Hoopies are alleged to be Davis' own flavor of hippie. The term has not been seen other than on DavisWiki, but allegedly derives from the fact that many so-called Hippies residing in Davis are productive members of The Machine and thus the term Hippie seems both offensive and lacking. Hoopie originates from the fact that many so-called Hoopies live in the housing co-operatives Davis is known for (Coops). Though their numbers have been in decline since the mid 1970s, restoration efforts are leading to slow but noticeable increases in the local population. Those wishing to observe one of the rare Davis Hoopies should begin their search at one of the following locations:

Some speculate that the term is an homage to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which uses "Hoopy." As in, "The Davis wiki creator is one hoopy frood!

It's sound is similar to Hoopa. (See Street Name Themes California Native American).