Humans vs. Zombies (or HvZ) is a week-long campus-wide game of tag that happens at the beginning of each quarter at UC Davis. The game used to be run by Davis Nerf Club, but it is now run by the Humans vs. Zombies club, DNC's independent sister club. Registration and Rules can be found at

What is HvZ?

HvZ at TAMU Humans versus Zombies is a week-long campus-wide event similiar to tag. In Davis the game is played by over 100 students every quarter. The players are initially sorted into two different teams: humans and zombies. Humans wield NERF blasters to defend themselves from the zombies and must complete various missions every night of the week. Zombies are human players that were tagged by another zombie, and their goals are to tag more humans and stop them from completing their missions. Basically the zombies are the ones who are 'it' and the humans are the ones who are not. The premise of the game is simple: humans try to survive and zombies try to tag all of them.

HvZ has been growing in popularity among American college campuses, with the Davis chapter being established as of 2011. More background can be found here.


Organized by Freshmen Elie Friedman, Jon Abramson, and Sean Hessom, the first game was held in January 2011. While set to end in a final stand of epic Hollywood proportions, the excessive breakage of Rule 1 led to an early end to what was an epic (though bumpy) first run of Humans Vs. Zombies leaving Humans the war weary victors. Starting in Spring 2011, Darryl took the reins, and beginning Winter 2012 DUGG, under the control of Maxwell Kappes, had taken control. Humans vs. Zombies unfortunately disbanded with the last game being played under the Davis Nerf Club Winter 2018. 4 years later in Spring 2022, President of the Davis Nerf Club, Nate Walker and his mods would reintroduce HvZ to the UC Davis Campus.


Scoreboard: Humans: 6 (W 2011), (F 2011) (F 2012), (S 2013), (SS2013), (S2014) Zombies: 7 (S 2011), (W 2012), (S 2012), (W 2013), (F2013), (W2014), (S2022)


Players first register here

1) Humans wear brightly colored bandannas on their arms to indicate that they are humans. Zombies wear bandannas on their heads.

2) Zombies kill humans and make them into zombies by tagging. Humans can "stun" zombies with either Nerf blasters, or sock balls. Once a zombie is stun, they are out of play for 15 minutes, and must wait that duration out of sight before they can be "respawned" into the game. Zombie players can never die. Humans get only one life.

3) The game is on foot only. Indoors are considered out of play for obvious reasons.

4) At night survivors will gather for a mission where the they must complete an objective situated throughout campus, all while trying to survive an onslaught of zombies. Humans win by completing missions, with a final mission on the last night of HvZ. Zombies win by stopping the humans from completing their missions. Humans also lose if every human is dead.

5) Every detail on how to proceed can be found on the Facebook event that's made for each quarter. Postings of that event page can be found on the Humans vs. Zombies Facebook page or in Davis Nerf Club's group.


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2008-05-20 19:55:43   They play it here at Penn State. If the UCD game takes off like this one, it is a seriously fun game. —JabberWokky

2010-04-12 22:00:13   I am up for this anytime. If it gets going post to my user page. —DagonJones

2011-02-23 18:29:26   long live the sock people! —Sock Ninja

2013-01-26 00:56:56   Damn, missed the start by just a few days. AND I just bought a brand new Maverick Rev-6, too! —SeanKnight

2013-03-31 00:46:02   Don't worry! We'll have another game in Spring and we play every weekend with the Davis Urban Gaming Group. Saturday. 8pm. Death Star. —MaxwellKappes