Hay is an edible forage product that includes species of grasses and legumes (Ex. Grass and alfalfa hay) dried to a particular moisture content suitable for long term storage that is typically fed to herbivore species. These species include horses, cattle, goats, sheep, llamas, and other grazing and browsing animals. Hay is also a common food fed to rabbits. 

Straw is different from hay. Unlike hay, straw has a very different nutrient profile. Straw is relatively low in available nutrients including protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. In animal husbandry, straw is primarily used as a bedding material. Straw is also used as a craft material. Straw can be utilized as a feed by ruminants and horses to some extent through the fermentation of cellulose and hemicellulose by microbes in their cecum and rumen respectively. 

Where to buy?

  • Higby's Feed and Farm Supply, Dixon
  • Windmill Feed off County Road 95 in Woodland.
  • House on 8th street between B & F. To find this place, just drive your truck down the street yelling, "Hay, hay!" out the window until the farmer comes out to sell some to you. you can't miss it it's 4-5 houses in on 8th street just West of F, a big stack of hay with a sign that says HAY for SALE on it...
  • Small amounts (for small mammal pets) can be obtained at PetCo. (Maybe Ace?)

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