2324 Shasta Drive
(West Davis, past Sutter Davis Hospital & off Denali)
(Please fill in hours)

Heather Glen Apartments is a rental housing community developed and managed by Community Housing Opportunities Corporation [CHOC] for very low, low and moderate income households. Heather Glen also provides a resident services program which provides residents with professional staff to assist them in enhancing the quality of life within their residential communities and achieving individual personal goals.

In March 1991, Heather Glen Apartments was built as part of a land dedication through the City of Davis. Offering a total of 62 townhomes, the complex includes 44 three bedroom/two bath, and 18 two bedroom/two bath units. All units have washers and dryers. The site has a large centrally located tot lot, surrounded by benches, a gazebo and lush landscaping. Department of Housing and Community Development's Rental Housing Construction Program provided underwriting and permanent financing. Savings Associations Mortgage Company holds the first mortgage and the sale of Low Income Housing Tax Credits provided project equity. Heather Glen serves families at or below 60% of Yolo County's median income.

See our Rental Housing Guide for more information on affordable housing in Davis, and our Apartments page for a thorough list of complexes within Davis.


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2011-03-28 13:50:31   These are really nice. Every unit has a washer/dryer. Waitlists are super long. —cora

2014-06-23 12:14:17   I have not ever lived here, but was interested in living here in the near future and had an awful experience with one of the office staff (name was not given-strike one). I called to collect information as I am moving to the area in about six months, and wanted to see what my options were. When I called, the phone was answered promptly, however the employee was not in any way happy to be speaking on the phone with me. Grumbly, exasperated tone of voice was all I heard on the other end of the phone and when I began asking questions, the employee started huffing and puffing asking me why these questions were relevant. Whether they were relevant questions or not, an employee should have immediate access to all information about the complex and be willing to assist the prospective tenant in any way possible. This employee did not have any information to offer me and was only giving a bad attitude. I honestly can't say whether this is a reflection on the rest of the staff, or if someone was just having a bad day. Either way, something to consider! —TayMo