There are a number of people in Davis with cool hats. These hats are purchased at novelty stores, or thrift stores, and it seems that people like to decorate hats with all sorts of buttons and patches and things. Many of these hats catch your attention, but some are subtle but still cool-looking.

Jamba Juice group interviews require you to come wearing the craziest and wildest hat you can get. Not necessarily true...I have yet to see a group interview with a crazy hat. Besides, Crazy Hat Day is currently null and void (at least in the Marketplace...THANK GOD.)-KarlaFung

You can often find lots of random and cool hats at thrift stores. If you have pictures of cool hats or hat-wearers, post them here.

  • Rob Roy with his trademark stovepipe hat. It's funny to see him biking in the wind with it.
  • Starbucks Eccentric Hat Lady: At the F Street Starbucks you will often see a lady inside looking very dignified with a hat of epic proportions. She seems very busy. I'll try to get a picture sometime.
  • Visor Lady not much of a hat, but she wouldn't be Visor Lady without it.
  • Members of the Band-uh! get to wear really cool hats too.

Hats and ASUCD

Hats have a proven history of winning ASUCD senate elections. Senators Eli Yani an Maxwell Kappes were both elected in part due to their crazy hats. Senator Ryan Meyerhoff also wore a crazy hat and was seated by countback. In modern ASUCD history all silly hat wearing candidates were elected to senate in one way or another.