These are reviews of Hunan from 2007. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2007-01-05 21:14:26   I wrote down $20 total with tip for me and my friend's dinners, only to find later upon checking my bank statement that they'd charged $20.64! Not exactly a big difference, but quite rude and unexplainable. Service is typically less-than-stellar, but food is good and not too pricey. —JoshBurkart

2007-01-06 10:23:40   How quickly did you check it? When you use your CC at a restaurant, the card is authorized for (if I remember right) 20% more than the amount on the bill (pre-tip) when the bank is contacted. Say you have a $100 bill, and you have $101 in your account. Your card will be denied. This ensures that you can't add, say, a $15 tip AFTER the bank has been contacted that you don't have sufficient funds for. This authorization appears as funds withdrawn for as long as 48 hours or so, until the restaurant finalizes the transaction and the bank "catches up". It's a common complaint. —JeffSpeckles

2007-01-15 01:02:08   The food is OKAY. Not the best. Customer service is pretty wack too. —LenaLim

2007-02-09 14:09:33   when you first walk in, its like a cheesy 80s sort of feel to it. if you like the 80s, this is definitely the place for you. If you like Chinese food, its not bad at all. Big menu. I thought the Chicken with pinenapple would be with rice and not with the red sauce that you see for sweet and sour. I was disappointed by my choice of food, but the other dishes were delicious. I'd go here again, but i'd consider somewhere else first. —CraigMerry

2007-02-11 16:29:14   The proximity to campus, the unbelievable value of food in the lunch special, and their crab and cheese wonton, all come together to form a delightful alternative to on campus food selections. I have been going to Hunan a few times a week now for the last month, and I have been extremely impressed. Their menu, however, is uneven. Their lemon chicken is lightly marinated in lemon sauce, with delicious tender white meat chicken, while their sweet and sour chicken should be more aptly renamed “sweet and sour sauce with soggy chicken.” Their orange chicken, which is another popular dish, seems to straddle the line between too much sauce and not enough white meat chicken, although the sauce itself is something to crave. (part 1) —JeffKauf

2007-02-11 16:29:31   (part 2) I would recommend the Lemon chicken, and chow mien. But the crabmeat cheese wonton is most impressive. Although, I think to be more honest, Hunan should rename it the cream cheese wonton, since there is about as much crab in the wonton as there is seashore in Davis. For about $4.50 you get eight of these small fried cream cheese pockets, which could alone constitute an entire meal, and often do. The décor in Hunan is something out of the 1980’s, but the restaurant seems clean, and prices are more than reasonable. —JeffKauf

2007-02-24 16:35:31   Do they put crack in the Honey Crispy Walnut Prawns? I can't get enough of them! —BriannaBetancourt

2007-03-02 18:23:46   I keep going back for the lunch specials, but I really hate the service. The waiter spilled water all over our table (they like to see how fast they can pour a cup), and I asked for an extra napkin when a server walked by. She looked at me, then pointed to my napkin and said I already have one. I said yes, but I'd like another please. She...walked away, and walked back and forth without giving me one :( —ES

2007-03-04 13:26:16   About the overcharging...yeah, it was really sketch when they added up the tax, then I signed for $12.72...and I'm waiting to see if the temp auth for $12.92 goes through of my credit card. Really sketch, and I'm going to rip them a new one if that charge goes through for more than I signed. Not cool. Roommate also told me that she once had a charge that could only happen if they drew in another circle to make her "0" into an "8." Shady. —JulieEickhof

2007-03-16 14:27:28   Food is ok, does not compare to chinese restaurants in san francisco at all. I orderd a Beef Chow Fun, and it was too oily. They also tried to overcharge me. it was 5.50, and when they gave me the bill it was 6.20, even if that was taxed, thats like 12.7 percent tax! seems pretty shady to do that —ChadwickHuang

2007-05-02 16:40:44   I've only been here once, but I feel the food is too "Americanized" for my taste. I felt like I was eating at a nicer, sit down version of Panda Express. —VincentShin

2007-05-05 17:29:06   Really cheap and the quality shows. I've went here for two dinners and one lunch. Their food is a bit oily and the service is pretty bad. Underpaid & understaffed...typical of a Chinese restaurant though-VT —VivianTang86

2007-06-01 23:05:04   WARNING - Hunan has a very bad reputation of stealing credit card numbers and / or making changes on the amount charged. They fucked up my credit card and I cancelled it after they committed fraud. I will NEVER go to this shit hole again! Those fuckers deserve to rot in hell. —Surfnoc

