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Cyra Emery
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Name changed to Iconic Workstations as of 2013 from PC Repair & Education. No longer accepting repair jobs. Building workstations only.

They have built several hundred computers in the Bay Area, LA, Seattle, and the greater Sacramento area with the vast majority being used by small businesses—mainly graphic design, photography, music, or some type of content creation. Their workstations have recently been used to do special effects in Captain America: The First Avenger, the Hunger Games Triology, Halo 4, and other releases. 

These workstations can run OS X, Windows, Linux, or all three.

They are extremely familiar with building workstations for: FCP 7 & FCP X Adobe CS5-6 Strata 3D ProTools Logic Avid MC MOTU NUKE Cinema 4D Maya Houdini Smoke Many flavors of CAD DaVinci Resolve Color Octane Render V-ray Zbrush 3Delight Mantra

If they do not answer their phone, leave your name, phone number, and a short description of your question or your problem and they will return the call as soon as possible. They also check their email quite frequently, so sometimes that is the best way to contact them about a computer problem. (See phone and email above).


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2007-03-03 15:36:02   Cyra is nice, honest and trustworthy, as well as being the least expensive "computer guy" I've ever dealt with— he ended up building us a custom computer for $450, including labor and software installed. We've had the computer for about a year now and we're very happy with it. Highly recommended! —LibbySeil

2007-04-05 13:36:03   Cyra is a great guy, very knowledgable about computers and fun to talk with. He came out to my apartment to help me troubleshoot a hardware issue with my newly built machine and the problem was fixed in less than an hour!!! He even gave me the mail-in-rebate form for the new hardware I bought off him, and hell, I even met his parents when he drove me to their house to get the form! I definitely give Cyra two thumbs up (I'd give more if I had more than two). —AlexKimball

2007-12-27 14:04:03   Cyra was an excellent help with my purchase of a custom-made desktop PC in Dec. I contacted him sometime in Oct when I was toying with the idea of a purchase. Yet he never hestitated to advise me on the parts and setup, though knowing well that I might not buy it from him in the end. He was willing to update my PC quotation based on the best available parts over Nov and early Dec. I couldn't say no to such great service! So I bought a very nice PC from him at a very affordable and reasonable price. Friendly, helpful, quick to respond, reasonable prices...Cyra's a SUPERB person to get in touch if you wish to do any PC purchase. —geocoris83

2008-03-27 13:48:53   I highly recommend Cyra and his business for any computer need you might have. I recently spent about $1K with Cyra for a new machine. He will get all my future computer-related business. ::thumbs up:: —Josh.S

2008-10-05 19:54:01   Cyra is the man to go to for any kind of computer issues, and he is very thorough and helpful. Provides great follow-up service, as well. He's also easy on the eyes. Most highly recommended. —JaneKostina

2009-07-28 23:18:46   Cyra's the man. He replaced my hard drive after it failed from my laptop falling off of my truck, couch, kitchen table, kid's bed among other places. He also remove all the stupid preloaded stuff that slows down your computer too. My laptop has never run faster. Thanks again. —Aaron.Curtin

2010-05-20 20:15:24   Cyra is a cool guy. I just spoke with him about building me a PC to fit my specific needs. He was very thorough and nice; I look forward to working with him in the future. —seanyb47

2010-06-08 18:49:46   I cannot begin to explain how awesome my computer is! Cyra recently build me a custom PC for high performance gaming. After spending countless hours of research (and even comparing HP employee discounts), he managed to build be a more powerful PC and a lower cost than available anywhere from factory or website. Moreover, with the purchase came a 3 year parts warranty on almost everything (2 years more than factory warranties) and his own personal labor warranty. After playing around with my PC for a few days, I found a strange error (turned out to be my own doing—I just didn't know how to use Windows 7 after transitioning from XP). I called Cyra. He answered, and he looked at my computer THAT DAY! What a relief not to call India and stay on hold only to have them ask if you have connected your power chord to the wall! Thanks CYRA, my computer works like a dream. I will most definitely be sending anyone I know to you. —Sean —seanyb47

