient place to live. The residents here are also very friendly. It's easy to get to campus by bike or bus and the close shopping center can't be beat! —AnnWilson

2012-06-01 16:40:21   [Full disclosure: Melanie (current on-site manager) asked if I would review my experience here. I'm not a big wiki contributor, but was happy to do so because I loved living here. I tried to write an honest review though.]

I lived here my last year in Davis, 2010-2011, after living in the studios across the street the prior two years, 2008-2010 (see studio page for my review). My friend and I shared a large, second-floor, one-bedroom unit facing the street. We would have gotten a two-bedroom, but there weren't any available by the time we asked. (Call to be put on a waiting list around Feb-March.) We were finishing up grad school and didn't know if we'd be there a full year anyway, so it was fine. Two beds (one full, one twin) plus a large desk and a dozen filing boxes fit in the bedroom easily, and the walk-in closet was more than enough for us to share.

I previously lived in a 4-bedroom townhouse on Adams St. and a 3-bedroom house on Oriole Ave. In hindsight, I would have lived here with a roommate in a two-bedroom unit or across the street in a studio by myself for my entire time in Davis if I could have. Management here (onsite managers Trish, then Kerrie, now Melanie) was the best out of all of the places I lived — super responsive, friendly, and fair. Mike, the maintenance guy, was also really nice and good at what he did. I did get the sense, however, that their boss (property management? I'm not sure) wanted to save more money than they did and would block requests for improvements that they made on our behalf. The place was well-maintained w/ new appliances though, so there weren't really problems.

Living space was generous. Plenty of counter space, large sink, dishwasher. We could fit a table in the dining area. We had a fireplace but ended up blocking it with the TV because we couldn't figure out where else to put it. Our living room held a large TV table, coffee table, futon, papasan, three bookshelves, and a screened-off area for kitty litter. It takes multiple floor lamps to light the place. The fluorescent lighting in the kitchen was great though.

We fostered cats while living here. They let us have two, but ownership rejected a third. It was easy to add them to the lease. Melanie was also very flexible in accommodating our schedules for maintenance issues, since we had a skittish foster cat and preferred to be around if maintenance/management had to come in.

Being across the street from the shopping complex was amazing and made me realize how nice it'd be to live in a truly walkable neighborhood. The apartment complex was very quiet, although there were occasionally noisy cars (stereos blasting) on the street. There seemed to be some party houses just south of the complex on the other side of the fence. We couldn't hear them from our unit, but I did notice when I was in the parking lot late on weekends. The units facing away from the street seemed really nice because of all the greenery and privacy, but not sure if they had to deal with this noise. There were also often police patrolling Anderson Place Apts. down the street, and a couple of weird violent incidents there... a fluke? Hanover Place was always nice.

The laundry room was clean and roomy with fairly new machines, although there was often a machine or two down for repair and some dryers weren't very hot. We ended up going across the street to the Laundry Lounge most of the time, since it was about the same distance from our unit as the laundry room, comparable in price when we used the double-load machines, and offered free transfer service.

There's a pool and hot tub, but we never used them.

There was sometimes dog crap on the lawn outside our place, although this might've been from people in the surrounding neighborhood, since it was a patch of lawn along the street. We always saw residents picking up after their dogs.

We did have some drama with the downstairs neighbor, but Melanie was very professional in dealing with it. On a related note, the floors are thin, so anyone sensitive to noise might not want to live downstairs. :P

We got all of our security deposit back except for ~$10 for some marks/holes on the wall. We cleaned a lot, but they don't seem to try to withhold unfairly. Melanie was really accommodating in terms of move-out/inspection times.

I wish I had found this complex sooner during my years in Davis!! —LauraShih

2012-06-01 17:10:31   I have lived at Hanover Place for 1 year and have loved it here. The rent is reasonable and the management is kind and friendly. I love that you can have a pet here and everyone is very friendly. It is a quiet unit and the laundry facilities as well as the landscape area outside is well kept. The walk in closets in the larger 1 bedroom is amazing! I feel there is plenty of room for 1-2 people, as well as a dog or cat. —HanoverResident

2013-02-14 10:50:33   I'm a friend of one of the residents at Hanover Place and I will attest to the quietness and niceness of the complex, the awesome convenience of the Savemart shopping center, and the very friendly and quick-to-respond management. Melanie is great! —StephHolm

2014-01-24 22:14:51   Goooooooooooooooooooooooo Hanover Place Apartments! I am really happy to have lived here. It's location is sweet, the apartment itself is clean, comfortable...and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The neighbors are friendly but respectful and the manager, Melanie, is at the same time very professional and super friendly and welcoming. This is NOT some behemoth management company that only cares about getting its rent. I'm flying the Davis coop, otherwise I would have stayed here longer! —Miki55