This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


was replaced by Judy's Grinders

213 E Street , Suite A
Between Zindagi - Indian Bistro and de Vere's Irish Pub
Mon-Sun 10:00AM-10:00PM
(530) 792-8888

on 10/11/13 they had a printed note up on the door saying they are closing this location. The reason stated was "it's not you Davis, it's us" They also included a </3 at the end of the note

You can always visit Huong Lan in there Sacramento location on 65th and Broadway...

Huong Lan served fresh Vietnamese (Bánh Mì) and American sandwiches, bubble tea, assorted fried foods, spring rolls, flan and assorted Asian desserts. They had a large tapioca drinks selection, second only to the Old Teahouse. They now also serve customizable pho.

The Vietnamese sandwiches were $4 and up, and with sandwiches such as French Pate, there was a wider selection than at either Sunrise Restaurant or Fluffy Donuts. They also had a large staff. Even at peak hours, they were capable of getting you a sandwich within a minute or so. Vietnamese sandwiches tend to be sparsely filled by American fast food standards, hence the lower price. They consist of a crispy white bread roll with filling. The bread tends to be a bit tough, but still tasty. The crisp/crunchy (not soft/mushy) nature of the bread is hard on the gums, so you may be feeling a bit of irritation after eating them.

The Davis store was the 6th Huong Lan store. The others are in Milpitas, Newark, Sacramento, San Jose. The space was previously occupied by International Bistro and before that it was luigi's

There is no longer a minimum for credit card purchases!

They now have free wifi


There was a Huong Lan Sandwiches on Spafford St. from (year unknown) to 2006. The owners are the same ones who run the new business and the local Huong Lan Sandwiches chain. Comments and information about the previous business can be found here.

COMING SOON - taken 01/17/1013


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2013-02-05 13:56:59   This place is a bit overcharged. I had the milk green tea with tapioca for $3.50 and it was not particularly good. The tapioca balls were hard to chew and the drink itself was too sweet. I also had the tofu banh mi. The bread ratio to the filling was too much. Felt like i was just eating a loaf of bread.Not sure I will be coming back to this establishment. —JaneyLuu

2013-02-19 11:01:32   Was excited to try a new vietnamese sandwich shop in Davis. I had the grilled pork Banh Mi and the Shrimp / pork spring rolls. The Grilled pork was really well seasoned and flavorful but I also agree that the bread to filling ratio was not the best. And there were no cucumbers which I really like on my Banh Mi. Given the price ($4.50) I much prefer Sunrise Vietnamese Restaurant on G Street for it's Banh Mi as a better value for a still delicious sandwich. The Spring roll was freshly made and had a nice amount of herbs and salad inside. Overall though I think Sunrise still has them beat. —HeatherMartin

2013-02-21 09:32:25   This is a nice place with friendly workers. But the prices need to be closer to Sunrise's if they want to compete in this town. I don't remember the exact prices, but I'm pretty sure most of the sandwiches were $4 to $5. The sandwiches are of decent size for normal humans but small by gluttonous American standards. The line about the starting prices for sandwiches being $3 is likely inaccurate; please change if you can verify. —ScottMeehleib

  • The cheapest sandwich is $3.95; I changed the text above to say $4. —cp

2013-03-10 16:25:34   The quality of the food is good. I really enjoy their sandwiches and look forward to trying their pho. It is a bit pricier than most others in the chain, but still, it's $4 for a really good and filling sandwich. I can't complain! Glad to have this as an option in Davis! —SandyThai

2013-04-15 09:44:19   I like this place best for Pho. The option to have fresh noodles is great. —ces139

2013-04-16 21:30:38   I went here today and it was delicious. I do love Sunrise, and will still go there, but some of the ingredients were fresher here. They also had a headcheese and paté banh mi was was DELICIOUS. I highly recommend this place for a quick sandwich and Vietnamese coffee. —VinceBuffalo

2013-05-09 11:35:21   Went to this place yesterday. Loved the noodle! —martinchoi

2013-05-14 14:51:22   Went there today and got a bbq pork Bahn Mi. It was more expensive than Sunrise, but the quality, in my opinion was better. The sandwich was larger, and the roll, to me, was softer and more fresh. The comments in the main text regarding the crunchieness of the bread and its effect on the gums was not apparent in my sandwich (I have experienced this before with Banh Mi, and get a similar thing with the grilled bagette sandwiches at Nugget). Rather, the bread was soft and fluffy on the inside, with only a light, pleasently crisp crust. It was a very good roll, and complimented the rest of the sandwich well. The pork was tasty and not over cooked. I would recommend. Yes, more expensive than Sunrise, but great quality, and still an excellent deal (way cheaper than Panera or Zia's, and still left me full). —jefftolentino

2013-07-26 10:05:40   The pho here is bad. Greasy, no vegetables (other than a few green onions), low quality meat, excessively salty but otherwise bland. They have no vegetarian option, no tofu, the chicken still has skin on it (slimy yellow, fatty), the pork is fatty. They do have "fresh" noodles, which are wider and may be fresher than the typical noodles, but overall exceptionally bad bad bad pho. The plates are overpriced for some low quality, fatty meat, white rice and few cucumber and (bad) tomato slices. I would have ordered spring rolls but the counter guy never told me they were on a separate menu, after I exclaimed that it was funny that they don't have spring rolls. I am sticking with Pho King for Vietnamese food and better service. —MichaelPlotkin

2013-10-13 14:06:57   Arghhh! We just started going to this place following the departure of Pho Bac Hoa Viet, and found the sandwiches quite good. What a shame. The space was certainly oversized for having banh mi as the focus. How about getting Discoveries back? —ScottLay

2013-10-13 19:06:11   What Scott said. I feel like this is a cursed business location :P —RyanMeyerhoff