Hour of Power is a drinking game. It has also mistakenly been called "Power Hour."

The concept of the Hour of Power is pretty simple. All you need is a lot of beer (~8 beers/person), a shot glass for each person, and a clock. Simply take a shot of beer every minute for one hour. This is a pretty popular game in Davis as well as other parts of the country.

You've got to have some method of keeping track of the time or else things can get sloppy fast. One recommended method is to make a Hour of Power mix of 60 songs that play for one minute each, that way you can take a shot every time a new song comes on. Some might argue that making a "Hour of Power Playlist" is half the fun.

The Numbers

  • Hour of Power: 90 oz of beer, or 7.5 beers in 60 mins.
  • Century Club: 150 oz of beer, or 12.5 beers in 100 mins.
  • Edward 40 Hands: 80oz (6 2/3 beers) of malt liquor (or beer) as quickly as you can drink it.

For those that have already mastered the Hour of Power, the next step would be to join the Century Club...


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I did this tonight. It's harder than it sounds. I dont know how you fools take on the Century Club - Matty

2005-03-26 22:58:18   oh man... i can't express how excited i was when i made my first Power Hour Mix... at the very beginning of fall quarter we got probably 20 sorority girls in arlington do to power hour on a very random night and it was one of my most fun nights ever! —BriannaHaag

2005-04-03 17:00:24   i would argue that the game is called Power Hour. I have never heard it called "Hour of Power." A google search for "Hour of Power" "drinking game" returns 212 hits, a search for "Power Hour" "drinking game" returns 10,700. —ArlenAbraham

2005-04-03 17:26:21   I agree. A "proof by Google" is never wrong. —MikeIvanov

2005-10-15 22:06:54   First off I weigh 155 pounds. But then again I'm 80percent Irish.anyway try 15 bottles in one hour. then come talk to me. —ChrisJernigan

2006-02-28 09:05:35   I agree it is called Hour of Power. In fact I loved the game so much a decided to put my degree to use and write a program that automates the process using your own mp3s. Check it out @ http://hour-of-power.com Its 110% free. Email me if you have any questions: info @ hour-of-power.com. Enjoy- cheers! —HourPower

  • I have to argue that if its 110% free, then you should pay me a little bit to use it. — AllisonEriksen

2006-02-28 10:11:03   "Hour of Power" is also the name of a televised church service. —WilliamLewis

  • It may be possible to integrate the two.