Hapkido is a Korean martial art, and a form of Self Defense. It started as an Aiki system brought from Japan and mixed with a unique style of kicking and strikes. Hap is 'coordination', Ki is 'power' and Do is the 'way' or a path to follow through life; Hap-Ki-Do is the "Way of Coordinated Power". It is a philosophical system based on circular movement and body mechanics to overcome your opponent.

Hapkido is not a sport, but a combat art. Hapkido incorporates pressure point striking as well as kicking techniques, we target areas that are illegal to many other arts. While Hapkido is technically a 'soft' art in many ways it is a 'hard' style as well. The softer arts such as Aikido or Judo use the opponents aggressive movement and weight against their opponent, while the "hard" styles such as Karate or Tae Kwon Do seek to overcome their opponent with kicks, blocks and strikes. Hapkido incorporates both hard and soft style, however, as we never meet power with power. We prefer to redirect hostile energy using circular movement and divert that energy back to the opponent. Therefore, using Hapkido, you do not have to be extremely strong or have great physical power in order to defend yourself.

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