2005-10-27 10:18:31   I had a great experience. Went there to have my exhaust manifold cover welded back on. Jay was super-friendly and I was out of there in 15 minutes! —MyaBrn

2006-11-06 14:31:39   Hoffman is seriously wonderful. I have had nothing but good experiences with them. They are friendly, do good work, and make sure that the customer ends up satisfied. Also, they don't charge you for unnecessary services. Example - when I went in for my 50k service, they made sure that their "standard" service didn't include anything that I didn't need, and he removed them from the estimate. Most auto shops won't break up their service packages like that to save you money. Also good for those without a ton of money to throw around on car repairs - they will help you prioritize repairs based on what is likely to cause a big problem first. I am so glad to have found a good shop here in town. —AmandaCaudle

2006-12-02 10:29:17   Good shop. I took my Camry here for timing belt work. They got the work done quickly and came in UNDER initial estimate if you can believe that. By far the best of the shops I have dealt with in Davis this year. —VincentFox

2006-12-10 16:20:22   Note: They don't do clutch work. —CaptainRush

2007-02-06 13:03:53   BEWARE!!!! I brought my truck here to have them check out a shake it was making. They charged my $90 to tell me that they THOUGHT it was a transmission problem and they couldn't do the repairs. I even asked specifically if my carrier bearing was the problem, they said no. $200 worth of tranmission maintanence later (and no fix) I finally dropped the carrier bearing like they said NOT to do. It fixed my problem. They don't know what they're doing and they're robbing their customers. DO NOT DO BUSINESS HERE!! —ChrisCrowe

2007-04-08 17:38:54   I took my car into Hoffmann Automotive for an oil change and to get my battery checked out. The battery had started to leak some fluid and I wanted to make sure it would start in cold weather. Their mechanic told me that the battery was nearly dead, that my car barely started and that he strongly suggested getting a new battery. Though the car started easily, I went straight to Kragen Auto Parts to replace it myself. They tested the battery and it had a full charge. I’ve been driving it for a couple months since and have had no problems. From all I can tell, they were trying to use the scare tactic- assuming a woman wouldn't know how to replace a battery herself. Though they were friendly otherwise, I'm never going back. —CameronPea

  • Just to point out one alternative way of looking at this... I'm going to suggest that if your drive to Hoffmann was short and your battery had a low charge that the combination of their measurement and your leakage comment would have resulted in a suggestion to replace. If on your drive over to Kragen, or if you didn't drive directly there, your alternator had a chance to charge the battery you could have gotten a healthy reading. I don't know what kind of car or battery you have, or what condition they are in, I'm just pointing out one possible explanation. —JasonAller

2007-05-02 10:56:08   Great service ….. I had a Mercedes die on me, and had it towed to Hoffmann. After checking it over, they said it had a part out that only a Mercedes Dealer could repair. They did not charge me anything. —gregspl

2007-06-04 00:27:58   i went to Hoffmann automotive with my Volvo with a strange vibration problem. it was near closing time on a Saturday but the mechanic took a quick look. he showed me a bald spot on one of my front tire where the metal part was showing, but they didn't stock the tire i needed. i was happy to come back the next day and have the bad tire replaced, but the mechanic was uneasy about me driving on it, so he quickly put the dangerous tire on the rear, and didn't charge me a dime for it! how great is that? as a woman, i am always nervous about being taken advantage of by people, but that was the best service i have experienced. i have nothing but high praise for Rick and Aaron, thank you so much —fortier

2008-01-24 14:12:02   Rick Hoffman is one of the only mechanics I trust. He has looked at my cars several times for free or for a purely nominal fee, and when we called him recently about a blown head gasket, he immediately told us that it was such a common problem with our type of car that the dealer would probably cover it for free. His honesty saved me at least $3000. He's also very respectful of women clients—I never feel patronized or ripped off. I recommend his shop without reservation. —KatieF

2008-04-07 16:00:17   What an absolutely shady business enterprise. As a previous user stated, I took my VW in to have the Check Engine light looked at, as well as for them to tell me why there was a slow oil leak coming from my car. Rick charged me $142 dollars to tell me that I needed a new gas cap and an oil pan! He then told me that he could get the oil pan for $300 and the gas cap for $40. With parts and labor it would come out to almost $800!!! I promptly declined and bought the parts myself. On a simple Google search the oil pan was $92 and the gas cap was $8 with shipping. When I called him back to tell him I thought his prices were outrageous he copped a terrible attitude.

