"'Closed in Davis and Reopening in Northern Califorina"'
Moved out of Davis as of July 2013)
Specail Deep "Thank You" to All you Wonderful people that have enriched my life and

my time in Davis. Keep up being One of a kind. You All are Special..||

(530) 302-7369 Always the same!
Payment Methods
Cash/Check Only Please
20 years experience
Extensive training in all aspects of cosmetology
Special Training & experience with clients who have special needs.
Men And Women's Cuts, That Include style -$35
Kids- $25
Colors,With Matrix only-$55 to start
Special needs clients
Wigs, hair peices

Thomas Lea, formerly of David's Haircutting, is the owner and only stylist at Hello Gorgeous Salon & Spa, one of Davis's newest beauty salons and spas. He works with all ranges of clients and their needs, including those needing help when going though life-threatening illness.


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2011-12-26 08:20:18   Thomas is the absolute BEST hairstylist. He has been doing my hair for the past three years — highlights, color, cut, style. He is exceptionally talented, ridiculously inexpensive, sweet, and fun! He is interested in your hair, not your money — a rare find in Davis (or anywhere!) these days. —Chamoudah

2012-01-03 18:12:06   For sure, you have described him perfectly! We wish him success in his new salon! —MaryEdwards

2012-02-03 23:03:13   I gotta say I really like Thomas, he cut my son's hair (who is way more fashionable than I am). Thomas is very friendly and entertaining to talk to, he has a great personality and is full of stories. —DagonJones

2012-03-10 21:36:20   I saw Thomas for the first time today and it was a great experience. Not only does my hair look much better than it did, I had a truly fun time. He's the best! —Kassie

2012-03-13 14:25:33   Thomas is great at all things hair. I've seen him do beautiful things to some of my lady friends hair. I'm a guy though and I go to Thomas because I have extremely thin hair (which really sucks when you're in your 20's. When I first started going to Thomas 6 months ago I was just considering shaving it bald. I decided to give Thomas a shot instead though and I'm very glad I did. Now six months later my hair looks twice as thick even though I have the same hairstyle. I'm very happy with the results. You rock Thomas! —CharlesKing

2012-03-14 20:13:27   Thomas is amazingly good at what he does. I have been to a lot of stylist trying to find "my person" and then I found Thomas at "Hello Gorgeous". He is talented, entertaining, affordable, interesting and a good person. He has build a fabulous business and takes great pride in his work. I would recommend him to anyone! —dawnmyerspurkey

2012-03-15 14:47:58   I hate to leave a negative comment for someones business, but I think the feedback on this page does not describe the service I had here and I wish I had known before I went in that I would be so disappointed. After going in to have a couple inches taken off my hair, it looks like someone literally took a weed whacker to my head. He curled my hair as he was cutting each layer so it was not until the next wash/blowdry that I noticed the jagged cuts and staircase looking layers. I went in to have it fixed and all he did was put product in it and cut random little pieces by my ears and curl it up a little more to cover the botched job, and then when I tried to explain that the layers looked like a staircase he just said basically that's how it's supposed to look. He had such an attitude about it that I didn't dare ask for my money back. I am thankful actually that he didn't try harder to fix it because it probably would have ended up looking even worse. I sincerely wonder if this man even has a cosmetology license? I went to Supercuts to get it fixed. Lesson learned. My advice to anyone looking for a stylist: save money and get a better haircut at Supercuts, or spend the extra $15 and get a nice cut at a professional salon. I am really sorry to leave negative feedback Thomas but I don't want other people being swindled to getting a haircut as terrible as mine. —Brittlw

2012-03-16 05:56:32   I went to Thomas about three weeks ago for a haircut. I wanted to save my review until I had a chance to live with my new "do" for a bit. For personal reasons I had allowed no one to cut my hair in over a year and between the shaggy growth and my use of drugstore hair color, I was a bit of a mess. All I can say is Thomas was beyond AWESOME. He gave me the most beautiful, but natural red hair color with highlights. I cannot recall the last time I had so many compliments (from complete strangers) about color of my hair. He then proceeded to cut my hair, but he did not cut it as short as I had requested. Instead he explained to me that it was too soon to go so short. I took a risk and let him work his magic and again I am so thankful. I had thought I was getting too "mature" (AKA old) for long hair, but I was so wrong. He cut my hair in such a way that it requires minimal effort and looks stunning, full and luxurious. I have been looking for a new stylist for a few years and I am so pleased to have made my appointment with Thomas. He took his time, gave me his undivided attention and the results are pure art. This is a very talented stylist and he is affordable. —SherriMarie

2012-03-16 06:00:02   I forgot one more thing. Thomas also cut the hair of an exchange student staying with us. This girl has a head of extremely long incredibly full curly dark brown hair. She saw hime yesterday and when she came home last night she was literally squealing with joy over how beautifully he had cut and styled her mane. It looked so absolutely lovely that I told her she would have to fly back from Denmark when she needed another cut. Again Thomas ROCKS!!! —SherriMarie

2012-03-27 22:31:58   Recently, Thomas opened Hello Gorgeous in the space next door to the bike shop I work at. He had cut my housemate's hair a few months back and done an impressive job, so I wanted to see what he could do with my head of hair. For reference, both my friend and I are fashion obsessed (we frequently bore our friends with constant conversations about wingtips or collar shapes), and I have been going stir crazy trying to find someone who could cut my hair in an exciting and fashionable way.

