This charming home in a coveted part of town would be a rare find for any prospective buyer... be ready to plunk down cash!

Home ownership is a large part of The American Dream. Unfortunately in Davis, as in much of California, the cost of homes is a huge obstacle to achieving this dream. If you're a first time home buyer, you may want to spend a little time thinking about what you must have in a new home, and what you'd like but could live without for the right price. Keep in mind that a lot of money buys only a little bit of land in California. New arrivals to the area are often shocked to learn that their mansion in Texas only got them enough money for a small tract home in Davis. As a compromise between affordability and comfort, some Davisites choose mobile home ownership in trailer parks. In the future, the small house movement may catch on as a reasonable way for people of low to moderate income to stay in town in the midst of cost pressures; Davis has certainly been no stranger to alternative housing projects such as cooperatives or even the Human Powered Housing Project.

Those who absolutely cannot bear to live in one of Davis' many 60s-era boxes or one of the newer cookie-cutter tracts wedged shoulder-to-shoulder with their neighbors may want to look further afield in West Sacramento, Sacramento, Woodland, Winters or Dixon; all these areas are feeling the pinch of new home buyers as well and are quickly becoming bedroom communities for larger cities.

Keep in mind that flooding is the most significant natural danger to your investment. The Sacramento Valley is a natural floodplain, so don't assume that just because the insurance company tells you flood insurance is unnecessary, you're safe. Insurance companies are forced by the government to offer flood insurance — insurers don't like to sell flood insurance because a single claim can easily cost them over $100,000.

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