a.k.a. "Never Have I Ever"

I Never is a drinking game that involves three or more people (to be fun, realistically), where everyone takes turns saying something they haven't done. There really is no end to this game until some person can't hold up their cup and say "never have I ever ..." because they're too busy stripping, fighting, vomiting, or any other number of things getting a person really drunk does.

For example: "I Never went to Baltimore." If someone in the group went to Baltimore, they have to drink. If no one in the group went to Baltimore, the person who said it has to go again.

The game is arguably more fun with sexual innuendos. "I Never went down on my spouse while on a trip to Baltimore."

There are some who play the game where a person may say "Never have I ever ..." even if they have done the action in question. In this case the person who said it will still have to drink.