I have to say, Thomas was incredible. He was both incredibly knowledgeable and very personable, explaining what he was doing and thinking as he went. He explained to me the characteristics of my hair and the ways I can get a quality haircut, from him or anyone else. After, he told me that if I felt more comfortable going to another hair stylist I should do that, now that I knew how to get a quality cut with my hair. For instance, I'm a competitive cyclist, and he commented how my helmet has changed the way my hair sits on my head, and gave me tips for how to compensate for that and style my hair in such a way that it looks good both with and without a helmet on my head!

Needless to say, I'll be coming back. This cut has been the first cut that I have had that is simultaneously incredibly versatile and super stylish. I still can barely believe that he managed such a brilliant cut with the hair that's on my head.

2012-04-07 21:05:34   I have followed Thomas through 2 moves, believe me I would not do that if I was not completely satisified with the care Thomas provides. I am a licensed hair stylist, and can tell you I will not let anyone else touch my hair. I love going to Hello Georgous and tell everyone about it. —KayHernandez

2012-04-25 13:50:52   Just had my first haircut from Thomas and love it. Reviews here are spot on. my hair was pretty butchered after a terrible cut a few months ago and he did an amazing job on it! thank you!! —max72

2012-04-25 18:14:22   All the reviews have convinced me. I want to go to here. Will call soon! —jsbmeb

"2012-05-02"   Thomas is great - I'm so glad I went! —vincidaro

2012-05-13 20:14:57   Thomas did an incredible job with my cut and color. He was very intuitive about what would work best with my coloring and facial features. A friend recommended him, and I'm glad she did. He charged much less than most Davis salons and I got very personal attention. Thomas took a lot of time to make sure I knew how to maintain my new style. And the time with him is never boring! —JacqueMcKee

2012-05-16 13:32:31   Thomas is a straight up boss! He cut my hair very well and kept me entertained with his awe-inspiring stories, a must go to barber in davis. —danielrizvi

2012-06-25 12:47:40   I introduced my mom to Thomas about two months ago. She has been very dissatisfied with her current hair dresser and was ready for a change so I hoped Thomas could work some magic on her. My mom is on several medications and as a result of that and the butchering she received from her previous hair dresser; her hair was quite thin and has lost its previous natural curl. I explained to Thomas that we needed something versatile that she could style herself, but to make it a little spunky. The first time he cut her she was happy and decide next time she would have him help her with her color. Well two weeks ago she came to visit and had Thomas give her a color and cut. She asked me yesterday and requested that I leave a comment on that "internet Webbie Wiki thing" so that EVERYONE would know how much she appreciates the fantastic job Thomas did on her hair. She informed me that on a DAILY basis people she works with and total strangers are stopping her on the street and telling her how great her hair looks, ESPECIALLY the color. She is so happy that I was able to find her such a talented and affordable artist to work on her hair. Thomas is the best and no matter where he is, we will seek him out and keep coming back for more fabulousness. Thanks again Thomas!!! Momma is feeling like her "red" hot self again all because of you!!! —SherriMarie

2012-07-09 13:31:14   I first went to Thomas about a year and a half ago. He gave me gorgeous bangs and I haven't wanted to change my style or hairdresser since! Til this day, I still get compliments on how gorgeous my bangs are! Everyone I know is dying to go to him! We will follow you Thomas! Can't wait for your new spot! —SaThai

2012-07-10 14:56:10   I let my hair grow for almost 3 years before I decided it was time for a BIG change. I looked up Thomas, who had given me my last trim years before, and brought him several photos of what I liked (and a couple photos of what I didn't think would work.) He really took the time to look at what I wanted, and he did a wonderful job! He did just what I wanted and tailored it slightly so that it worked with my face. I went from very VERY long hair to a very VERY short, chic cut. I've had SO many compliments on my new look, and I feel years younger! He also helped me donate my overgrown locks to Locks of Love. Thomas is very affordable too, which helps now that I want to maintain my shorter hairstyle so I will be going more often. I will follow Thomas to his next shop, wherever that may be! Thank you, Thomas! —ChristinaHooke

2012-07-16 18:05:27   My daughter and I can't wait to get our hair done by Thomas at his new (old) location — fabulous! —Chamoudah