These are reviews of Hunan from 2008. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2008-01-01 10:20:40   There are a few positive things about Hunan: the food is cheap & the service is fast. If you're looking for a place to eat quickly w/o caring about good customer service, then Hunan may be the place for you. My boyfriend and I used to go eat there pretty frequently although we felt that the customer service sucked, but the food was cheap so we figured that everything evened out in the long run. However, after being overcharged about a dollar on our credit card for tip, we decided to never go there again. What I like to do, is leave cash tip on the table while charging the card the exact amount that was due. I don't understand where these people get that they deserve more tip and to scam people's credit card for it. I haven't been back there for months and I recommend going to Noodle Express or Jade Garden. —SmartenU

2008-01-17 15:57:45   It's my first time eating here since I thought I need a new change of chinese restaurants. I paid my bill $18.60, but they charged me $22.32. That's like almost $4!! Nobody should go there anymore and put them out of business. —hunansucks

2008-01-22 15:19:29   customer service is bad here. I enjoy coming here with my sister and boyfriend. however, everytime we come here, the waitress always gives us a "not important" look since we're asian also. Plus, they never refill my water. how sad. :(. Also, once when I order my food, they forgot to put rice and chowmei in it until i told them that my plate was missing some food. the crab cheese wonton is great. fills me up a lot. however, the customer service and charging extra is not part of the kind of service i like. I'd avoid this place now. —ChiYang

2008-02-15 18:14:52   I've never been disappointed. Been there a few times. Very inexpensive for what you get and the food is tasty! The service has always been good (my water glass wasn't ever empty). I'll have to pay attention to my credit card statement, but the food is very good. —jglovicz

2008-03-01 00:01:53   Apparently cannot add up the total bill correctly. Our bill was added incorrectly and tax seemed much higher as well. Do not tip these criminals. In fact, don't even go here. How this resturant got picked as #1 for Davis' Best is beyond me. Service sucks. Portions are INCREDIBLY TINY for dinner. If you read this comment, trust me and don't even think about trying Hunans. I'm also never going to trust Davis' Best again. This place is a rip-off joint. —soohoo

2008-03-05 02:44:50   First off, let me say I love Hunan. My favorite chinese food in davis with sesame chicken to die for. Now, onto this credit card business - I finally figured it out! Like many on here I too thought I was being overcharged because when I would get take out I wouldn't leave a tip on the cc slip, but on my bank statement online my total would always be exactly 20 percent more. This seems to be the case for everyone, since, as mr "hunansucks" states above his total should have been 18.60, not 22.32, which is 18.60 with a 20 percent tip. I, like others, thought they were giving them self a nice little bonus, but after months and months I finally happened to notice that once the charge on my bank statement went from "pending" to not pending, the right amount was charged to my account. For some reason the pending charge estimates a twenty perecent tip, but that is not the actual amount that will be taken from your account - the total you write on the cc slip is the actual amount they will eventually charge you. This appears to be the case over at cafe chamonix as well, so I guess there are some odd credit card transaction systems in Davis that total things up this way. So everyone that thinks they were robbed by Hunan - go back and check your account! I think you will discover the same thing I have, in which case we should chastise them only for having a stupid credit card system, not for stealing.

upon finishing this and reading all the comments on this page I realize that a few people have already made mention of how their credit system works, but it appears people need it explained again so I'm going to leave my comment for now. —JakeJames

2008-03-16 18:50:27   There food is pretty good for their price, especially during lunch. However, the employees there do not seem happy at all, so it kind of ruins my mood too. Barely any eye contact, no smiles or no greetings. —AlexN

2008-03-18 23:11:08   Wow, so many whiners on this page. The building that Hunan is located in smells like a doctor's office, yes. The neon signs remind me of a cheap Vegas joint, agreed. But if you like food that tastes good (just don't think about the MSG content), aren't picky about authenticity, and don't enjoy paying thirty bucks for an entree, give it a try. I heart their lunch specials - you get a soup or salad, rice, chow mein, and a crab cheese wanton for around seven bucks with tip. I haven't had a problem with the service, they keep the water refills coming. And I think it's been established that you shouldn't use your credit card here either, so just pay with cash, eat, and be happy. —RoseRed

