713 Second Street
Near the [AMTRAK station]
10:00AM to 7:00PM
(530) 757-2183

Himalaya Gifts is a jewelry and gift shop owned and run by a married couple. Sometimes you will see the husband running the store and sometimes the wife. They sell custom designed sterling silver, gemstone jewelry and beads, handicrafts from Tibet, Dharma crafts, special made handbags and wallets, tons of incense, and much more.

The store was previously located at 140 B Street, where The Inconvenient Store later resided.

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2007-09-11 16:22:05   As a Buddhist, i love these kinds of stores! :) I just happen to come across it while going to D-Zone. However the husband told me they opened up about a month ago. —WeMo

2007-10-28 23:17:57   The items are very overpriced; I can make some of that stuff myself too. I do not suggest it unless you have money to spare! I like the people who own it though, they're nice. Hmmm..are they handicrafts from Tibet? or from Native Tibetans in India? I like the idea of supporting poor Tibetans though. Try looking on eBay first though. —AnnaF

2009-06-04 01:38:53   Great prices, loved the selection. Lots of unique gifts. Loved the store, check it out you'll be glad you did. —nunnbug

2010-08-12 14:34:32   I bought two pairs of earrings from here for my friends. I really liked their selection, not as much as "Tibet Nepal" but it was MUCH easier to browse through things and it seemed more organized.

The lady clerk at the time was very nice and patient with me (I browsed for a long time). She polished the earrings after I bought them and but them in a standard gold jewelry box.

May be over priced but they are semi precious stones and unique. —BamCam

2014-03-26 06:45:59   I have had the pleasure to shop here numerous times. Since I have traveled to NEPAL many times I have experience with seeing this type of merchandise where it originates and know what similar items sell for IN Nepal. This store has a great selection of quality items and their prices are very reasonable. I especially enjoy interacting with the owners who are Tibetans. —MikePhillips