2011-03-15 10:46:00   After many years of overpriced and underwhelming Apple hardware, I decided to order a custom "Hackintosh" from Cyra. After email correspondence with Cyra, I knew I could trust his technical expertise. My only concern was the lack of a well established support system (like AppleCare) if something went wrong. Well, something did go wrong. There was a compatibility problem with the video card and my monitor, which resulted in a black screen. Not Cyra's fault - just typical apple hardware BS. Cyra went way out of his way to fix the problem, and never gave up. The support I received far exceeded what I would have gotten from AppleCare. I am very happy with my new computer, and would reccommend his services to any one. —Paxton

2011-06-29 10:49:01   I purchased a computer from Cyra about a year ago. I was a little nervous about buying a "hackintosh" especially since I am a professional videographer and this computer was going to be used for work. When I'm on a deadline the last thing I need are any technical issues. I am happy to say the computer has worked brilliantly. I run very system resource intensive programs like Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Motion. The computer takes it all in stride. At one point I did have some issues with the computer not booting up properly. Cyra responded to my email the same day and I took him my computer. He identified the problem as bad RAM and replaced it with improved ram at no charge. He is always accessible via email and responds promptly. What I liked best is that he never tried to force an upsell and always worked to get me just what I needed at the price I was looking for. I'll be shopping with him for a long time to come. Couldn't recommend him highly enough. —AmirShariat

2011-07-28 14:35:38   I recently purchased a computer from Cyra and am very happy. Cyra responded very quickly to all questions and provided a great machine at a terrific price. Highly recommended! - mvpmdp@gamail.comMelPhillippi

2012-05-23 23:28:01   Three weeks ago I found Cyra on DavisWiki, after deciding I wanted to hire someone to build a custom PC.

Cyra's replies to e-mail were prompt, friendly and thorough. Over the phone I found him intelligent, a good listener and very helpful in translating my needs into customization suggestions and options, all thoughtfully chosen from the latest tech standards.

I decided to move forward and order my PC from Cyra especially because I felt I could rely on his expertise in selecting components and guiding my customization.

I am loving my new machine. All stages of the transaction were prompt and professional, and I highly recommend Cyra/PC Repair & Education. —BenjaminJM d

2013-02-09—Although I currently live in the East Coast, last year, I purchased a custom-made computer from Cyra (who is in the West Coast). Despite the distance, his responsiveness has been amazing. Cyra is, not only professional and highly knowledgeable in computers, but a wonderful person, very detailed in his work, and by far the best customer support that I have ever experienced. He communicates complex issues in terms that a novice, as myself, could understand and execute, and demonstrates a great deal of passion and care in his work and making sure he gives you the best product and service. More incredible, he is very reasonable in his pricing. I would highly recommend his products and services. —(Esperanza)

2013-10-14 11:17:06   I have just bought my SECOND computer from Cyra at Iconic Workstations. Not only did I get a screamin' fast computer, but I got at a price I could afford. Four years ago I bought my first computer from Cyra and it is still going strong and in the hands of my daughter now. We are both graphic designers. It's just icing on the cake that Cyra is easy to work with, knowledgeable, available, personable and dedicated to creating just what you need. If you need just one computer or a whole bank of them, Cyra is the person to go to. I can rely on him and that support is priceless!!!! —AnneFiler

2018-04-19 18:45:31   I purchased a custom-built Mac tower from Cyra in July of 2017. This review is long overdue; Cyra recently helped me remotely solve an issue as I was updating my OS. He was consistently responsive, and was able to help me solve the problem remotely. Cyra is reliable and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend him highly enough! I have been very satisfied with my machine and have enjoyed its speedy editing and rendering. Thank you, Cyra! —AlexanderIrwin