2008-03-30 22:53:20   Tonight we ate at Hunan's. The food was tasty. I ordered the big bowl of Hot&Sour soup and my dinner date ordered the tofu. Service was so-so. We went late (around 8:45pm) and so we had to order fast because they were closing the kitchen. And then we had to pay quickly because they were shutting down their registers or whatever. Anyway, just know that if you go within an hour of closing time, they will rush you. —CurlyGirl26

2008-03-30 22:54:00   Oh and the bill was hella cheap. Yea, I said hella. —CurlyGirl26

2008-03-31 18:14:00   I agree with the above comment. A several fridays ago, I called in an order (large veg hot & sour soup...sooooo good) at 10pm and told them I'd be there in about 15 minutes. I work a block away and would be getting off work at 10:10, so I figured they'd have it ready since it usually takes them 10 minutes to make it. I got there at 10:15pm, and the door was already locked. I knocked a few and about 5 minutes later, they answered as if I was bothering them. I was used to the service so I wasn't irked. But I was suprised that they were already closed despite knowing I was coming when I said I would. They rushed me out after I paid for the food that was already waiting for me at the register. I love the food, but sometimes this place is just odd... —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-04-05 18:42:35   Their food? they were ok, but their price is very cheap. but I won't recommend my friends to go there at all. I been there two time with my friends. The first time i went there i found hair in my food, and i told the waiter about it, and he told me that he will change the plate for me. As he gave it to me, i noticed is the same plate but with some more food. I didn't mind to bother him more, so i just totally ignored it. The second time i went there with 3 of my friends. We got FOOD POISONING....four of us are having tummyache and one of them threw up as we walk out the restaurant. We went back to tell the manager to check if their food are dirty or not. We are not looking for money back or anything but asking the manager to be careful next time. Instead of giving us an apologize, he told us that is our fault that we have bad stomach. Logically, how can FOUR of us all stomachache at the same time? we are not the same person. Therefore, wE asked him to show us a license where it shows if they have a good grade of cleanness. The manager told us that he don't have it, and that all the restaurant that have grading ( A , B, C) are the dirty ones. It was useless giving a lesson to him, so we decided never go there again, because their service sucks, their manager sucks. —yukarinan

2008-05-04 12:58:50   after reading the mixed reviews on this page, i called in an order of general chicken. I must say i was pleasantly surprised; it was very flavorful (i dont particularly care about MSG ), with just enough spice, and the chicken itself was perfectly cooked. i was quite impressed. cannot say about the service, though, because even though they said it would be ready in 10 minutes, i got there in 10 minutes and waited another 10. the restaurant was also nearly empty at the time. i would recommend the general chicken though. —boristheblade

2008-05-19 17:00:18   I have to say I wasn't very impressed. It might have been because I went in with pretty high expectations, but sadly they were not fulfilled. I went with a friend of mine and got the Family Diner A. The service was measly compared to Silver Dragon, but the food was ok. It was not the best Chinese I have ever had, but it wasn't the worst either. I probably wouldn't go back. I'd prefer Silver Dragon for the lower prices and larger quantities as well as the engaging atmosphere. The servers at Hunan were not very friendly. I might have to try lunch sometime. —VTang

2008-05-21 22:19:42   THE WORST SERVICE CAN BE FOUND AT HUNAN. Instead of asking if we were done with our soup they just grabbed our bowls right from underneath us. The waiter, the son of the owners, made us feel guilty for asking for something. There was only one good waiter (probably the only one not related to the owners)- I made sure to give him the tip as we left the restaurant. Finally, they stole my 7 year old daughter's purse. Only after I yelled in their faces in front of other patrons did they actually find my daughter's purse. Thank God I paid in cash. —Misha

2008-05-28 16:37:32   O.K... The over charging, bad food, and poor service is NOTHING compared to the BIG FAT COCK ROACHES that I saw on my visit. Not 1 not 2 but 3 of them crawled on the table and the nearby wall! The manager, owner, or whom ever also provided me with a faded copy of the exterminators receipt. So Gross!!! —Sherri

2008-05-29 18:39:44   actually the credit card company is the one that calculates a twenty percent tip into the total in order to cover any tip you might leave, once the restaurant settles the batch it should update the amount and as said before, once it is done "pending" the charge should be correct. If it is not correct after it has finished pending, you need to call the restaurant and your credit card company. —memphisraines

2008-06-07 14:30:49   Sesame chicken lunch special SEE HERE Mmm delicious. It was $5.50 total. Save yourself some cash, and support the small restaurants. (Screw Panda!) —KNT