I don't ever write reviews or letters, but I was so disgusted at my treatment and the shady business dealings that Rick Hoffman had that I will openly and willingly tell people to STAY AWAY! There are plenty of other reliable auto shops in Davis. Do your homework and realize that this is not one of them. —MyHeartisinOhio

2008-04-14 15:59:09   This is absolutely NOT a shady business. If its shady to be honest about what the prices are, then someone hasnt looked at a dictionary in a long time. They are all about quality and I'm sure the oil pan and gas cap you bought probably werent of the best quality. They wont last as long as the ones that they priced out for you. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself, calling up a business telling them their prices were too high. That is absolutely unacceptable behavior, grow up will you. Oh and by the way, LABOR costs MONEY!! I'm sure Rick was being as patient as someone could being told that they were charging too much and that you were unhappy. Cheaper prices=Cheaper quality. —myheartisNOTinohio

2008-04-29 11:55:54   I had to sign up just to make a comment here. I have been going to Hoffmann Automotive for the entire time they have been in business (28 years) with a variety of cars new and old and the Hoffmanns and their crew have always been honest, fair and given me very good mechanical advice and service. I have been sent home without cost when a perceived problem was not a problem or if it was something they don't handle. Nobody likes to spend money on automotive repairs but if you need diagnostic and repair work this is an excellent shop with great service owned by Davis locals and I can enthusiastically recommend them. —BarbaraZ

2008-05-16 12:55:17   As usual Barbara Z has it right. The Hoffmans run a great business, based on the strange notion that if you treat people well they will come back. If you are looking for quality auto service, look no further. —jasonxtian

2008-06-08 13:04:29   They were great! I've had my car towed here three times and they are always helpful and always give me a ride to my apartment! One time I thought something was wrong but it turned out just to be a dead battery. They inspected my car and didn't charge me anything! They are always very respectful of women and even sent me a Thank You note for fixing my car! Their estimates are usually pretty accurate, too. —juliebeans

2008-06-14 16:44:42   My experience with Hoffmann's is same as that of some other people in the town. This auto repair shop is run by completely dishonest person. He overcharged me and when I asked him to explain charges, he screamed at me in front of other customers. Very rude and dishonest — STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOP. johnwalker

2008-06-15 07:35:37   I had very bad experience at Hoffmann auto repair. I am a professional female who knows nothing about cars. Based on their nice building, I took my Volkswagen Jetta for servicing there. The guy at the front has no respect for women. When I asked him some questions about the repair done there, he treated with no respect and made derogatory comments against women. I am very disappointed and would never take my car there again.


2008-06-21 08:46:51   After coming to this page to check an see if Hoffmann Automotive is still doing Saturday oil changes, I was a bit perplexed at some of the negative comments I saw here. I will not discount someone's opinion if they feel they had bad service but I will take issue with the claims that this is a dishonest business. Rick and Jeff and the rest of the folks that run and work at Hoffmann are always courteous, honest, and customer service has been fantastic. I have a variety of old cars that I drive - and I do a lot of the work myself. My daily driver though I have Hoffmann do all the work on because I want that car to be dependable. same for my wife's car. Good service is not cheap - nor are good parts. Just because you can find the part of the internet for 50% less, does not mean that they are trying to cheat you. There are huge differences between the quality level of many parts for sale in the aftermarket. I have learned this lesson the hard way over the years in dealing with my old cars. Just because one part is 25% less than the other doesn't save you money if it breaks two years down the road and you have to replace it again. For me on my daily driver car, time is money, and reliability is key, and I will continue to take my cars to Hoffmann Automotive - there is not another shop in town that is as good as Hoffmann (other than maybe Redfield Machine, another great mechanic, but it definitely isn't the place to go if you need your car fixed quickly). This shop is as good as they get. —jclay

2008-07-23 21:10:02   I took my Toyota 4Runner for timing belt service at Hoffman automotive. When I dropped off my vehicle for service Rick Hoffman said that they only use genuine Toyota parts. When I picked up my 4Ruuner and looked at the invoice, part numbers did not match Toyota parts. They used cheap NAPA parts and charged me price for Toyota parts. This shady job cost me well over $1400.00. He even charged me for six pairs of gloves to repair my vehicle. A doctor would not use six pairs of gloves for surgery. TOTALLY DISHONEST AND DECEPTIVE BUSINESS. —janetj

2008-08-21 16:03:23   The young mechanic named Jason is dreamy! —mworthington

2008-08-21 16:15:27   I agree! Hoffman Auto has always treated me kindly, and Jason (the youngest of the Hoffmans) is a cutie! If you're lucky he'll be the one to give you a ride home... —KCal

2009-04-27 12:43:11   We have relied on Hoffman's for so many years, I don't know what we'd do without them. I miss having them on the corner of 5th and G, but I'm grateful for their full service auto repair. They are absolutely honest and great people as well. One of the sort of 'small town' benefits of living in Davis. —christinecipperly

  • Too bad Hoffman's had to move from G and 5th; now the succeeding business has gone out of business. Hope it doesn't turn into an eyesore, because Hoffman's was always such a meticulously neat and interesting filling station. Be a disservice to Mr. Hoffman if is does stay abandoned. —SolidSender

2009-06-09 22:53:31   Excellent customer service! I have gone in here many times and they have always been friendly, informative and very helpful! The most recent time was when my car failed a smog test and I needed a repair. Instead of taking my money and fixing my car, they told me about the CAP program and told me that I needed to go to another station if I wanted to save money. They even printed the application out for me! They lost money to save me money! Great customer service! (And the guy who drives you home is cute!) —juliebeans

