Hermanos Macehual

There is a need for unity of our people on campus and in the community. A club can limit one to a certain environment, but a fellowship, among brothers, can broaden that limit to include a campus, a community and a culture. The time has come to open new doors for our people because our young brothers throughout this country need us as role models to help guide them into obtaining better lives for themselves.

Many brotherhoods in college do not have an organizational name that represents their philosophies. We, the Chicano/Latinos of Davis, have united on this day, May twenty-first nineteen hundred eighty-nine, to create a fellowship that represents our beliefs. The chosen name for this organization is HERMANOS MACEHUAL (the brotherhood of the “common people"). The term MACEHUAL identifies with the common Indians of Central and South America. As part of the Aztec dynasty, the Macehualmeh (the common Indian) would do all the necessary manual labor in the community. The land was worked communally because the Indians helped each other in all their labors and they joined together in-groups of twenty and did not leave until everyone's own was done. As our ancestors once did, we the Hermanos Macehual of Davis will continue to provide service to our community and educational outreach in an effort to unify our people and bring about better lives for everyone.


Monster Bash Halloween Party!!

Come join us for our Annual Halloween Party! All proceeds will go to fund our big community service event coming this December. If you decide to come to our party, please bring a Canned food for our Food Drive. You will receive a $1 discount for bringing a canned food and another $1 discount for coming dressed up. So a total of $2 off!! Come on out and have a good time while knowing you are giving back to the community.

For more details please visit our website at http://www.macehual.com Thank you!!!

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2011-09-02 20:25:17   Hermanos Macehual has helped me grow as an individual while studying in Davis. The social life involved in this community service club was great. Not only did we help under-represented communities around Davis, we also had a good time socializing with each other and other orgs within the Latino/Chicano community. Meetings are bi-weekly in Wellman. I love it —Efren