2007-06-13 09:59:16   The Honey Walnut Chicken's sauce tastes identical to Honey Graham Oh's. It's uncanny! —CraigBrozinsky

2007-07-11 10:54:22   Despite all of the bad things I have heard about this place regarding credit cards, I still think it is the best Chinese restaurant in Davis. Great lunch specials, nice atmosphere and excellent food in my opinion. I reccommend the general chicken. —MikeJones

2007-07-19 01:04:14   My office colleague reported them altering her credit card amounts. These guys are soooo criminal! Pay only in cash if you ever eat there. —Surfnoc

2007-08-10 13:32:55   3 friends and I went to eat here for lunch. We each got a variation of the hot garlic sauce (2 chickens, a pork, and a beef). I was one of the people who got the chicken. All 3 of my friends got sick almost instantly after finishing the meal. 1 friend hurled in the trash can in front of the restaurant. We went back to talk to the manager and told him not to serve the hot garlic sauce, and he REFUSED! He claimed nothing was wrong with his food. We then asked him to see his health inspection letter and he claimed that he was never given one even after 10 YEARS of working there!! He then proceeded to tell us that restaurants that have those health inspection letters were the "bad restaurants"; ALL restaurants need the health inspectors verification!! (They probably failed theirs). Then he kept asking what we wanted him to do, and since he wasn't going to stop serving the sauce, we asked for our money back. He refused to do that too! What a cheap ass! There, my friends were sick from his food, one vomitted in the trash, and he refused to take any responsibility! I'm never eating there again, and I hope no one else does either! —SaThai

2007-09-18 23:32:57   I went to Hunan earlier tonight for a dinner with my mother...and it was horrible. A few minutes after we were served the main courses, a long brown cockroach crawled up on the wall we were sitting at. I tried to smash it with a dinner napkin, and some of the roach guts flew outwards, with the damn roach still not dead when it landed on the table. When an older male came up to the table, he was trying to act competent, showing a carbon copy of what he claimed to be an extermination bill, but wouldn't let us see it upclose. To top it all off, after our appetites were utterly diminished, and weren't EVEN going to finish the 'food', he gives us a $6 discount on an $18 bill!

Never will I ever go to this ROACH hole again. Not only that, I'm reporting them to the county health inspection department. —JM1987

2007-10-19 18:15:34   The lunch specials are great, especially for the price (get the general chicken) but the dinner can be quite expensive. The food is good, though, and the service is good, too. —LolaTorney

2007-11-07 19:35:05   This is a great place! I love their food! Especially the honey shrimp special. They were very friendly and kind. —Idunitt

2007-11-17 01:23:02   I went to Hunan for lunch today, and while it took a few minutes for us to be seated, we were well attended to after that. Multiple visits from our waiter, a bit snappy in taking our salad plates...and overcharged me on my tab, about $2.00. Isn't that illegal? Should I report it to my bank? I'll visit again, but with cash. —ArianeMetz

  • I dimly recall that rice was extra. I remember that I had extra charges for food offered with no comment that they were additional fees. Not illegal, but certainly not the best practice to encourage return visits. —jw
    • Fried rice is part of the lunch combo, which is what I'm guessing she got (what everyone gets). Hunan is shady, they always seem to overcharge be it 50 cents or a dollar or two. I say go for it. -ES
    • I TOTALLY went for it, and my bank adjusted the charge. I ordered plain rice for sure, (I am filipino raised on plain jasmine-rice) and I specifically remember what I wrote down with the tip...and they indeed charged me more...I have not returned to Hunan since —ArianeMetz

2007-12-12 20:11:40   When it comes to the lunch specials, I think this place is the perfect example of "quantity over quality" —DonaldJaye

2007-12-19 20:35:14   It's not the best restaurant in Davis, but I still like it. It's best to go there during an off-time, when it's not busy. —thelonepiper555

2008-12-31 20:35:14   These guys overcharge my credit card. Business like this should be banned (especially after so many people complained in here). —Davisresident2

2007-12-31 17:58:31   How much did they overcharge you? Did you bring it to their attention? Did they deal with the overcharge when you asked about it? Were they polite about it? Has this ever happened to you here before? Before you call people "criminals," how about giving us more of the facts? —DonShor

2007-12-31 17:58:31   It's a very small amount, i was just mad momentarily that's all. It's not worth driving over there and ask for a refund. Anyways, read how MANY PEOPLE here have experienced credit card overcharge and you'll see that HUNAN really do have shady business practice. —DavisResident2