Howard IM Field is one of the intramural fields on the UC Davis campus. It is located on the east side of Howard Way just north of the North Entry Parking Structure. The field is bounded on the east by Toomey Field and on the north by Russell Boulevard.

Howard IM Field is equipped with lights. One of the light towers was replaced in 2007 to include a cell phone tower for Verizon.

During the fall, the UCD football team practices regularly on this field. During football season, it is usually lined with two football fields. At other times of the year, the field is sometimes lined for other field sports. Occasionally during football season the Band-uh practices here when their other practice sites are unavailable. Regardless of when said practice takes place, it is at that exact time that the sprinklers generally decide to turn on.

When football games were still held at Toomey Field, the associated pre-game festivities typically took place here. The Aggie Pack entrance to Toomey Field also faced Howard IM Field.

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