1-888-HDN-WiFi (1-888-436-9434)
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High Density Networks (HDN) is a "High Speed Wireless Internet" provider that is offered at various housing communities in the Davis area. It also supplies DIRECTV Packages starting at $29.99.

They charge $24.95/month for wifi access in your housing complex. Speeds are claimed as being up to 1.5 Mbps.

The service is plagued by outages, lack of connectivity, stability issues, and faulty/antiquated equipment.

What they don't tell you is that your money actually goes to your apartment complex, as the complex pays them a flat fee for the service. So they really don't care how many people use it or the level of customer satisfaction. Calling customer service is generally met with a voicemail recording which seemingly is never checked, and their response rates are only slightly better via email. Should you ever reach a live person, they refuse to accept that the problem lies in their network, and at best will promise to send a technician out sometime. Don't expect any promptness, nor improvement.

Here's a preview of the various error messages you will regularly be subjected to:


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