2009-07-24 22:01:23   Having worked in the office of an auto repair shop and being a woman, after reading previous comments I needed to leave one to vouch for Hoffmann Automotive. I've been in Davis six years and had a heck of a time finding an honest mechanic for my aging but still running car. I took it to multiple places in Davis and got completely dishonest service and quotes which I could recognize having worked, but not serviced, cars in a repair shop. Hoffmann is totally different. Though they can seem a bit gruff, they have never been anything but respectful and professional to me and I've been getting my car serviced there for all six years (my car is old, it doesn't need repairs from their bad work). They remember me when I go in and are kind enough to ask after my pet. They give HONEST estimates and work to come in under that estimate whenever possible; car parts and labor are expensive! The reason they, like any reputable service center, won't install customer-bought parts is because they cannot guarantee the safety or quality of the part you found so cheaply on Amazon. This is good business practice as well as helps them avoid a lawsuit from the person who wanted to save a few bucks the wrong way if the part is faulty. They have also told me when I can avoid expensive repairs by doing routine checks or monitoring somethings myself; knowing I am on a tight budget, they've helped me prioritize repairs with attention always to safety first. Never have they treated me as if I can be taken advantage of as a student or as a woman. They explain the nature of the repair in language I can understand without being condescending. Rick Hoffmann even talked to my previous mechanic at home, out of state, on my first visit in which greatly reassured me that they were willing to stand by their work and estimate. My home mechanic gave them the thumbs up as reputable mechanics. Highly, highly recommend. These are all great mechanics and run a honest and clean business with an emphasis on good customer service. And MyHeartisinOhio, the Hoffmann brothers are from Ohio originally! —dandysgirl

2009-08-24 15:24:54   has the phone number recently changed? —DylanBeaudette

2009-11-16 18:09:34   I had really bad experience here. I brought my VW GTI here for a timing belt replacement, and it take 2 days to complete. When I called them on the second day, they said to me that it's not start yet and we dont know when it will finish but I will call you when it finish. Another point is the price, like labor hour, is a little higher than other place. The reason I select this place to work on my car b'cause it's close to my office and I expect to finish quickly, but it turns out that it's slower compare to other place and ruin all my schedule for whole that day with the sentence "We dont know when it will be finished, we will call you once it finish". —abigailN

2009-11-18 13:43:08   I had a battery die, and what had happened was the light inside my car was on. I get it to the shop, instead of recharging the battery and retest. Rick hoffmann insisted that the battery and alternator need to be replaced. When I got the car home, the battery indicator light was still on and they hadn't noticed it. Had to take it elsewhere to replace the battery the next day. I went back to Rich and asked for a refund and he basically told me to get lost. Thanks a lot. For nothing. And a big bill. It makes me wonders about the positive review posted on this page? How reliable are they? —Truman

2009-11-25 14:05:54   In regards to AbigailN's comments I would like to respond by saying that this business does not have a VW GTI in our history records. One would think that a shop which does timing belt services (or for that matter ANY services) would have some form of history on any given vehicle. I can assure you that since 1979 we have, and continue to keep records for several years after every vehicle visit. We do not know whom you are refering to in your review of this business, but it certainly is not this one. Please get your facts straight before complaining about any business that provides a service to you. We are sorry you had a poor experience somewhere else but we do not feel it is fair to be blasted by someone when we clearly have no history of ever seeing their vehicle. —jphoff

2009-11-25 14:22:58   In regards to Truman's comments. It is really interesting that you wonder about the positive reviews of this business because we wonder about your negative comments about this business. First, we have no recollection or history of this vehicle so we again are wondering if you are mixing us up with another shop or for some reason feeling obligated to slander us publicly on this open forum. Second, Rick Hoffmann (or Rich as you incorrectly referred to him in your review)would not EVER tell anyone to "get lost." Any long time customer or new customer can tell you about the friendly and fair service we provide to everyone who enters our shop. We could not have survived in this business for 30+ years if we were in the practice of verbally belittling and alienating our customer while providing them with poor service. Your claims about this business do not add up to anything and we would appreciate it if you (and other like you) would please get your information straight before you get the urge to log on to DavisWiki. —jphoff


2009-12-11 11:50:01   Truman, please do yourself a favor and take a deep breath and calm down. Collect your thoughts and then attempt to make your point in a manner that actually makes sense. A thesaurus works wonders if you need one (and it appears, my spelling and grammar challenged friend, that you are in dire need) because your posts remind me of one of those Nigerian scammer emails that occasionally crop up in my inbox.

How's the weather in Abuja these days?

Maybe you should find something productive to do with your time like herd your goats or feed your donkey. These guys at have better things to do than reply to uneducated shills... Like repairing cars and taking care of their customers as they have been doing for the last 30 years.