Tharren, at Froggy's

Don't be afraid of the Hugging guy. He is a mentally handicapped 20-something year old man who hangs out around the MU and likes to hug people. Men and women alike. He isn't really creepy at all. He is just a friendly town character. His real name is Tharren.


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I encountered Hugging Guy down at Pita Pit in early December. It was around 1:30 to 2 a.m., so it was mostly the post-bar crowd. He made the rounds giving everyone hugs. If I hadn't heard about him I might have been a little suspicious, but he was received surprisingly well by all the (confused and drunk) people he hugged. As stated, he wasn't creepy at all.. Just confusing. Good guy. —CaptainRush

Hugging Guy often shows up at Woodstock's Pizza where he does his normal rounds of hugs around the joint.. Does he ever buy anything? I see him eating but I think it's just the hug-ees feeding him. Quite a few people I know have played air hockey with him in the MU Games Area on numerous occasions. Oh man, and during Picnic Day Battle Of The Bands 2005, he was the jitteriest dude at Lake Spafford.. dancin while hugging... oodles of fun! -BenjaminCatabas

This is mean. "just the hug-ees feeding him"? You make him sound like a dog. -NickSchmalenberger

haha.. I'm sorry.. didn't mean to sound umm... mean. But seriously... people offer him food.. he doesn't need to buy anything!! Anyway, he doesn't hang out there as much anymore so...

"Huggy Bear"'s real name is Tharren (sp?). I went to high school with him at JFK in Sacramento. He just turned 30 years old. I have heard (not verified) that his condition is due to severe physical abuse as a child. He is actually very friendly, although he does seem to hug girls more than guys. Hmm, maybe smarter than he seems. Anyhow, don't mind the hugging. Just tell him you love him and it will make him happier than you can imagine. —JeffSpeckles

Tharren is totally radical. I used to run Karaoke at G Street and he'd come in every Monday to sing some songs. I can't remember which ones were his favorite except one - Night Shift by The Commodores. He'd ask me to sing with him and we'd tear the place up. He's a real good guy - I need to make it back out and see how he's doing... - Devin

What exactly does hugging guy look like? I go to SacState and there's a guy who hangs out in our Union who does the same thing! does he travel to various campuses to hug people?? - Tojo

No, they're all different. They come out of Hugging University. —SteveDavison

2006-05-12 19:20:21   Hey Tojo, Tharren actually DOES seem to be in both places. I know him well from Davis, but now I go to Sac State and I have seen him there a few times. He's spreading the love! —EmilyBlake

2006-08-24 12:47:07   Tharren rocks, and he's fucking amazing at mario 3 on old school Nintendo. He does, however, have the worst BO of anyone I've ever met. I've let him crash on my couch a few times. He lives in sacramento near sac state somewhere. He is definitely smarter than he seems. Tharren loves oatmeal and Denny's. The end. —DonovanKelley

2006-12-19 19:23:15   His name is Tharren, however he is not in his 20's! He is definitely older as he has been around Davis since the mid-nineties before I ever got there. He once stayed at our place on 3rd street, because as you may have guessed he doesn't have a home in Davis. He does have a place to stay at some sort of 'half-way home' in Sacramento but he purposely misses his bus and to stay in Davis and hangout with all the college kids. Often he sleeps on the street. Indeed he is 'harmless' as you have stated however, don't buy the man a drink, he doesn't need one! And for the record, he is better than you think at Karaoke and has a legit 3-point shot! Check yourself. Peace, Nate Mezmer (relocated back in the bay!) —NateMezmer

2006-12-20 16:51:24   Yeah, I've been seeing him around town for many years now —StevenDaubert

2007-10-15 20:38:20   Yea, he's a cool guy! —kj

He lived on M Street for years with what I always assumed was his family.