2008-06-24 01:35:43   They make a damn good quick hot lunch. I'm never disappointed with the quality of food or service. I wish some of the other establishments in town took cues from Hunan. —johnharth

2008-06-24 02:25:03   This place probably has the best Chinese food in Davis, at least among the places I've tried. Prices were good. Food was very good. Yum! —IDoNotExist

2008-07-03 16:58:43   You cannot beat Hunan's 5 dollar happy luncheons. They are generally fast in their service, so I don't care that they're not particularly "friendly". I love the general chicken! —RMC

2008-07-05 14:58:16   Lunch special is cheap which is great, but like any other chinese restaurant, there are things that you shouldn't keep in mind when eating; like the poor hygiene of the guy with the overly long nail. The food is good for Chinese food, but again like any other Chinese food, it's really saucey.....too much sauce! good for what it is.... —islandboy12

2008-07-05 19:20:57   Ignore the Chinese people whining about authentic food. Go to China already and stop complaining. This place has the best Chinese food in Davis, is reasonably priced, good atmosphere, good service, and also doesn't have any health code violations in the past two years! You can't go wrong. —JimBob

2008-07-13 06:58:41   Overcharged my credit card. They charged my credit card 68 cents more than what I wrote down to pay. Not much but it's still theft. tip: pay with CASH! —silver08

2008-07-24 21:42:33   People don't seem to get this yet, so I'll say it again: THEY DON'T STEAL MONEY! Hunan credit card machines estimate a twenty percent tip, so while the transaction is pending it may seem like they overcharged the amount you wanted to pay, but when the transaction is finished pending the right amount will be taken from your account. —JakeJames

  • Yup... just like most other restaurants and gas stations. It's a common mistaken complaint. See authorization hold for more information. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
    • Incorrect - they DO overcharge, several times (especially when I left low tips). I've had them overcharge me from pennies to up to forty cents. And it had absolutely NOTHING to do with authorization holds. Besides, if that was the only reason you'd expect to see more complaints off it at other restaurant pages around here. -ES

2008-08-23 01:40:38   They have really good potstickers. Its really rare to find potstickers of this quality. Just try them and you'll know what I'm talking about. —StevenLee

2008-10-02 22:59:52   Does anyone know what kind of salad dressing they use on the lunch special salads? I LOVE it :p —ellenislove

2008-10-03 22:37:51   Edible. —CovertProfessor

  • Anything is edible if you just food it. —SunjeetBaadkar
    • I've never seen the word "food" used as a verb. To food... I will food... You should food... Let's food... —TaniaG
      • You can do anything if you just verbify it. —SunjeetBaadkar
      • Yea, like googling. I google the S*** out of everything these days. —CurlyGirl26

2008-10-05 14:50:59   I wanted to check on the accusations made on this page for myself, so I deliberately paid with my credit card, and since it was for take-out, gave only a nominal tip ($1). It was true that the pending charge was for a larger amount, but once the charge went through, it was for the correct amount. Of course, mistakes could have been made in other cases; I can't prove that they weren't. But I was not overcharged. —CovertProfessor

2008-10-12 10:23:08   Although they try to make a fancy restaurant setting, the food is really just Chinese fast food. The only thing I found impressive about the place was that for their lunch specials you can noodles and rice, which makes it a filling meal. Also, I like their walnut shrimp. —feichu-huya

2008-11-24 19:37:37   My wife and I went to Hunan tonight and had a horrible experience. After the waiter took our order, he went to the bar area only to start a conversation with his coworkers and never returned to check on us. A waitress brought us the food and found out one of the orders was wrong, and then she just walked away without saying a word. A few moments later, the waiter who initially took our order returned with the right dish and placed it on our table without saying a word. At this point, we felt as if we did something wrong. Throughout our entire dinner, no one ever came by our table to ask if we were doing ok. At the end of our dinner, we really just wanted to leave the place and never return. When I paid for our dinner at the front, I told the manager that one of the dishes (this is the dish that they got wrong in the first place) tasted really funky, but he just played dumb by not saying a word – I was really starting to notice a pattern there. It would be a different story if we finished the food and complained about the taste, the manager saw the almost untouched dish on our table. Service is an essential part of the restaurant business and one horrific experience is more than enough for any customers. —nelsoncc

2008-12-01 12:41:34   I've come to the conclusion that Hunan's has the best Hot and Sour soup in Davis —SharmiBasu